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Nicole Marry

Master Coach and Program Director


Free mE EFT Practitioner and Instructor
ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor
Genetics and Biology

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Welcome to the enchanting realm of Master mE Coaching with Nicole Marry, your intuitive guide, psychic seer, and transformative alchemist. If you find yourself lost in the heavy fog of indecision or trapped in the web of overanalysis, Nicole is here to infuse your journey with lightness, joy, and boundless opportunity.

Step into a world where you will stop stressing yourself out. In this world, you will actually feel significant, seen, purposeful, and you will know what to do next. Nicole’s gift lies not in predicting outcomes, but in intuiting and feeling the blocks that stand in the way of your dreams. With her guidance, your mindset will shift, and you will feel pulled in the direction your heart and spirit wish to go.

🔮 Intuitive Guidance and Psychic Insights: Through her intuitive insights, you will feel seen, heard and wanted on a level that leave Nicole ‘simply amazed every time‘.

“Nicole is so friendly and compassionate. She is beyond attentive and she reads energy and emotions easily. She’ll gently and lovingly make the person feel like they’re the most important thing in the world, while maintaining impeccable ethics and professionalism. I truly felt I was in good hands no matter what. I had profound healings with her and recommend her to anyone who is searching for magical transformation, new hope, and healing.” – Asrar Al Tarafi, Artist & Creative, Dubai

🌟 Magical Mindset Shifts: Witness the transformative power of playful magic as Nicole guides you through mindset shifts that will leave you feeling lighter, freer, and more aligned with your true essence. Embrace the joy of co-creating with the universe and watch as miracles unfold before your eyes.

“I met Nicole at Bahay Kalipay, and had the most incredible theta healing session with her. It was life-changing, and everything I had been looking for in evolving into the next chapter of my life spiritually and emotionally. She guided me through recognizing unhealthy thought patterns, and then healing them. She is amazing!” – Gen Geee, Movie Director and Actress, Australia

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💫 Master mE Group Coaching – HOW TO ATTRACT GOOD LUCK

How to Attract Good Luck is a book written by A. H. Z. Carr in 1952. Mr. Carr, an economic advisor to Roosevelt in the presidential administration writes how “virtues pay dividends.”


  1. Give your life and soul meaning and purpose
  2. Infinitely expand your manifesting abilities
  3. Set your to work with the Universal Law

This program is for YOU if:

  • You want to create more Luck
  • You enjoy Synchronicities
  • You like playing the Universal Game of Life

What we do in this program:

  1. Offer practical tips on mastering a new virtue every week
  2. Facilitate energetic shifts (including deleting limiting beliefs and damaging trapped emotions) so your reality shifts
  3. Inevitably and excitably anticipate the next class
  4. Experience continued support via Master-mE App as a beautiful companion for our magical transformation

Every Wednesday 6PM CET / 12PM EST / Monthly $99

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Your order purchase receipt will come from Empower mE Academy, followed by a welcome email from YU2SHINE that will have your weekly meeting Zoom link 🙂

Nicole will empower you to acknowledge the gifts that you have been given (as a divine child of GOD) so that you can end the cycle of looking into the future and instead start living fully in the NOW.

Nicole's Individual Sessions and Programs

Unless this is your first Meet mE Discovery session, please select and prepay for your session prior to scheduling.

Elite Intuitive Coaching (60 min)

What's Included

  ✔︎ Deleting blocks to your next level

✔︎ The fun quick way to the next step

  ✔︎  A perspective shift that invites miracles

Six-Month Coaching

$5,300Add to cart

Two Payments

* Next payment is in three months

What's Included

✔︎ 6 months long coaching program of 75 minutes weekly sessions

Mom Healing and Coaching (30 min)

What's Included

  ✔︎ Mental, emotional, spiritual healing for moms and kids

✔︎ Joyful parenting principles

  ✔︎  Miracles of imperfect parenting through perfect LOVE

Get Nicole’s Master mE Moon Edition!

Mastering emotions and perception is incredibly powerful. Yet, did you know that a lot of what we feel is influenced by the phases of the moon? To gain deeper clarity and to learn how to align better with the cycles of the moon to minimize stress and maximize fulfillment, join Nicole’s coaching program or enjoy this amazing ebook!


  • YU2SHINE Free mE EFT Practitioner and Instructor
  • YU2SHINE Quantum Light Touch Practitioner
  • Genetics and Biology
  • Sound Therapy
  • ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Quantum University: New Quantum Medicine, Aromatherapy, Biology of Belief, Philosophy of Integrative Medicine, Pro Consciousness Medicine
  • Ashtanga and Yin Yang yoga training
  • Inner Dance Facilitator