Nicole Marry YU2SHINE Empower mE Coach

Nicole Marry

Master Coach and Program Director


YU2SHINE Free mE EFT Practitioner and Instructor
ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor
Genetics and Biology

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Are you desperately trying to find or redefine your identity, a path or a destination? Do you truly feel worthy and safe to pursue your divine path? Or … are you paralyzed and feeling stuck due to overanalyzing everything? Do you tend think that by thinking about everything you can find the ‘perfect’ path, option or solution?

If you find yourself in the described paralysis by analysis with heavy numbness, you are ready for a healing self-discovery, a path of mastering your mind and your emotions.

Nicole Marry, Master mE Coach, knows exactly how you feel. She has lived a life of emotional numbness and mental prison. Having experienced early childhood trauma followed by a life of driven yet empty overachieving and extensive education, Nicole has restored her inner peace, has found her purpose, and now guides her clients to do the same.

Nicole will empower you to acknowledge the gifts that you have been given (as a divine child of GOD) so that you can end the cycle of looking into the future and instead start living fully in the NOW.

New Perspective Reading
(75 min)

What's Included

✔︎ 60 min intro session with Nicole to unlock a new perspective on your reality

Six-Month Coaching

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Two Payments

* Next payment is in three months

What's Included

✔︎ 6 months long coaching program of 75 minutes weekly sessions

Get Nicole’s Master mE Moon Edition!

Mastering emotions and perception is incredibly powerful. Yet, did you know that a lot of what we feel is influenced by the phases of the moon? To gain deeper clarity and to learn how to align better with the cycles of the moon to minimize stress and maximize fulfillment, join Nicole’s coaching program or enjoy this amazing ebook!


  • YU2SHINE Free mE EFT Practitioner and Instructor
  • YU2SHINE Quantum Light Touch Practitioner
  • Genetics and Biology
  • Sound Therapy
  • ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Quantum University: New Quantum Medicine, Aromatherapy, Biology of Belief, Philosophy of Integrative Medicine, Pro Consciousness Medicine
  • Ashtanga and Yin Yang yoga training
  • Inner Dance Facilitator