Nicole Missey Marry,

Quantum Health Coach, ThetaHealing Instructor

On Victoria Rader

Laura Pluta,

IT Specialist

On Individual Sessions, Classes and Quantum Freedom group

My first interaction with YU2SHINE was an individual session where I experienced energy healing and that tingly feeling for the first time. Being curious, I signed up for ThetaHealing Basic DNA several months later and immediately saw health benefits including the ability to eliminate use of mild antidepressants. After a few more courses over the years, I signed up for Quantum Freedom which I view as a quick way to reconnect with myself and stay grounded but my favorite class has to be Manifesting and Abundance as each time taking it, it allows me to look to the future, reflect on what I previously manifested, and be surprised and inspired by how far Ive come and still continue to grow.

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Valeriia Nechyporenko,

Certified ThetaHealing Instructor, Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner

On Quantum Freedom, Classes and Individual Sessions

Vica has an amazing energy field and her heart is full of unconditional love and true compassion. Therefore, everything she creates brings significant impact in my life and life of others around me. I truly believe that she is a gifted healer and talented teacher. Her classes always transform my reality and Im grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Quantum Freedom family since it allows me to be supported by Vica and our group on a daily basis. Every single individual session Ive had with Vica saved me at least 3 years of therapy if I had to do it on my own. Im extremely grateful for the opportunity to discover more and more services that Vica offers, including her books and pre-recorded programs.

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Divya Madhur,

ThetaHealing PractitionerCourage Coach, Brand Strategist

On Quantum Freedom

Victoria is a God sent angel in my life. My relationship with her as a spiritual guide began last year with Quantum Freedom Group and I didnt leave any chance of hopping on any of her classes and teachings, to the extent I could. Her presence is one of the kindest I have ever come across. During every healing session with her, she listens carefully, lovingly, makes me feel that its completely fine as I am feeling. I feel completely loved and appreciated as I am, in her presence, which is an amazing gift. So far, I have been able to overcome so many physical concerns, emotional blockages and mental madness, I am so grateful to her for it.

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Elina Ruut,

On Quantum Freedom

Quantum Freedom group has brought a lot of positivity and joy to my life. I am more friendly and patient towards myself and others. The support of this group is extremely precious and important to me in my personal growth. The weekly live-presentations help me see and realize things in a different view, as well as release emotional load.The support of the group will facilitate personal growth.

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Glenna Spencer,

Real Estate Agent, Certified Thetahealing Practitioner

On Classes and Individual Sessions

I have attended the majority of the classes and Facebook sessions Vica offers! She is the absolute best instructorteacher I have ever come across! She is extremely in tune to her studentss needs so they can get the absolute best out of the training. I have been in many, many classes while earning a bachelor and masters degree and she is by far the most impressive teacher I have had! I also have had the individual sessions which are amazing! My life is soooo much happier and successful since I started my journey with Vica!

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Stacie Shifflett,

Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, Certified High Performance Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner.

On Thetahealing Classes

I have benefited greatly working with Victoria Rader. Everything she delivers including private sessions, theta healing and other training offered and the Quantum Freedom group are all powerful and life-changing. While they are all beneficial, the theta healing classes were most beneficial to me personally. I started these classes during a great change in my life. The work done in these classes, most notably the belief work, was life-changing and provided a deep understanding and awareness of beliefs I hold, their origin, clearing them energetically, and then gaining the skills to clear and change them for myself and others. It raised self-awareness as well as elevating my awareness on what impacts the behavior of others. If Vica offers it, I recommend it! She is a gifted healer, coach and teacher that truly transforms lives.

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Sharif Almamun,

President and CEO of iLynx; Host of IMPACT podcast; Co-author of Mission Matters Business Leaders: Volume 5

On Thetahealing Classes

All of her classes have helped me tremendously. Each week is unique. One on one classes were great for emergency moments but I came out of each group classes with so much energy and relief. I met Vica a couple of years back when I was in the midst of figuring out a lot of things. I hit dark nights of soul low points in life. As I started to release my negative beliefs through reading, chakra work and personal guidance from Vica, I started to see things changing because my belief system was changing. I still reach out to her when I really need a session and miss her group classes. If you go with an open mind, ask questions and let her be a guide in your personal and spiritual journey, you will most likely look back and appreciate her.

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