Nanda Semenyuk

Breathe mE Hypopressive Coach

Breathe mE Program is now featured in Medical Tourism Magazine along with other 168 news outlets! We are so honored to be pioneers in this life-changing movement!

Are you yearning for relief from bloating, digestion issues, lower back pain, or an enlarged abdomen? Do you dream of a stronger pelvic floor, vibrant energy, and freedom from constipation or bladder infections? Or perhaps you simply aspire to a fitter, more fabulous version of yourself with a flatter tummy and an overflow of vitality. If so, the gentle art of hypopressive breathing is your gateway to transformation.

Meet our Brazilian-born Breathe mE Coach Nanda Semenyuk. Nanda is the first US hypopressive coach, whose own journey began in the wake of a challenging childbirth and prolonged desk-bound hours. Battling scoliosis and abdominal weight gain, she found no respite in traditional workouts. Then, the hypopressive technique emerged as a hope. The results were nothing short of miraculous: diastasis recti healed in a week, scoliosis pain vanished, and a flat tummy emerged!

Embracing her newfound passion, Nanda became a certified coach, introducing this life-altering technique to the US. Now, through the wonders of online coaching, this healing practice is accessible to you, wherever you are.

Breath is the essence of life, from our first to our last. Nanda’s clients speak volumes: “Working with Nanda not only restored my health but also my peace of mind, achieving maximum results with minimal effort.”

Seize this unique chance to connect with our masterful ‘Breathe mE’ Hypopressive Coach, Nanda, and embark on a journey to reclaim your health and serenity.

Welcome to “Breathe mE” – Hypopressive Breathing Mastery with Nanda

Embark on a transformative journey into the essence of well-being with “Breathe mE,” exclusively brought to you by YU2SHINE. Crafted by the first US-certified hypopressive Breathe mE coach Nanda Semenyuk, this course is more than an educational journey; it’s a path of rejuvenation for your body and soul.

🌐 Unveiling the Journey in Breathe mE:

  • Elevate Your Being Through Breath: Venture into the art of hypopressive breathing, meticulously designed to fortify your pelvic floor, realign your posture, and elevate your overall health.
  • 23 Simple Instructional Practice Videos: Delve into a curated collection of 23 videos, a harmonious blend of insightful teachings and hands-on practices, crafted to seamlessly integrate into your life.
  • Tailored Transformation:  Segments address specific challenges – from alleviating back discomfort to boosting athletic prowess – guiding you towards effective resolutions through the power of breath.

🌟 Why Breathe mE Stands Apart:

  • Nanda’s Expertise at Your Fingertips: Immerse yourself in Nanda’s deep knowledge and nurturing guidance. Her teaching intertwines understanding with the client-proven conviction that transformation is within everyone’s reach.
  • A Spectrum of Health Advantages: Whether it’s enhancing digestive wellness, mitigating stress, or supporting postpartum recovery, Breathe mE offers a comprehensive approach to your health.
  • Universally Empowering: Designed to cater to all, regardless of age or fitness level, Breathe mE is an inclusive path to wellness.

💫 Revolutionize Your Health:

  • Fortify Your Core Essence: Bid farewell to back pain and embrace a more robust, resilient you.
  • Elevate Your Breathing: Expand your lung capacity and breathe with newfound efficiency, essential for both daily vitality and peak physical performance.
  • Harmonize Your Inner World: Utilize breath as a tool to dissolve stress and anxiety, cultivating serenity amidst life’s whirlwind.

🌱 When Ready to Maintain – Join a Supportive Thriving Community:

Breathe mE is not merely a course; it’s a portal to a rejuvenated, vibrant life. With Nanda’s wisdom and a comprehensive video library at your disposal, you’re not just learning techniques; you’re embracing a lifestyle transformation that resonates through every facet of your life.

  • Awaken the power of hypopressive breathing within you.
  • Transform your physical and mental landscape.
  • Embark on a path to enriched well-being and vitality.

Your journey to a more fulfilled, healthier self starts here. Are you prepared to infuse your life with transformative energy? Pause. Take a breath. Join us in Breathe mE – Hypopressive Breathing with Nanda, and commence your journey to transcendence today! 🌟💫

Breathing defines life. From the first breath to our last, we are alive through taking each breath. Here is your unique opportunity to lean into our master Breathe mE Hypopressive Coach!