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Most of us have areas of our lives that could be better even if we don’t know what’s missing or how to fix it. Whether you know it or not, you’ve come to the right place to find the help you need to greatly improve your life and by life we mean your love life, business life or career, relationships or finances.
Welcome to the Empower mE Academy, a three-year-old community or family of like-minded subscribers striving for more happiness, fulfillment, success, peace, calm, prosperity, and other good stuff.
Via Empower mE Academy portal, Quantum Freedom members gain access to $100,000 worth of exclusive content. Under this program, you will start by evaluating where you are in all the important areas of your life and learn how to move from survival to stability, success and significance. A variety of tools will be used, everything from Free mE EFT and Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) to practical business tips. If you are like most people, you will start to notice some changes fairly quickly while others will be more gradual. We hope you’ll join our community and that together we can cheer each other one to new heights. After all, you are here because of the Law of Synchronicities, life’s universal coincidence of perfectly aligned miracles.
You are here because there is a part of you that has brought you to this page – the part that is seeking to grow, to be free, to be happy, to be loved, to be fulfilled.You are here because of that nagging feeling of wanting something, and not quite being sure what it is or how to get it. You are here because you belong here.

Here, with us, with our Quantum Freedom© family via Empower mE Academy.

This video is meant to be a clear guidance, a map, and a way to answer most of your questions about the program. Look at the question you are interested in and simply find the timing that matches the answer (see below). And of course you can always watch the full video 🙂

Timing for the Video

[01:05] What is Quantum Freedom?

– First let’s define Quantum
[1:29] “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get to that reality.” – Einstein
[1:53] Quantum and Quantum Jump/Quantum Leap
[2:33] What doesn’t Einstein tell us?

– Now what is Freedom
[03:07] “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our growth and our freedom.” – Victor Frankl
[3:23] Our freedom is ability to respond to life in a way that we choose to respond to it
[3:52] Indicator of your freedom
[4:45] Your way to emotional, financial and mental freedom
[5:16] Quantum Leap and how we can change our reality

[05:42] What is Quantum Freedom Sequence?

[06:33] What is the Quantum Freedom Family?

[07:01] How and who can benefit from being a member of the quantum freedom family?
[07:13] Where are you in your life?
[08:31] How can we do changes in your life and modalities that are used in Quantum Freedom
[08:55] EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique
[09:47] NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming.
[10:05] How does visualization work?
[11:00] Quantum Touch
[11:12] Practical and business approaches
[11:54] Thetahealing technique

[12:21] What is a belief? What does it mean we carry a belief and how is it changed? (Or BS that we carry)
[12:46] The way our thought works
[13:56] The way our feelings work
[15:01] The programs within us
[16:02] How do we work with energy to make a change?
[17:22] Checking the belief or Muscle testing the belief
[18:41] Changing the belief
[20:30] Changing the common consciousness program ‘Life is hard and then you die.”

[23:06] What is a download? How does it work? Are download and hypnosis the same?

[24:30] Why are you closing your eyes and do we need to do that?

[25:14] Is this a safe practice?

[26:53] How soon can I notice the changes?

[28:13] Structure of Quantum Freedom program videos
[28:53] Facebook unites vs Facebook guides
[29:28] Available guides. Decide where you want to start

Participant driven guides (you are asking questions during the live):

[30:36] Group Healing Guide
(People are coming with different requests from all areas of their lives to receive shifts )

[31:34] I’m in Business. Now What? Guide
(For people who have their own business or are considering having their own business. We are offering practical business tips with a lot of subconscious reprogramming for success)
[32:13] How does that work?

Prepared guides (with your feedback being a valuable and important part):

[33:06] Manifesting Series:
Manifesting series are offered around New Moon.

[33:34] Chakra Manifesting Series with original Quantum Flow Sequence™ of opening your energy centers in a certain way so you can manifest and create your reality, heal and expand in the best and highest way. (Completed. Watch in recording)

[34:11] Manifesting My Radiant Body. This program focuses on the wholeness of your body, your health and weight management. (Completed. Watch in recording)

[35:02] Money Mastery Manifesting. Active program, where we are covering 35 Spiritual Laws of Money with practical applications. We also address different blocks that keep us from what we desire in our life and conduct empowering meditations in order to free us to create and to receive.

[35:22] Spiritual Genes Coding
The program is offered around Full Moon.
The program where we are releasing a shadow side of us and allowing for powerful transformations. We learn how to unlock genetic energy codes in order to heal current physical, emotional, mental, or other life limitations plus we discover how to find and expand our hidden talents.

[37:12] Course in Miracles (based on the book)
52 weekly videos, with 365 daily activations, downloads or suggested changes that come between those videos of living a life of Miracles.
(Completed. Watch in recording)

[37:56] The Science of Getting Rich (based on Wallace D. Wattles’s book)
Spiritual and practical laws of being abundant in all areas of your life.

[39:13] Why Quantum Freedom? And there is a story to that… 🙂

More than


hours of video content


affirmations and lessons


$$$ of exclusive copyrighted content


Accessible to you now and continually growing.

What is your response to life’s constant pressure?

More importantly,
how do you obtain the freedom to change it?




Life presses on us, and it presses hard. And when it does, what comes out of us, as a result of this pressure, is what we are currently made of. You press an orange, and orange juice comes out. Why? – because that is what is in it. No, apple juice will never come out of an orange.

If life presses you, what comes out? Only what is inside of you… What is there? Hope or frustration? Health or sickness? Belonging or loneliness? Abundance or lack? Excitement or frustration?

What is your response to life’s constant pressure?

More importantly, how do you obtain the freedom to change it?

True freedom lies in changing your inner world – your thoughts, your feelings, and your BS (belief systems, of course) – so that your actions change and bring the results that you desire.

And this is what Quantum Freedom© is: a path out of limiting BS and into practical enlightenment, a life of joy!

What comes with your subscription?

Monthly MANIFESTING is aired LIVE and recorded around the new moon cycles to incorporate the powerful energy of creation. Together, during our manifesting, we address different blocks that keep us from what we desire in our life and conduct empowering meditations in order to free us to create and to receive.

Our manifestation library includes:

  • Money Mastery Manifesting Series
  • My Radiant Body Manifesting Series: From Weight to Light
  • Chakra Manifesting Series

Monthly SPIRITUAL GENES CODING is aired LIVE and recorded around the full moon cycles, when energy is best for releasing a shadow side of us and allowing for powerful transformations. We learn how to unlock genetic energy codes in order to heal current physical, emotional, mental, or other life limitations plus we discover how to find and expand our hidden talents.

Monthly GROUP HEALING is aired LIVE and recorded on the 1st Wednesday of the month and is a fully participant driven program. It has quickly become our most popular program! As you bring your concerns to a healing forum, we address and extend the paradigm shifts as healings and energy transformations for the whole group.

Monthly I’M IN BUSINESS … NOW WHAT? is aired LIVE and recorded every 3rd Wednesday of the month and is a participant driven session, where we remove any business blocks that are hindering success and prosperity.

Unique program on best-selling transformational classics:


Based on Wallace D. Wattles’ classic teaching the steps of true genuine abundance and prosperity, this program is now complete. The material comes alive with meditations, visualizations, and practical steps of becoming rich in both spiritual and financial ways. We study and implement the Certain Way of becoming Rich in cooperative, non-competitive way, through following clear steps of
“definiteness of vision, fixity of purpose, steadiness of faith, and depth of gratitude.” Join to enjoy and to prosper!

Unique program on best-selling transformational classics:

The COURSE IN MIRACLES is now fully complete. This in-depth year long course truly frees you so you can unlearn harmful mind patterns and open yourself up to a life full of miracles. It shifts your mind’s perception away from illusions of fear and towards the truth of love, LOVE as Life-Originating Vibrant Emotion, the energy of ultimate creation. This course consists of 53 videos and 365 daily energy affirmations. Join to witness daily miracles!


Sneak Peek into the Quantum Freedom Library

I Am in Business… Now What?

Monthly Manifesting

Group Healing

Spiritual Genes Coding

Money Mastery Manifesting

Manifesting My Radiant Body from Weight to Light

The Science of Getting Rich (by Wallace D. Wattles)

Course In Miracles


Monthly Manifesting Meditation

And … what else?

  • Over $100,000 of exclusive copyrighted content accessible to you now and continually growing;
  • Unique opportunity to prosper from your membership;
  • We tap into practical explanations of different energy modalities with immediate implementation. These include NLP, EFT, ThetaHealing, Quantum Touch, and, of course, Quantum Freedom© meditations!
  • Our Facebook group format allows for both LIVE and follow-up Q&A’s;
  • Unlimited access to any of the current and past programs as long as you stay subscribed!

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