Revive your light. Manifest your dreams. Realize your worth.

— Alexandra Elle

That’s it. I have had it. Manifest this, manifest that – that’s all the talk you hear anymore. Everyone is so busy manifesting, few are left to live… Guess what, you can’t get “better” at manifesting … You are, you do, you live, you have through manifesting.

So, here are the basics. The “take them or leave them” laws of manifesting.

  1. We don’t manifest through force. We manifest through surrender. What we surrender to shows up in our life. Easy. True. When we don’t know who we truly are, we rely upon others to define us. When they fail to do so, we feel rejected. Rejection, in turn, breeds obsession. We obsess over being rejected, we surrender the space in our mind to thinking about it and in our heart to feeling it, thus, we surrender to being rejected. This, in turn, “manifests” more rejection in our life.

With that, the only way to fully manifest our dreams, to fulfill and realize our worth, we must learn to surrender to our dreams through remembering our infinite worth. Through surrendering to a simple presence of the divine light within.  Yes, letting go and letting God, indeed, is still the best mechanics for manifestation.

2. Trusting God ushers ability to surrender. The common thought or speech pattern of “I trust God, but…” is truly an oxymoron. “But” gives away lack of trust. What follows “but” indicates the degree of that lack. Truly, all we surrender to is God’s love for us. We either trust that we are indefinitely loved, that we are of infinite worth, or we don’t.

3. Manifesting is the ability to see the obvious. Manifesting, then, is a simple ability to trust the flow of life, God’s spirit, Universal intelligence, love, and light to bring into our life what is absolutely best for us at that moment. Electricity, running through the wire, manifests light. Powerful life energy, running through us is meant to do the same – to manifest light. The more we allow it to do its job, the brighter is the light flowing through us. Think of it this way, if you are in a dark unknown room, you cannot identify anything you are looking for. With some light, you can see some objects. The brighter and the more ample the light, the more you can find what you are looking for. Our life is that room. All we need is already there. We simply lack the light to find it.

All in all, we don’t manifest what we want … we manifest who we are … all day long. Remember who you are. The child of God. With infinite potential. With an immense power to love and to surrender to  love. So, where do you start to tune in to the frequency of manifesting your desires? This moment, now, by simply putting your hand on your heart and saying, “You know what, I really love you. You got this. We got this.” Because as moment by moment you learn to fully love and accept yourself, you can love and accept others. And this, in a nutshell, what allowing God’s love looks like.