How to Live Life Magically - with Maddie Sparkles

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What is it to live your life magically? Is it hakuna matata, the worry-free philosophy?

According to Madeline P Wober aka Maddie Sparkles, America’s Scottish Sparkle, we live our life magically when we get out of our own way, release our fears, have faith and step into our power and feel divinely guided.

Maddie Sparkles is a voice for living magically, and this is her story.

[1:49] Look for the magic around you
[6:17] About panic attacks, anxiety, anger and surviving cancer
[9:30] Receiving guidance
[10:33] Living with MS (multiple sclerosis)
[14:04] Does everyone have a Guardian Angel?
[18:08] The magic of four C’s
[21:09] I am connected
[23:23] Words have energy, words have power
[27:24] From scared to sacred self
[36:27] Message to the past self
[37:15] Message from the future self

“I really felt like a prisoner in my own life.”

“Desire, imagine, expect if you do that, you’re living magically. ”

Maddie Sparkles, Angel Intuitive & Coach delivering Sage Wisdom with childlike enthusiasm

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How to Live Life Magically – with Maddie Sparkles

Victoria Rader [00:00:02] In the world of many internal and external voices, the voice you listen to is the voice that dictates your life. Would you like to discover a clear path to a life of freedom and fulfillment? Then welcome to All About the Voice podcast, where we focus on awareness, alignment and action in order to live a life of abundance. I am your host, Victoria Rader.

Victoria Rader [00:00:28] What is it to live your life magically? Is it Hakuna Matata? The Worry Free Philosophy? According to Madeline P. Wilbur, a.k.a. Mattie Sparkles, America Scottish Sparkle will live our life magically when we get out of our own way, release our fears, have faith and step into our power and feel divinely guided. Here is Maddie Sparkles, a voice for living magically. All right, Maddie Sparkles, welcome to All About the Voice.

Maddie Sparkles [00:01:01] I’m so delighted to be here. Victoria, thank you so much for having me.

Victoria Rader [00:01:05] Well, it’s an honor and it’s a real sparkle to be looking at your bright soul and it’s your beautiful, beautiful face. You guys should be so jealous that you’re just getting the audio. I was telling Maddie that her sparkle is so genuine, but she also looks so fantastic and beautiful. And today, from my Tree of Life have posted you got to surround yourself with people that make your heart smile. And Maddie, you make my heart smile.

Maddie Sparkles [00:01:30] Oh my goodness, I’m so humbled and touched by all your beautiful words. And of course, I feel exactly the same way about you.

Victoria Rader [00:01:37] Well, so tell me, what about this whole thing of living magically everywhere I see you? There is a trace of living magically. What does it mean to you?

Maddie Sparkles [00:01:49] Oh, living magically. So life can be so mundane for us humans, and we have to really look for the magic around us. And once we tap into that magic, we see it everywhere. It’s in the nature. It’s in the abundance of the planet. You know, if you drive by a lake, we don’t often stop to think how many drops of water are in that lake or how much rain falls from the sky. Like the abundance of the universe, every leaf that’s on a tree. It’s just incredible when we really tap into the abundance of the planet and also living magically to me as living in gratitude, living in grace. Yes, we’re going to have challenges because that’s part of the human story, part of our human life and what we agreed for before we came to this planet and in every challenge there’s a gift for us if we’re just patient enough or we can just put aside our emotions. And when I say, put aside, I don’t mean bury them and forget about them, but you know, sit with your anger or sit with your disappointment or sit with your frustration and know that all of this is part of living magically because it’s showing us all the time how we can better our lives and how we can bring in more of what we want. Also for a living magically for me music has a big part to do with that, as well as serendipity, which when you’re in that alignment, all these magical things and chance meetings start happening with people that are like minded. I absolutely love that we’re doing this together and how we cross paths and even the fact that your whole thing is the tree of life. That is very symbolic for me being Jewish and I absolutely love it. And also, I love just the fact of living by three words desire, imagine, expect and just desiring what we want and imagining it to be and expecting it and then just letting go and see what happens. Because what is for you won’t go by you and then just top it all off a nice dose of faith to just know that things are happening for you and they’re happening. Maybe not always in your time. Not on my time. But they’re happening for us and everything that we really, really want for ourselves is likely to happen when we get out of our own way. So all of that constitutes living magically for me.

Victoria Rader [00:04:00] Beautiful. You know, things are in that serendipity that you’re saying. I just interviewed somebody who was talking about things happening for you the same day I thought the law of synchronicity is. And to have you kinda aligned to that, that this is a part of magic is beautiful. You know, Maddie, you and I was trying to think, who does she remind me of energy wise? My very first friend in U.S., I came to you asked when I was my early 20s, didn’t know anybody while other than my husband to be in this incredible soul. Her name was Winnredd. Winnredd was quite a bit older than me. I was twenty. She was in her late 60s, early 70s and yet we became the closest friends and she just lived life magically. You know, everything she touched, everything was light. And when you would look at her, you’d say, Oh, you know what? She just probably had this trouble free life. But as I got to know her, it was the result of a very tumultuous trying and challenging life and overcoming it through that gratitude. So as I look at you. Tell me, where does that sparkle start? What is your story?

Maddie Sparkles [00:05:12] Oh, you’re so right, Victoria. And it’s such a joy to think that someone like that would remind you of me, because that’s how I want to be for other people. You know, I’ve had so many chance meetings, and it’s just such a beautiful way to just make authentic friendships. For me, I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, and I always was very spiritual. I was always very intuitive. As a young child, I remember two and a half years old running away and just being so excited that I was free and out of the house and away from my mum. Even though she was being so loving, she was very protective and I was always this free spirit. And over the years, I just started feeling really misunderstood from the ones closest to me. I had a sister. Two years younger than me and then a big age gap of nine years before my other little sister came into the world. So for a long time, it was the four of us in the family and my dad was always working and my mom was looking after us and bringing us up. And I just felt very misunderstood and very unaligned, and I felt like I don’t belong here and no one understands me. And I was also very feisty and I had opinions, but I was allowed to express these opinions. And so all of this over the years, by the time I got to my twenties, I was really fraught with anxiety and anger, and this really became panic attacks and depression and chronic anxiety. I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t go out the house. I mean, I really felt like a prisoner in my own life. And it was very all the while trying to be upbeat and bright for people. So I was kind of living this lie as well. And that was happening in my 20s, and I overcame that with really good help from therapy, but also exercises that I teach other people and also very much about your mind, like the mindset peace and what we think about so much of the time anxiety came from the thoughts that really horrid thoughts I was having. And then a decade later, in my 30s, I had ovarian cancer, and again, I think that was the remnants, or I know it was still anger that I have in my body that just wasn’t able to get out and to release into the world. So that was another big wake up call for me. And all the while, I was still very tuned into looking at the positives in life, finding the silver linings. So while I was going through my cancer, I have this very strong feeling of I know I can heal myself. I want to think positive. What am I meant to be doing in the world? At the time, I was studying to become an actor and I was living in New York City. It was a dream come true. And this day of ovarian cancer happened right of the point that I was about to wait and meet agents. And so ends up back in Scotland, in hospital. And I’m wondering, my goodness, like, what am I supposed to be doing? Maybe this is not my dream. Maybe this is not what I’m meant to be doing with people or to help people. And I wrote about this actually in a book recently in a chapter that I was coauthoring in this book. And it was really all about the fact that I was lying in hospital, and I saw this documentary about this woman who wanted to cycle the length and breadth of Great Britain from Land’s End to John O’Groats for charity. And she had cancer and her whole demeanor, the way she was, the way she was being, how much she wanted to be of service to others, even though she herself was dying made me feel so inspired and so empowered that I went into surgery the next day and I just thought, You know what? Whatever’s meant to be will be, you know, I’m 29 years old. If I have to have a hysterectomy, then that’s what’s meant for me. If I end up with so an ovary and I trust that. And I did wake up with an ovary, so. Mm hmm. So that was all happening, and that led me to once become a qualified certified coach. And I started with the Coaches Training Institute, which is worldwide and based in America. I studied with them from London, and later when I moved to the states, I became more involved with them in their other courses. So I was on the path to empowering others and helping others and coaching people. And all the while this was happening all through New York and all through the cancer time I was really becoming aware of and connected to the angels around me and my own guardian angel, and I started to hear that guidance quite often. And then in my 40s,.

Victoria Rader [00:09:23] Before you move on to your 40s, what was the guidance? What was that first time you heard the guidance and what was it? What was it like?

Maddie Sparkles [00:09:30] So the guidance was a voice, and the voice initially sounded like me, but I knew that it wasn’t coming from my ego. It wasn’t my own mind. It was like a much higher, more evolved, very light you can hear. I talk quite quickly because I’ve got that Scottish energy and I talk quickly. But this voice I would hear was just very grounded, very firm, very like, been there, seen it, done it. And we just know the answer to anything that I asked and would sometimes give me guidance in terms of this is where you need to be. This is where you need to go. And other times it would be just sit and do nothing and wait. And trust me, I’ve got you. And whenever I heard that voice, it would be a time when I was just finished meditating or I’d be quiet enough to hear it. And I felt like, Oh, this is so good to know that I have this guidance in my life. I know that it’s there and I can feel it. And it always keeps me right.

Victoria Rader [00:10:27] Oh, beautiful. And now, since I’ve interrupted you back to your 40s, can’t wait to hear the story.

Maddie Sparkles [00:10:33] Well, the third decade of my 40s I’ve been talking about, I’ve then was diagnosed with M.S. Multiple Sclerosis, and each time I heard that something big was happening, like, I knew I was going through anxiety and depression because I felt suicidal at the time in my 20s, and I really was besides myself and didn’t know what to do. When my ovarian cancer came I kind of felt like, OK, I get this, I’m on a path and I’m going to contract a soul contract with things are supposed to happen for me in this lifetime. This is another one. And then by the time I heard about multiple sclerosis, I almost felt like I knew what it was before it happened because I started feeling in my body. I felt like I was walking and looking like people that when I saw them and I thought that’s what they had, I felt that’s what I had. And I remember this young boy in my well, he was older than me at school and his name was Joshua. Beautiful spirit, and he was always this very good-looking rugby player. Very strong, very fit. And he ended up having multiple sclerosis later on in his life, probably in his 20s. And his was declining, declining and unfortunately, he passed away. But I just remember looking at him and seeing him after many years when I had gone back to Scotland and hadn’t seen him for a long time and being so shocked at what he looked like, I just thought, my goodness, there was something that really affected me by seeing him. And I remember that time thinking, Gosh, I really, really hope that that never happens to me, and I pray so much for my health. And when I found out that I had multiple sclerosis, I just had this kind of aha moment that we can often look at something and see something and have the greatest fear about it. And it’s just there’s something about like, maybe that was part of my path as well. We don’t always know why these things happen. But for me, I’ve been very open about it in terms of I trust that what’s meant to be for me is the way it is, and it doesn’t have to hinder me. I can always make choices to eat healthy, to live a healthy life, but most importantly, to stay positive because the positivity and my being in my cells can literally heal me. And so far, so good. But yes, I also wanted to see something about in case anyone was listening, and they think, Oh, my goodness, does that mean that if we’re really scared of something, we manifest it? You know what? I don’t know the answer to that. Maybe yes, maybe no. But I do know that we’re never given anything that we can’t deal with. We’re all given our own challenges and we can deal with them. And maybe there is a reason why I resonated with him so much, because maybe that was for me and I was being shown like, This can happen to anyone. And if it happens to you, you deal with it. So I just wanted to touch on that

Victoria Rader [00:13:21] Beautiful I think fear is the fastest teacher of love if we allow for it because it is when the door is wide open and we can either run out and fear or we can walk through in love, you know, and that’s I think the choice that you have made. It might have been fear, but you’ve chosen to walk through that door with love and as a result, living life absolutely magically. And I look at four aspects that you talked about, actually, before we go to those beautiful forces of yours. I want to go back to you, describes your exchange with your guardian angel. Now, I happen to know the answer, but I’m wondering whether somebody else would like to have an answer doesn’t mean that everybody has a guardian angel. Do I have to be a specific faith, a specific spiritual path? Who are guardian angels as you see them? Does everybody have them? And what does it mean to our relationship, to this living life magically?

Maddie Sparkles [00:14:19] Oh my goodness, what a great question that’s loaded. No, that’s great. From my own experience and from my own intuition and what I know of in the world, every single human being, regardless of faith, regardless of religion, race, sex, anything we all have a guardian angel and a guardian angel is with us from the moment we’re born until the moment we leave this life. Guardian angels are not spirit guides. They’re different, but the guardian angels that we have, and some people might feel that they have more than one guardian angel. For me, I feel like I have one connection, like one strong guardian angel that guides me. I hear that voice and maybe there is actually one guardian angel, but they’re also surrounded by their helpers, other angels. There are millions of angels in the world. There are even unemployed angels. Lorna Byrne talks about this. I love Lorna Byrnen, the Irish lady who is like the real angel lady. But there are so many angels around us and all we need to do is ask if we don’t ask, then they’re not going to intervene because we have free will. But whenever you ask, even if you feel silly doing it, even if you’re listening to this and you’re thinking, you’re right, guardian angels or I don’t have one, you do have one, whether you believe in it or not, and you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

Victoria Rader [00:15:34] And it’s most likely your guardian angel that put Maddie into your life right now because he or she can’t get through to you. So here is Maddie speaking on their behalf.

Maddie Sparkles [00:15:44] Maybe. And actually, it’s so funny, Victoria, because as I’m talking to you and as I’m seeing this, this is coming through me right now. I feel like this is not me specifically speaking, but there is thing sometimes when I start talking or when I’m doing Angel readings, things come through me and I hear them, it’s like I’m sitting here listening to me, talking to you. And you know, so we all have a guardian angel. And if you ever feel alone or lonely or in great challenge or deep fear, you can always ask your guardian angel. And how? You just talk to them that you’re talking to a best friend or like, you hear me and you talking to each other. Even if you can’t see them, even if you can’t hear them, just know that you have this presence around you that can always help you and wants only the best for you. Only the best for you. So there’s no darkness when it comes to Guardian Angels is no like, even though life is made of polarities and there’s always light and dark and good and bad. The Guardian Angel for you only wants the best for you, so that’s the first thing. Everyone’s journey and connection is different. Everyone is unique. I can’t speak for anyone else. I can only speak for myself. So and I don’t even claim to be a master at all of this. I’m just this is all just from my own experience and what’s happened for me. I will often hear a voice in my head or I’ll feel heat down the side of my face, always the right side. And quite often it starts at my toes and I feel a tingling and then it just carries up and up until I feel this heat to the side of my face. And I know this because there were times when I was in Scotland way back that I’d be sitting in a really cold room in the winter. And if you’ve been in Scotland, you know that winters are really cold and that there’s no heater on and the room is freezing. So I remember being in a really cold room. I don’t know why, but I was sitting there and maybe I think it was in like a building that I was in and I suddenly felt this really strong heat. It was like this really like heating my face up and I was standing beside a radiator and I remember touching it and it was stone cold. So I knew that the heat wasn’t coming from that. It wasn’t heating from the building. It was there was some energy around me that was really heating me up. So that’s another thing. Sometimes we can see light, sometimes again, it can be another thing or like a human being is put on your path and they’re saying to you exactly the thing that you needed to hear that day. You witness something and giving you an answer to something that’s been really causing you concern that can all be signs from your angels.

Victoria Rader [00:18:08] Oh, beautiful, until you talk about that connection. So tell me what I know. It’s one of your four C’s of connection, communication, compassion and creative collaboration. And so that we’re started on connections that take me deeper into connection and then to those other three C’s and how you use them in your living magically process.

Maddie Sparkles [00:18:29] Oh yes. So the reason I love four C’s is because I love alliteration, and I love that when you can come up with letters that match or words, the word alliteration, it just sounds to me. It seems magical. I love the language. I love the English language. So the four C’s for me, yes, connection. The first one connection. Connection is really why we’re here. I believe it’s all about why humans are here. It’s how we feel fulfilled. It’s all about fulfillment. It’s like when we feel connected, no one to ourselves and then to other people, we feel like we’re part of something. We feel like we belong. We feel like that we now have a mission, whether it’s an own mission or a joint mission, and there’s nothing more upsetting than feeling disconnected. You know, that’s when you feel lost and you feel so disconnected from yourself or from maybe even physically from your family, like during COVID. Some people feel very disconnected, but there’s always ways to connect again. And so one of the ways that I would use connection in terms of living magically is again, to go inside because when you can connect to that deep place within and go home, as we would call it, go home to that light within you, you will feel so deeply connected and so retired and so grounded in your own life and your own essence that you will then start feeling like you’re more connected. And that might show up by the moonlight in the evening if you see a dark sky and you see a bright moon in the sky. I have always felt so connected when I see the moon, and I talk about this quite a lot on my Facebook lives and also things like nature. You know, when you’re connected, you start noticing things, you start really increasing your awareness, you start noticing the little ladybugs and the butterflies, and you start noticing the little flowers that buzz and spring and the different trees. There’s such a huge I could talk about connection all day long. And one of my favorite things as a child, I used to be to do join the dots. Did you ever have that?

Victoria Rader [00:20:25] Yes, very much so.

Maddie Sparkles [00:20:27] You know, you have a wee pencil and you have the dots and you have the picture and you just join the dots. And it’s funny. I haven’t thought about that until this moment, but I used to love doing that. So much satisfaction from joining the dots. And I think there’s something to be said for that, like connecting, connecting some people that are maybe more in the academic field. My love physics for the same reason, like they love connecting wires, figuring out formulas. Connection is such a huge part of living magically for me, because without connection, you just feel that you’re kind of like a ship without a mast and it can feel quite lonely and quite sad if you’re not connected.

Victoria Rader [00:21:09] Hmm. So yeah. So before we go into the next thing you know, I think if you guys are listening and you’re saying, OK, where do I start? Because it’s such a beautiful process of going inside. Well, I think the very first thing, if you just affirm, “I am connected”. If you just affirm, I am connected. And then if what Maddie is saying resonates with you, just saying I’m asking to be connected to my angels, you know, I’m asking you to be going to my creator. Whatever higher power you want to be connected to me, asking to be aware that I’m connected because the reality is we all are connected. It’s the perception of lack of connection that causes loneliness. Right? We’re all always already connected. So really, we are just learning is to be aware of that beautiful connection. You know, Mattie John Maxwell said, everyone communicates few connect, and I think it is a powerful concept. And as you talk, I’m going to as you go down, you foresee something came through so powerful for me because as I am currently writing a book about opening the possibility centers, you know, in in the eastern word is chakras as energy centers. But for me, there are possibility centers. I’m looking at your four C’s and when you look at that connection, yes, all four apply to all of these centers. But the top two centers energetically for us are what’s called a crown chakra. The top of your head and the third eye one is your connection to the divine insight. The second one is your connection to inside as such. And so as you’re looking for that connection, you go then to your throat chakra, which happens to be communication. And then if you go to your heart and your soul or flexes, those this cycle of compassion will say, I am love, I am light. God is love. God is light. Universe is love. So there was a cycle of compassion. And yet, as you go further down to create the reality onto ground within it, which would be our sacral and root chakra possibility centers for collaborating and creating that would be creative collaboration. So all of a sudden your four C’s are so aligned with actual energetic imprint of us as human beings. I just wanted to share that with you because I’ve connected to it on a much deeper level as you talk about the connection. So please continue to take us to communication.

Maddie Sparkles [00:23:33] Oh, I just love everything you just said to say how wonderful communication. Gosh. Well, I’ve been communicating since the moment I could open my mind. I think that was what I was born to do in the world. And I’ve also included this in a chapter in another book that I have co-authored that when I was a child, I talked so much. I was sitting in my pram outside my parent’s home and I would say, Hello, ma’am, to everyone woke up. I always want to connect that always want to communicate through speech, through like talking to someone. And I knew from a very young age that my words have energy. My words have power. And I can use these words to uplift others. I knew that intuitively, from a very young age, especially being around my mom like I often felt like my mom had sadness. And I knew that if I could just say the right thing or say words that we’d uplift her, then it would make me feel even better. So communication for me was a big one. And then later on, when I was maybe about age 10 in school, I was a chatterbox. I used to speak a lot in class and I remember one of my teachers, said, Madeline, take your book, take your pen, take your desk, lift it up and take out into the corridor. You need to get out of this classroom right now. And of course I did, and I felt really sorry for myself and I thought I was having such a good time talking to all my friends in class. And so I remember sitting outside in the corridor and just how funny that is to me, because years later, what did I do? I got a job talking. I became a radio broadcaster. I told all I wanted to share as many positive words as I kids, everyone that was listening. So communication again, there’s so many different ways is nonverbal communication, where you can smile at someone and you have no idea how much of an impact that makes on that person. You don’t know where they’ve come from, but that’s going into the next. So stick with communication. But it’s really just the whole art of communication talking to someone. There have been many times in my life because I’ve traveled all over the world where I’ve maybe been on the tube in London, coming back from Heathrow Airport and being in a carriage full of people that don’t speak English yet managing to communicate, maybe with a laugh, maybe with some sign language. Again, sign language is another one I don’t actually sign. But whenever I’m in the presence of people that do, I have this overwhelming sense of oh oh, I think it is all when people that can’t speak, but they sign with each other and they actually spend quite loud when they’re talking even here. I have such an affinity for these souls because I just feel like, oh, they’re communicating in the way that they know and they do it so well. And I just love that I love anything to do with communication. And of course, communication. You can have a lack of communication. And in my relationships, in my previous romantic relationships, when I experienced that lack of communication, it’s so upsetting to me. It’s so devastating that I can’t communicate with my partner. And here’s me feeling so high and mighty that I’m so great at communicating. So that’s something that’s always been a big, big, powerful lesson for me and a big, like almost like a neon sign. Like, Maddie, how can you get clearer? How can you really use your words effectively so that they’re landing and the other person with kindness and with grace? Even if you’re feeling frustrated or irritated right now, how can you communicate with this person so that your words land in a loving way and that you’re being heard and that they’re being heard as well? So this whole thing about communication, that’s to do with listening on so many levels, listening to what’s not being said, listening to what is being said. Listening to the environment. And also just the straight out communication. Just speaking to another human being.

Victoria Rader [00:27:24] Yeah, it’s so powerful. I think, you know, and it’s communicating your truth and to communicate your own truth, you’ve got to be connected, right? That connection to it, you’ve got to be connected to the truth of who you are so that you can communicate it. You know, the other day I had a client and we were talking about, well, she had a concern, she said. You know, I just feel that I and others see for you. I feel that it’s hard for me to commit. And yet when we scaned her energy, it turned into a beautiful teaching. Is that no, no, no, you connect beautifully. I mean, you commit beautifully, but you commit to your scared self instead of your sacred self within you. There is a scared self. There are many scared selves within you. And yet there’s this brilliant, sacred self. The one you connect to is the one you communicate, right? And so we’re all very committed. It’s just that which see. And when you look at scared and sacred, you actually just move a C there, right? It’s just beautiful serendipity, really, because you go from scare to sacred moving one C. And I believe that C is the C of compassion. It’s this sea of loving yourself and others with the most pure love. So how do you see compassion.

Maddie Sparkles [00:28:43] I have so much to say about what you just said. So oh my goodness, I love that that’s sacred and scared is literally just switching one letter that is so profound and so beautiful. And I love the fact that you just said C of compassion. You meant the letter C and I’m thinking a sea of compassion like the S-E-A. So I just love all this play on words and letters. It’s so wonderful. But compassion for me is, gosh, it’s so easy for us humans to get so obsessed and self-centered thinking everything is by us all the time, and that my worries and my problems are the biggest, most important thing. But how often do we actually put ourselves in the other person’s shoes to actually look at this person? Maybe that’s driving you nuts. Maybe you’re finding it hard to communicate with. Maybe it’s your boss or your colleague, or maybe it’s a sibling or a parent, or maybe it’s even your partner. And to actually turn that into compassion and be thinking, Well, wait a minute, I see them as this. I love this. They see them as this role that they’re playing, not the soul that they are. Yeah, I got that from RAM dass. I didn’t make it up, but I absolutely love these speaks so deeply to me that when you look at the role, then it creates a divide and you’re like, they’re over there, I’m over here, I’m right, they’re wrong. Brings up that whole phrase of, do you want to be right or do you want to be in love, you know? So it’s very easy to put them over there to point the finger or to think, Oh, there they’re doing this thing, and if only they would behave this way, I’d be fine. But the whole thought of compassion where you can really you have no idea what the person’s going through, even if you’re super close to them, you don’t know what’s going on in their head, you don’t know what they’re experiencing or if they’re covering up hurt or pain. And when you can really look to putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, which of course you can’t do, but you can try, you can make the effort and see what’s going on for you right now. Like, what do you need from me? How can I help you? How can I make your life better today? You know, it takes a lot for us to hold back on our own issues and fears to really get to that point where we can see that in the heat of the moment, we can practice it and we can decide. We can have the intention if anything happens today, where I feel that there’s a bit of a conflict, I am going to choose compassion. I’m going to put myself in that person’s shoes and I’m going to try and understand them because then we can become closer. Maybe a conversation has to be had. That’s not easy to have. And then as a result, we learn something both of us and we do become more connected and can communicate more easily. So yes, I think that compassion is very, very powerful, and it also allows us to connect more deeply.

Victoria Rader [00:31:27] And so how does that transition to your creative collaboration, then?

Maddie Sparkles [00:31:31] Sorry, there was just one other thing I was going to say about compassion. I think that’s been one of the biggest gifts and blessings from COVID, which is another C. And just the fact that, you know, once upon a time, if something was happening in Africa or if something was happening in Afghanistan, yes, there might be for different reasons. But because of COVID, we have all felt the hit. We’ve all felt it in different ways and we have really maybe lost someone or knowing that someone is ill or even suffered ourselves or felt fewer owns it. And so it’s not just happening in our own country and our own place, it’s happening everywhere in the world. So we know that people in Africa, we know that people in Afghanistan, yes, they’re going through different things as well. And we have a whole bunch of issues politically in every part of the world right now. But there’s something about compassion that really makes us not feel like it’s not going to happen to us. Like just because someone is living in a different country, we’re all being affected on a global scale. And that’s something that we can all really resonate with and relate to. So that also brings us closer as a human race. You know, the planet, I think it’s just so powerful. And moving into creative collaboration I think this is one of the ones that excites me the most because I get so excited when I get together with another like minded soul or a kindred soul kindred spirit, and we create together, create collaboration. Oh my goodness, it’s such an exciting thing to bring out as something out of nothing. You make something, whether it’s a podcast or a conversation, whether it’s a project or a course, whether it’s actually building something physical. You know, there’s something so fulfilling about creatively collaborating with other humans or with another human, because that’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to build and we stand on the shoulders of giants. All these things that have been created before us, even things that we take for granted like electricity or running water, you know, plumbing, all of that stuff. It’s like creative collaboration have to happen for all of these things to exist. So I just love I love everything about creativity, and I love everything about collaborating. And when you find the right team or the right people to collaborate with, oh my goodness, there’s no better feeling, in my opinion.

Victoria Rader [00:33:53] Oh, I agree 100 percent. I think the greatest miracles have come by, by the presence of this third of fourth energy that’s been created in the groove prior to we were limited when we are just one mind and expand it beautifully and really magically when you collaborate with somebody. So where would our All About the Voice family find more about you, your offerings, your programs, how would we? And now one thing I do always mention you guys that there will be links in the episode description, obviously, but also want to know where Maddie would direct us for what’s hot off the press.

Maddie Sparkles [00:34:31] Thank you so much, Victoria. I would definitely go to Everything that I offer is in there from my living magically retreats, which are happening in Italy next summer. So definitely get in touch. There’s a link on my home page on Maddie Sparkles dot com if you want to find out more about the Italian retreats living magically. And also I do my angel readings one to one, and there’s a section in my website as well showing lots of reviews. And if you wanted to have an angel reading, which also includes other Oracle cards, they are absolutely beautiful. They’re very telling. They really reveal what you need to hear and very comforting and give you whatever you’re asking for. They’ll give you because your angels are right beside you and they’re listening to you and they know what you want more than I do. Even so, yes, Maddie Sparkles dot com. If you follow Instagram, then you can go to Maddie. I underscore it sparkles underscore eight, and that will take you to my Instagram and really between these two. You will always find what I offer. I have one other website called My Brilliant Self dot com, so you can always go there as well if you want to dig more into the coaching side. But really, these days I’m amalgamating my coaching and my spirituality together, so you’re getting a much deeper help with whatever it is. You’re looking for in your life right now.

Victoria Rader [00:35:56] Beautiful. And Maddie I ask everybody these three questions. I’ll ask them one at a time. Who is this fellow? This is fun. This is this is a pass pass kind of test. It’s a pass. It magically kind of test.

Maddie Sparkles [00:36:11] Oh, I love it.

Victoria Rader [00:36:12] So the first question I have is that if you had this ability, which you do right now, the moment to go back to that 20 year old, you add the first darkest moment in your life. What would you tell her?

Maddie Sparkles [00:36:27] Oh, I would say, don’t take life too seriously because everything is going to work out for you. You don’t know it right now, but I promise you it will, and this is only making you stronger. So just keep going and know that things are going to get really tough, but you have the strength to overcome anything that comes your way. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be given it. So just keep going.

Victoria Rader [00:36:49] You know, this part makes me choke up every time. So by the time we’re done, I’ll be snot here. That was so beautiful. OK. And now we’re going to go. You were going to go take a trip to the future. So, Maddie, from 20 years from now. And this brilliant Maddie Sparkles. Maddie Sparkles the globe Maddie Sparkles. What does she have to tell you? What do you need to hear today from her?

Maddie Sparkles [00:37:15] I love that she is standing with this beautiful headpiece like this turban style headpiece. Turquoise. And she’s got these beautiful sparkles on and she’s wearing these like flowing robes, and she’s standing there so gracefully and calm, and she’s welcomed me into her home, which is by the water. And she’s saying, You know what? You’ve got this, you’re on this path. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Again, just keep following your heart. Stay authentic. Speak your truth. And you will just continue and get to where I am right now, which is a state of grace and peace and real authenticity. And I am so grateful.

Victoria Rader [00:37:57] Oh, so beautiful. And now if we as our all about the voice family, if we were to remember you by once saying one statement, one quote or one teaching, if there was just this one message you wanted to convey, what would it be?

Maddie Sparkles [00:38:13] Three words that come to mind our desire. Imagine, expect if you do that, you’re living magically.

Victoria Rader [00:38:21] Thank you so much. What a magical interview. Indeed, so much. Love for you, Maddie.

Maddie Sparkles [00:38:25] Thank you, Victoria. I really appreciate your time and I love everything that you said. Thank you so much.

Victoria Rader [00:38:32] Thank you. And here you have it. Desire from your heart. Imagine with your mind eye, expect, consider it done and let it go. If you’re ready to know more about your guardian angel or to experience one of Maddie’s magical retreats. Head over to Maddie Sparkles dot com. You may find the link in the notes to the episode.

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