Yu2shine. Lighting Up Humanity One Soul at a Time


Join our tribe to FREE your inner Sacred Self through opening your Possibility Centers™ and to envision, create, and enjoy a life of limitless possibilities. 


Our Promise

We awaken you to your possibilities, light up your divine potential, and guide you on a path of practical prosperity.

Our Vision

YU2SHINE is a global pioneer in a heart-centered revolution of personal growth and development. Our products, programs and services are helping millions to awaken to the power of divine connection of their eternal soul and to apply this spiritual awakening to daily joyful practical prosperity.  

Our Business Core Values

YYou. You matter. You, our company, and the world all prosper as you commit and contribute from the place of your inner genius.
UUnity through Uniqueness. We seek common consensus through each individual authentic expression.
2To Be. We focus on to be – creating solutions, instead of not to be – dwelling on problems.
SSimplicity. We find the simplest solutions with the most profound impact.
HHumility. We continually learn and grow.
IInnovation. We adopt divine inspiration through practical implementation.
NNetwork. We create through connection, communication, and collaboration.
EEfficient and Effective Expansion. We constantly intend, find, and create opportunities for global expansion.

Our Brand Pillars

LOVE as Life Originating Vibrant Emotion (Energy-in-motion)


    • mE = matter surrendering to Energy
    • mE = material surrendering to Essential
    • mE = mortal surrendering to Eternal
    • mE = manifesting surrendering to Expansive

Seven Possibility Centers™

  • Master mE – connect and communicate with your Creator and master your talents and virtues
  • See mE – envision, see and perceive opportunities and become visible by shining your individual light
  • Hear mE- express with authenticity  and learn to listen and be heard
  • LOVE mE – learn to love and be loved completely
  • Empower mE – discern between force and power and follow the path of empowerment
    • powerless me – life happens to me – state of resistance
    • power hungry ME – life happens for me – state of resilience 
    • empowered mE – life happens through me – state of divine surrender
  • Create mE – create a life of divine alignment for optimal joy through
    • Awareness
    • Alignment
    • Action
    • Abundance
  • Prosper mE – live a life of practical prosperity following the universal laws of abundance

Our Purpose

Bring remembrance of inner divinity so that humanity can courageously step into peaceful, powerful, and prosperous co-creation.

Our Mission

Contribute to Earth’s ascension through individual awakening.


Stacie Shifflett

Nanda Semenyuk

Sharif Almamun


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