Always be yourself, express yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.

— Bruce Lee

Expressing yourself freely is a path to healing, a path to abundance, and a path to joy. The life energy is meant to flow through each of us, supporting and carrying us on our journey.

Yet, most of us, most of the time, hold the flow up by putting constant obstacles of lack of healthy expression of what is going on inside of us. We often bottle up our emotions to support our weak and fearful thought patterns, and then we in turn feel even more weak, defeated, or are beyond ability to control the bottled up hurts and become explosive.

Neither suppressing, and thus depressing ourselves, nor exploding and thus burning those around us leads us to permanent wanted results. Sure, an outburst can guarantee that someone gives in temporarily, but it will not sustain either party long term.

What is the key to healthy expression?

  1. Release negative emotions as they appear.  For starters simply write out what negative emotions you are feeling and then shred the notes stating, “I choose to let go. I am free. I am in control of my destiny.” Alternatively, if you are truly ready to release some powerful negative bonds and patterns, then contact us for a session and a hand out on  Emotional Freedom Techniques.
  2. Always, always, always, express kindness and love as you feel the original prompting to do so. You know how you walked past someone and felt you should have told them something encouraging? This is the prompting… Next time, gather up the courage, release the limiting fearful thoughts of “What will they think of me, etc”, and say something to them. This week, the second you feel like helping someone in any way, don’t rationalize it away, just do it. It will simply amaze you.

Simple. You see, expressing is not digging up your dirt and covering others with it. It is reconnecting with Divine inside of you, with being true to that voice inside; it is following up on it immediately. This will lead to a true expression of the flow of energy through and will open you up to reconnecting fully to your own strength, your own drive, and your own purpose. Release the negative. Connect to the positive inside. Express it.

You find your truth through shining light and love on others, not from dimming or reflecting their shine. You best express you by allowing the divine promptings to express your inner truth and connection. Think less of expressing “you” and more of being able to hear, heed, and express the power of light and life “through you” that comes through subtle promptings. The more you develop this cycle, the more you learn to live by inspiration, the more you will be expressing you, your eternal, powerful, unbending you.