Victoria Rader

Notice what you notice. Because what you notice is what you create. Create possibilities!


  • PhD in Metaphysical Studies
  • John Maxwell Team Founding Partner, Speaker, Coach and Trainer
  • NLP and Hypnosis Master Practitioner
  • ThetaHealing Master and Certificate of Science
  • YU2SHINE EFT Certification Founder
  • DISC Certified Human Behavior Consultant
  • Quantum Touch Practitioner
  • Reiki Master

Victoria Rader PhD, Possibility Coach, Transformational Speaker and Founder of YU2SHINE, provides individuals and audiences with powerful shortcuts to identify and free their inner potential, so that they can turn what they think is impossible to possible, probable, and profitable.

After realizing that all business and practical approaches are limited by an individual’s subconscious programming, Victoria created YU2SHINE. Now with 2 decades of experience, she has helped thousands to see their true potential, create their life of endless possibilities and move from survival to stability to success and finally to significance.

The author of apps iHappy Me and iHappy Daily, creator of popular Mini Meds, the best-selling author of books Heaven is For Everyone, Until You Win, and Until You Shine, and a founder of Quantum Freedom movement, Victoria is a founding partner of John Maxwell’s team of coaches, trainers, and speakers who teach success principles. With a combined social following of over 142,000, Victoria has shared the stage with Les Brown and John Maxwell and has been interviewed as an expert in the energy healing field by Doug Llewelyn, the co-creator of Judge Judy. For her expertise, Victoria is a regular expert contributor for SoCO Neighbors magazine and is quoted as an “energy transformation expert” by Romper.


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