The 35 Universal Laws to Make Money Work for You


Jack Canfield and Victoria Rader about PROSPER book

The legendary Jack Canfield interviews Victoria Rader about her newest book, Prosper mE: the 35 Universal Laws to Make Money Work for You.

What is behind the mE™ concept?

  • Three Levels of Empowerment
  • What is behind the Law of Growth and the Formula of Success
  • How to create your life of abundance through the Law of Gratitude

“Prosper mE is a great book. I loved reading it. I love universal laws… I taught on the subject for over thirty years, and I still learned some new things from this book! You should absolutely get it!” – Jack Canfield

“My deepest desire is that everybody who has this book prospers” – Victoria Rader


Take a sneak peek

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In this book, you’ll learn the 35 universal laws of money which work through the concept of mE. Each law is accompanied by a set of empowering action steps and energizing activations you can use to create prosperity and abundance in your life. Believe it or not, money obeys very practical principles and laws. These laws are always in action, regardless of whether you’re aware of them or not. Not knowing them harms you and prevents you from being able to achieve true prosperity. Knowing and applying the laws outlined in this book will, over time, help you build a prosperous foundation, which will lead to an abundant life.

– Victoria Rader –

Meet the Author

Victoria Rader

Prosperity is a combination of a mindset of abundance, practical financial skills, practices, and individual efforts all governed by universal laws.

Ukrainian-born Possibility Coach™, Internationally Bestselling Author, Speaker and Founder of YU2SHINE, Victoria Rader is a tremendously exciting thinker with an uncanny ability to simplify deep metaphysical concepts into daily practical steps and application. Her teachings on life and business success strategies and underlying subconscious patterns have gained her international recognition as she teaches the four steps of abundance that are applicable to any economy, language, culture, or undertaking. She has walked a path from lack to prosperity and, through thousands of sessions and hundreds of seminars, has helped her clients to do the same by applying her proven formula of success. She is eager to empower you to prosper!

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