No matter what good you do, it’s evil for someone.

— Joseph Campbell

It’s true you know: everything can be separated into two wholly opposite parts, and each of those still contains the potentiality of the other. This, in a nut-shell, is the law of polarity. The law of polarity introduces us to the relationship between two polar opposites as two directions on one continuum: it is only through having one that the other one is possible. As any law, the law of polarity can be seen and demonstrated on physical, intellectual, and spiritual planes.

Physically, think of magnetic polarity: there is a positive and a negative end to a block of magnet. What would happen if we were to cut off a part of the block on one side? It would automatically re-shuffle the field in the magnet to still be perfectly balanced between its two new poles. No matter how many cuts we were to make, the law of polarity dictates that there would always be two complete opposite poles as a part of one whole. As with an example of the magnet on a physical, palpable plane of existence, let’s tap into intellectual plane by looking at the concept of silence as a polar opposite of the word. In the words of Alberto Villoldo, “To utter a single negative syllable to someone is to cast a curse, and … to say something positive is to give a blessing” . Words have this power to create as silence is what provides space, allowing for the words to impact creation.

Without silence, there would be no room to create. Words and silence, in perfect balance, allow for the full impact. Silence is not quiet; it is full of the tone of the Universe. Every point of creation has its own sound of silence. Silence is the medium. We, the children of the Light, deliver the greatest statements after the silent pause. We do it instinctively, without knowing why we do it. We pause to allow our spirits a break from grey noise; to allow them to vibrate in unison in silence; we are silent to allow greatness. We even honor our departed through all universes with a moment of silence. In that moment of silence, we hear the great impact of one life upon the whole universe. Silence allows us to find the meaning. On the intellectual-conceptual plane, words create worlds … and for this they need silence.

In the same way, on the spiritual plane, the law of polarity also explains the relationship between the matter and the spirit, two opposite polarities of our Universal progression. Genevieve Behrend states, “The matter is not an illusion but a necessary channel through which life differentiates itself … If you consider matter in its right order as the polar opposite to Spirit, you will not find any antagonism between them”. Notice, that it is when matter is in its right order that there is no antagonism. Matter is in its right order when it obeys the miscellaneous laws we are discussing as appendages of the law of the light. When the matter is in its wrong order it violates those laws. The law of polarity dictates that there must always be a choice present, a choice between two polar opposites for us to follow. Indeed, in the words of Maxwell Maltz, “there are two forces within us; the will to survive and the will to self-destruction; the will for happiness and the will for unhappiness; the will to succeed and the will to fail”. Even physiologically, our brains our wired to demonstrate the law of polarity, as Alberto Villoldo states, “the region where our sensations of pleasure are experienced is very close to the center where we experience violence, so when we stimulate one of these areas in the brain, we often end up stimulating the other”.

Thus, we experience life as a balance of two opposite feelings, two opposite emotions. We are fully capable of both. We are wired to vibrate at either frequency, the frequency of the light or the frequency of the darkness. Second only to the gift of life, we are given this gift of agency, the gift to constantly be making a choice. So, as you start each day, Maxwell Maltz suggests that we ask ourselves, What will you bring to yourself this day – frustration, or self-fulfillment”

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