Empower ® Team

Valeriia Hearn

Connect Coach

Valeriia’s service is a roadmap that will bring you back to your heart. And from that point in life everything is possible, because you are never alone.

Cathy Handford Gaia mE

Cathy Handford

Nature Coach

Cathy’s area of expertise lies with working with our beautiful mother Earth and animal communication and healing. Her level of expertise and experience in the area is only surpassed by her love for her furry clients.

Nanda Semenyuk

Breathe Hypopressive Coach

Are you struggling with bloating, digestion, lower back pain, enlarged abdominal area, weak pelvic floor, low energy, constipation, recurring bladder infections and general sluggishness? Then hypopressive breathing technique is for you!

Alex Semenyuk Guide mE Christian Coach

Alex Semenyuk

Guide Christian Coach

During your session, Alex will guide you into deep self-discovery. Through a series of deep introspective questions, Alex empowers you to find the answers hidden within you and to commit to the very next steps.

Carolyn Cosma

Accept Coach

Do you feel unworthy, unloved, abandoned or rejected? Or maybe others have not accepted you for who you are and there is a feeling of resentment and loneliness? Release family and societal traumas and fears of not fitting in and replace them with acceptance of divine love and your mission and vision for your life with Carolyn Cosma.

Mika Heinonen

Lead Coach

Are you experiencing a sense of urgency, yet a lack of direction? Are you secretly fearing not being able to reach your potential or struggling with impostor syndrome? Mika will help you to change your focus from leading and managing exclusively from your headspace to leading from your heartspace.

Paula Heinonen

Prosper  Coach

Do you believe there is more this life has to offer you than what you are currently experiencing? Because we know it to be true that you were born to prosper and live in full abundance, we have developed a powerful program to help you live the life of your dreams.

Benjamin Davidson

Dream  Coach

If you seek to engage the unlimited potential of your mind by integrating communication from your dream state into the conscious reality of waking life, achieving greater success and personal growth by maximizing self-knowledge, rest assured that Benjamin Davidson is here to help.

Elena Khazanova, Delight mE Coach YU2SHINE

Elena Khazanova

Delight Coach

Whether you are lacking the motivation to accomplish or your many accomplishments leave you overwhelmed at a cost of personal exhaustion and burn out, both Elena’s sessions and her programs are specifically crafted for you!

Stacy Carter

Nurture Coach

Stacy’s expertise covers understanding of both practical and spiritual application of selecting the food that is right for your body as well as cooking nourishing recipes. Having experienced the miracle of transformation through nurture, Stacy is eager to walk you on a similar journey.

Nicole Marry YU2SHINE Empower mE Coach

Nicole Marry

Master Coach
and Program Director

Are you desperately trying to find or redefine your identity, a path, or a destination? Or … are you paralyzed and feeling stuck due to overanalyzing everything? Nicole Marry, Master mE Coach, knows exactly how you feel. Nicole has restored her inner peace, has found her purpose, and now guides her clients to do the same.