Learn about healing blocks and how to remove them and experience first hand the amazing power of simple EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), NLP (Neuro-Lignqusitc Programming) and ThetaHealing ® to actively start removing them!

All sessions are EST (US Eastern Standard Time – New York).

Individual Session Pricing (sessions are done on-site at YU2SHINE Whole-Being Center  or long distance via phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype, thus applicable globally). PLEASE NOTE THAT DECEMBER 1-6 SESSIONS ARE ONLINE ONLY.

$98 for 30 min

$197 for 60 min


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During our Individual Session:

  • We access blocks and paradigms that cause dis-ease of energy flow in your body
  • We use several techniques that are most applicable for a healing to take place
  • We learn to muscle test as necessary to monitor for changes that take place both in your subconscious mind and as a result in your body
  • Healing sessions are used not only to re-program for physical and emotional health, but also for financial and personal success in all areas of your life
  • Crystal Layouts are done in person only and only as an advanced extension of prior energy work for current clients

Want to have an alternative day or time? Try a session with a YU2SHINE Team Member!

  • Make a request for a session with a YU2SHINE Team Member
  • Proceed to checkout and fill up all required fields (*)
  • Please make an explanation note with your request for a session
  • Once you pay, a Team Member will reach out back to you to schedule a session within 48 hrs.

$80 for 45 min with a YU2SHINE Team Member.


Sessions with a YU2SHINE Team Member