Overcoming the Impossible Through Faith with Andre Xavier

Andre Xavier is husband to Charlie Xavier, loving father and a man of faith. Life took a desperate turn for Andre and Charlie Xavier due to a horrific burn accident that would alter their life as they knew it forever. Charlie’s miraculous journey of recovery was sustained by faith and moments of serendipity. Andre Xavier is a voice for overcoming the impossible through faith and this is his story.

Stress Free Solutions with Sarah Alysse Rosner

Sarah Alysse Rosner is a corporate stress management consultant that helps companies cultivate a low stress environment so that their employees can be happier and work productively. Sarah Alysse believes there are ways we can all find stress free SOULutions through movement, nutrition, and self-care.

Child’s Mindset Development – with Rahima Khoja

Rahima Khoja is a mom, an international speaker, an educator, and Founder and Director of Invincible Kids. She passionately informs, ignites, and inspires the kids to choose better thinking thoughts. Rahima Khoja is a voice for the Invincible Child, and this is her story.

Conscious Parenting – with Robert Saul MD

Robert Saul MD, pediatrician, medical geneticist, educator, administrator and author deeply cares for all children. With over 44 years of medical practice Robert Saul MD has developed a keen awareness about parenting skills: how to raise children to be good citizens and how to improve our communities. His advocacy for children has led him to write the books for parents that provide a multi-dimensional approach to parenting in a refreshingly new way. Robert Saul MD is a voice for conscious parenting and radical empathy , and this is his story.

Transformation After Divorce – with Jasmine Rice

What do you do when you face a divorce? First and foremost, you need to trust that good things are gonna come. Having gone through a divorce herself, Jasmine Rice, a Life Coach and Founder of Good Things Are Gonna Come, helps her clients to restore a lost connection with their authentic self. Jasmine Rice is a voice for empowerment through divorce, and this is her story.

Being Authentic – with Agi Keramidas

Agi Keramidas, Podcaster and Knowledge Broker, followed a prompting to first leave Greece for the UK, and then leave his dentist practice to start podcasting. Today Agi’s Personal Development Mastery Podcast is ranked in the top 2% of all podcasts globally! Agi Keramidas is a voice for personal development through authenticity and this is his story.

From a Soldier to a Foster Parent – with Tony Erskine

Being shot by a sniper and returning into a machine gunfire to successfully defend his Scout team from an insurgent attack near Baghdad, Tony Erskine, today the Principal Software Engineer for CloudCard LLC, found that being a parent to his 3 natural and 26 adopted and foster children required more courage, more vision, and more faith than being under fire. Connecting with Tony was literally finding a treasure. Tony, a voice for courage to follow God’s will and this is his story

Freedom to Lead – with Skye Barbour

Leaving a successful corporate career to start your own business is scary enough. Doing so while 5 month-pregnant with mommy guilt attached, Skye Barbour has proven that all of us have a choice. Today a freedom, leadership, and business coach, Skye helps other entrepreneurs to create a life full of freedom identifying and removing 4 leadership blocks. Skye Barbour is a voice for freedom of choice, and this is her story.

Modern Consciousness – with Stacie Shifflett

Through thick and thin, Stacie Shifflett has always followed the inner knowing of pursuing what she felt was best for her and her family.
Developing multiple successful businesses, healing through a loss of a child and a marriage, living a fulfilled life of travel and learning, Stacie defines being in heaven as having peace within your heart. Stacie Shifflett is a voice for Modern Consciousness and this is her story.

Seeing the Unseen – with Daniel Levin

From walking away from an opportunity to run a billion dollar business to almost becoming a Rabbi, to living as a monk, to growing Hay House from $3 mln to $100 mln of revenue a year, to writing and living the Mosaic, great storyteller Daniel Levin has given himself a permission to be himself. Daniel Levin is a voice for the Mosaic, and this is his story.

Following God’s Voice – with Bob Beaudine

Sports Illustrated calls him “the most influential man in sports you have ever heard of”. Bob Beaudine is the President and CEO of Eastman and Beaudine and is one of the nation’s most respected search executives. Having conducted hundreds of searches for Fortune 500 companies, entertainment entities, professional and college sports organizations, universities, Olympic bodies and nonprofits, just to name a few, Bob is the author of the two bestselling books The Power of Who and 2 Chairs, and he attributes his immense success to following God’s Voice.

The True Meaning of Healing – with Goran Karna

Joe Miller’s career shift from being an analytical chemist to an IT VP and to becoming an Executive Coach and a Founder of Leadership Inklings is a journey of transformation of becoming aware of his talents and living from a place of sharing them with others.
Learn how to be transformed without being consumed. Joe Miller is a voice for encouraged transformation and this is his story.

A Time of Transition – with Joe Miller

Joe Miller’s career shift from being an analytical chemist to an IT VP and to becoming an Executive Coach and a Founder of Leadership Inklings is a journey of transformation of becoming aware of his talents and living from a place of sharing them with others.
Learn how to be transformed without being consumed. Joe Miller is a voice for encouraged transformation and this is his story.

Ignite Possibilities – with JB Owen

The Pink Billionaire herself, JB Owen. Founder and CEO of Ignite Publishing, Ignite Moments Media, Lotus Liners, and JBO Global; international motivational speaker, executive producer, 17 times international best-selling author and an award-winning developer, a mother, a stepmother, a wife, a cyclist and an outstanding woman. JB Owen is a voice for possibility and this is her story.

Live Inspired – with John O’Leary

John O’Leary has touched millions of hearts worldwide sharing his life-story of a 9-year old boy, burned on 100% of his body and with a “0” chance of survival. While John’s survival story is indeed a miracle, his dedication to live his life “On Fire” despite all odds and physical limitations and inspire others to do the same truly leaves one “In Awe”. John O’Leary is a voice for living inspired and this is his story.

Discover Energy Work – with Richard Wickes

From the black belt in Kung Fu, to the mountains of Tibet learning Tai Chi from his Dao Master, to becoming a practicing psychologist, to developing his own Energy Matrix Mapping technique honoring his daughter’s life, Richard Wickes uses his understanding of energy to heal and to open people’s minds to possibilities and opportunities to improve their lives and bring them more authenticity.

How to Live Life Magically – with Maddie Sparkles

What is it to live your life magically? Is it hakuna matata, the worry-free philosophy? According to Madeline P Wober aka Maddie Sparkles, America’s Scottish Sparkle, we live our life magically when we get out of our own way, release our fears, have faith and step into our power and feel divinely guided.

Whatever It Takes… Live Life Rich – with Marissa Nehlsen

Whatever it takes and no matter what, from abuse-filled childhood and extreme poverty to running 7 multi-million dollar business and being a CEO of a company managing over $1,000,000,000 Marissa Nehlsen, Money and Business strategist, is a voice for all things working for your good.

Push It to the Limits – with Paul Engemann

Very much like in his “Push it to the Limits” hit from the famous crime drama Scarface, Paul Engemann has been pushing it to and through the limits. With an incredibly successful music career, followed by an equally successful interior design career, and now a Dimond Elite for Rain International, Paul is a voice for trust through any transition.

Remap your thinking with Kim Levings

“It wasn’t your life to take…” was a message Kim Levings received from God upon her second unsuccessful attempt to taker her life. “There is a better way to live, I’ll show you and you will show others.”
Now for over three decades, Kim Levings, the CEO and founder of ReThink You Consulting, has been a voice for better life. She helps her clients to re-map their thinking to live a life of significance.

When peace is a missing piece with Lydia Knorr

Discovering Y.O.U. Y – O – U – Your Own Uniqueness is what speaker, author, and health and wellness educator Lydia Knorr does best.
Having found her voice for peace after losing her husband Mike, she helps other women to connect to their inner spirit to be guided to their life’s purpose.

Communicating your true purpose with Dr. Rowena Winkler

Dr. Rowena Winkler has taken communication to a whole new level from her degree and years of practice in communication to communicating her true purpose. A cosmic catalyst coach and a realignment strategist, she now helps other women to discover and follow their passion, being a Voice for their Inner Muse.

From conditioning of the past to living your true design with Robert Kittridge

Default or design. Two ways to live our life. After 30 years of dedicated fire service, followed by an outstanding coaching career, Robert Kittridge discovered his unique path and purpose through a system called Human Design.

Discovering a flip side to grief with Carrie Wipfli

From walking the shadows of deep despair of loosing her daughter to discovering a flip side to grief, Carrie Wipfli is guiding grieving moms from loneliness and void of the absence of the loved one to peaceful clarity and joyful spiritual connection and communication.
Carrie Wipfli is a voice for Joy and this is her story.

From wrongfully convicted teen to attorney for the innocent with Jeffrey Deskovic

Jeffrey Deskovic spent 16 years in prison for the crime he did not commit before he was proven to be innocent. Jeffrey Deskovic is a voice for Justice, Freedom and Hope and this is his story.


Only you hold the dimmer in your hands, only you can decide to turn on the power within you to its full power or to safely dim it down, afraid of being noticed, misunderstood or judged.
Quantum freedom flows from awareness, alignment, action and finally abundance.


Miss-aligned action often lead to devastating results. We are here together to create genuine abundance. Notice what you are noticing. What are the thoughts going through your head? Are there any form of questioning? We often believe that abundance and prosperity is possible for someone else and just not for us.


Underneath it all, we are energy, pulsating atoms and flow of quantum particles, nicely organized by universal divine order. In an energetic sense, freedom is alignment; it is a free flow of wellness, of true empowerment, of expression, of vision, of ideas, of opportunities, of creation, and yes, of abundance. In other words, when you or I are genuinely free, we feel this sustaining flow of inspiration. We are in spirit, in the flow. We are aligned. Everything seems and is possible.


What can the story of Michelangelo’s Statute of David teach us about ourselves. When we are aware we can then choose marble or angel.

All About the Voice Introduction

You are often bombarded with all kinds of voices, drowning out the best voice you need to be listening to, your inner voice. This is the story of how All About The Voice started.