Personal sessions with Victoria Rader

Transformation and Healing Sessions

Free your inner Sacred Self to thrive through new possibilities in wholeness, wellbeing, career, business, and practical prosperity. From survival to stability, to success, to significance, in any area of your life, we meet you where you are and guide you to the next level!

In addition to receiving purposeful, guided, focused consulting and mentoring, release subconscious blocks and free your inner power of healing through experiencing first hand the amazing impact of simple EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and ThetaHealing ®

All sessions are EST (US Eastern Standard Time – New York).

Help mE Emergency Session with Victoria

Why Help mE? In mE, “m” is little because it stands for matter, for your daily material manifesting of this reality. “E” stands for eternal essence and energy of who you are.  By identifying and shifting the subconscious blocks to your inner growth, we improve the reality of your daily life.

To make most of your time from the Help mE Emergency Sessions, set an intention for what you would like to receive as the main benefit from our time together.

At a time of booking, you will be given an option of an on-line session. You will receive the applicable link upon booking and again a day prior to your session.  If you are in VA and would love to arrange for an in-person session, please put your request in your “notes” section, and Victoria will confirm her in-person availability based on her travel.

Help mE Emergency Session with Victoria is $199 for 20 min

If you are truly seeking to commit to a life of limitless possibilities, please check availability for Victoria’s rare offer of the annual Master mE Package.

During our Help mE Emergency Session:

  • We find and shift root causes of your current discomfort, accessing blocks and paradigms of stagnant energy flow, thought patterns, emotional distress, or disruptive behaviors
  • We combine spiritual practicality and practical spirituality through several techniques and practices that are most applicable for a healing to take place
  • We set new patterns to support your specific session intention as well as general overall success

This uniquely and individually crafted package is a year-long journey of empowered possibilities with Victoria.

What is Master mE? Why mE?

What if you had a master key to truly unlock a life of limitless possibilities? In mE, “m” is little because it stands for matter, for your daily material manifesting of this reality. “E” stands for eternal essence and energy of who you are. As we continue to master our Eternal Essence, as we learn to lean into God-guidance to grow our spirit, our daily reality, our material world follows.

The purpose of this program is a year-long focused growth and expansion in all areas of your life: personal, relationships, finances, business/career, emotions, and talents. Together we will activate and expand 52 virtues and open your possibilities.

This individually crafted coaching package requires a weekly commitment to your success. You will be lovingly guided, empowered, and held accountable for the most profound shifts.

the Master Key Package consists of:

  • Weekly 30 minute Zoom sessions
  • Original assessment and regular re-assessment of the progress
  • Incorporating life and business coaching strategies and consulting
  • Personality analysis
  • Strength finder and growth
  • Goal setting and expansion
  • Consistent support
  • Energy modalities implementation

Master Key Package

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