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From the black belt in Kung Fu, to the mountains of Tibet learning Tai Chi from his Dao Master, to becoming a practicing psychologist, to developing his own Energy Matrix Mapping technique honoring his daughter’s life, Richard Wickes uses his understanding of energy to heal and to open people’s minds to possibilities and opportunities to improve their lives and bring them more authenticity. Richard Wickes is a voice for discovering energy work, and this is his story.

[1:16] Appearance on Discover Energy work podcast
[2:47] Tai Chi and the divine mind
[11:56] Kung Fu and a way to Tibet
[16:48] Love is all that there is
[18:09] Loss of the daughter to suicide
[21:02] Discerning the voices
[22:34] Broken crayons still have color
[23:29] Energy techniques that Richard offers
[36:22] Message to the past self
[38:20] Message from the future self

“Dao is the universal principle of oneness”

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Discover Energy Work podcast

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Discover Energy Work – with Richard Wickes

Victoria Rader [00:00:02] In the world of many internal and external voices, the voice you’ll listen to is the voice that dictates your life, would you like to discover a clear path to a life of freedom and fulfillment? Then welcome to All About the Voice podcast, where we focus on awareness, alignment and action in order to live a life of abundance. I am your host Victoria Rader

Victoria Rader [00:00:29] From the black belt in Kung Fu to the mountains of Tibet, learning Taichi from his Dao master to becoming a practicing psychologist to developing his own energy matrix mapping technique honoring his daughter’s life. Richard Wickes uses his understanding of energy to heal and to open people’s minds to possibilities and opportunities to improve their lives and bring them more authenticity. Here is Richard Wickes, a voice for discovering energy work.

Victoria Rader [00:01:02] OK, and here with me is absolutely wonderful, Richard Wickes, Richard. Welcome to All About The Voice.

Richard Wickes [00:01:11] Well, thank you so much. It’s lovely to be here. Thank you for the invitation.

Victoria Rader [00:01:16] You know, I had such an amazing time on Richard’s podcast. Discover Energy Work, right? Is that the name of the podcast?

Richard Wickes [00:01:24] Yeah. Yeah, you are like the most amazing guest. I just feel like somebody has just got this great energy and so much experience, and you’re just out there for everybody. You know, it’s such an exuberance, you know, the joy of living, you know, it’s just really fun. But we squirt some sparkles out of you. It’s just lovely.

Victoria Rader [00:01:46] Thank you. Well, at any case, we’ve had such a beautiful connection that it is a joy for me, guys to share Richard with you. You know, I am obviously just learning what it is that he does and who he is in all areas of his life. But you have to share this that right after we chatted, you know, before the podcast, I had this very strong feeling I have to go to my iPhone and download an app for Taichi, and I’ve kind of had these promptings towards Tai Chi for the longest time, but I couldn’t shake it off. I actually went ahead and did this seven minute Tai Chi followed it a little bit, then just kind of started moving with the energy. And then I thought, Oh, wait a minute, you know what? I just was chatting with this new connection. New, incredible human being. Let me see whether it is his energy that invited me into this space. And sure enough, it was. So Richard, talk to me a little bit about Taichi in particular and energy in general.

Richard Wickes [00:02:47] Oh yeah, a little bit about Tai Chi it’s fascinating. I mean, I was if I’m going to have a little bit of the story, I’ve met this Taichi master in the foothills of Tibet in Chengdu, China. And he was like running a clinic and he was transmitting energy, so if you get imagined that he would hold up his hands and just, like, make a hissing noise like ch-ch-ch and people would start moving and having spontaneous movements. And I thought, What is this like hypnosis? But there’s something else going on. And I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was going to the that it was tai chi. Tai chi is that thing where you move yourself, you know, slowly as a shadow boxing form. But he said, no. Taichi is an ancient Chinese principle, and Daos nature from the beginning to the end of time. So if you might say the universal oneness itself and Tai Chi is another expression for that. So he said, Well, essentially, you know, when we get sick, it’s like we’ve got a program that’s gone wrong, and all we need to do is revert it to original programing, and that’s in the great nature to notice how we’ve got to pay. And I was so bowled over. I was twenty four in 1989, so followed over by him, by the Chinese. I moved to Asia. I tried to become his “broken the back” and it was just a very difficult, very challenging. And I realized like I hadn’t understood what he was talking about. One specific sort of Chinese was like, Oh, this is totally different to what I thought it was. And I got to understand all these lectures, you know, in first person, and it’s incredible. I mean, it’s just the most incredible philosophies, the most incredible practice. And the practice is like practice. I mean, how lazy can that be like the practices? No practice, if you know what I mean.

Victoria Rader [00:04:47] So explain that. So explain that a little bit more to me. What do you mean by practice? Is no practice. I love this. The Dao is the the universal principle of oneness that just resonated with me so much. There is this universal principle of oneness. And so how do you take that into this practice no practice.

Richard Wickes [00:05:08] Well, OK. So the Chinese have got this principle called wu way, which means wu is no little entity or nothingness, and way is like something you do attention. So the idea is, you might say, simply have no intention. And then we start to examine what is having no intention. You might say it’s the greatest control you have, because when you do things, often you’re driven by other people or you can buy Apple’s new iPhone, or you could buy a trauma that you had as a child. You know all these things without actually, you’re doing things with attention. And then you realize maybe it’s not even your own intention. So it becomes a sudden, gradual unwinding of in a way who we are at the deepest level of who we are. Because once we say, Okay, well, I’m going to just let it go, I’m going to let go me doing anything and see what’s here is and very often we find like, you know, once you’ve driven and it’s a bit of fear or a bit of trying to hold on to something, you know, they going in that sort of sort of not in that oneness with universe situation. And so, you know, being in wu way is a step by step process, which eventually leads to you being, as you might say, one with all. And it’s beyond duality. So it’s beyond black and white, good and evil that it’s the primal state. But you are also that you are also conscious, which is, I think it’s like enlightenment, divine kind of mind. And I feel, you know, with my practice over 30 years, I feel like just practicing is like sitting in the divine mind, just sitting in your own divine mind, which is the divine mind of the universe.

Victoria Rader [00:07:02] know, this is really beautiful. And I think what I am picking up for me is that there is a very big difference between a life of no ego, intentional versus unintentiona life it’s not intentional life, because your intention is to let go of your individual intentions and blend with the intention of one divine mind. So I think it’s a very subtle difference between I’m just completely unintentional versus there is just one intention of being the this is kind of how it’s coming through to me. So tell me.

Richard Wickes [00:07:41] Yeah, there’s a difference. So what I’ve been talking to you about is I’m sorry to interrupt. I am this week. I think I got it. The exciting thing is this is a practice, so the practice is what it’s all about is the practice of actually, like, completely, completely, I’ll say, letting go. But there is actually nothing to let go. Once you’ve got to that stage, that’s the difficult thing. And then when you’re in the daily life and you want to, I don’t know, you want to go to super saver or, you know, Tesco’s or whatever you want to start a TV show or whatever you want to do. That’s intention and it’s fine. But you find that if you like, it’s a bit like going into a shower of this beautiful, beautiful, divine consciousness and then coming out and being a lion and just naturally more with what you’re really supposed to be doing. So it’s not that we shouldn’t have intentions, it’s just, I mean, I call it like a part self-realization thing, you know? And if you ask me at some point you ask, So what is this energy? If it’s three things, you know, what does that mean? And so I think this is a very, very old energy work you know, we rediscovering energy work basically that I think a lot of cases. So, yes, real amazing treasury to look balance. And that’s what my teacher mentioned to me.

Victoria Rader [00:09:05] You know, this is so aligned. So aligned really with what we’re doing here at all about the voice because I talk of the step one is being awareness. Awareness of the divine presence of divine voice or divine mind. As you talk about, you’re aware of that and then alignment, you know, I call it the voice alignment is your ability and choice, then to stay in its presence or to keep listening to being guided by it. And then this third step is action. But no, that action is not an action of your volition. It is an action that has been surrendered to the alignment. If that makes sense, right? So we’re kind of using the language that you’re using here. So if you are connected, well, now I shouldn’t say you’re connected. I believe we’re all connected and we’re all connected to our divine source at all times. So the only thing that the people talk, while I’m going to connect to this, we’re just increasing our awareness of our or forever existing connection, you know? So that’s kind of the way I see it.

Richard Wickes [00:10:09] Yeah, yeah. I think sometimes, you know, I just sorry. I think sometimes it’s a bit like the internet. We are all connected. Or, you know, sometimes you don’t have good reception.

Victoria Rader [00:10:20] It’s exactly it’s not that it’s not there.

Richard Wickes [00:10:25] And sometimes we feel I was disconnected for that. There’s enough of like a wave coming through your phone that knows that no service as it were, but you know, it seems like it’s in the service. I mean, what I think is also very interesting is spending that time in that divine mind, divine consciousness. I feel like when you come out and then you’re living your life and then you want to do something which is in line but feels not right. And of course, everything is in line with divine consciousness. But it seems like we all prefer to do things just nice for people. You get a bigger rush from, you know, helping somebody than we do from hurting people. People, we will think alike. You know, so on, so it just it seems like and that’s what the if you know, the Daodejing, the good, the virtue that naturally comes from practicing with the South. And I think, you know, Jesus, you know, I’m totally fan of Jesus. In my practice, I experienced Jesus. And, you know, it just feels totally for me personally.

Victoria Rader [00:11:32] All right. Beautiful. Just needed to pause a second to make sure I had good connection. As we talk about everything being connected and interconnected, all of a sudden I see my mike was like three feet away. So at any case, you’ve started this story of you being at the foot of Tibetan mountains. What brought you to the foot of Tibetan mountains? Where does this story start?

Richard Wickes [00:11:56] Well, the story where we want to start it. I mean, I think the story starts with me beaten up by three skinheads in Wafer’s in England. And, you know, I was just minding my own business with a girlfriend and three skinheads came along and I went like, I’m a pacifist, so I don’t believe the violence is going to solve anything. But I’m beaten up. I don’t think this is really what I’m. I’m not into this. And so I thought, pretty much like Neo in Matrix, I’m going to learn kung fu and I learn king fu in England. And I met some people and trained like a complete lunatic for about six years. And finally, I got my black belt. I did an amazing like an initiation of fire fighting for people at the same time, and it was extremely physically challenging. And I said to my teacher, to my boss at work, I said to him, You know, I feel like my career is about to take off, but I need to take a sabbatical to go to China and see this kung fu in China. And he said, OK. So I go six months. And the funny thing is, he said, So what are you going to do? I said, I’m going to go and find a guy that can show me how to like, feel the energy and heal with energy. And I felt in that moment I was in his office in England, and I felt like a line. Like you might say, I’m like a lightning or something through time and space. I don’t think I want to acknowledge that I felt that, but I felt had a couple of times in my life like, this is like a that I’m supposed to travel down, and that’s where it all started. And I was literally traveling without any intention of meeting him after that, I was just traveling through China, and I arrived there and purely by chance. If I drive for the day earlier, a day later, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet him

Victoria Rader [00:13:48] And chance divine alignment potato potato.

Richard Wickes [00:13:51] Right yes, it’s when Heaven and Earth meet.

Victoria Rader [00:13:57] Oh, beautiful when Heaven and Earth meet. And so how long were you kind of shadowing him learning from him.

Richard Wickes [00:14:06] In China? It was about going on three years and then I moved back to Germany. So my wife at the time was German, and I thought it was over. I thought, Okay, let’s experience that. It’s giving me the teacher’s qualification. He’s transferred something called the C, which is an energetic C, but he puts inside you that contains the complete transmission of the Tai Chi chool. So it’s like, that’s amazing. And then I’m suddenly get this flier. That’s a symposium for gigong and some masters in Munich have been invited over and want to go and check if he’s on the list. He’s got three masters from the whole of China, and he said the guy is organizing the Chinese. He said, These are the best masters in China. There isn’t anybody better. And so I come down from Munich and I go down to Munich and I meet him and he’s sitting there holding hands like a little bit in front of his body. And there’s two of the gigong masters are literally they’ve almost got their eyes rolled back into the top of the heads because the energy, the way he was passing on them is just blown away. He was just absolutely phenomenal. I think I met a legend, absolute legend.

Richard Wickes [00:15:22] Also, yes, I’m not surprised you said you’re a big fan of Christ because you know that energy of creation that Christ was healing with is this the energy is the same, right? The energy? I call it the energy of love. The life originating vibrant emotion, energy in motion. That’s my acronym for Love. You know, life originating vibrant emotion, which is energy and motion. So anything that creates life is love, you know, is energy. So, yeah, I’m not surprised that that’s kind of have attracted you.

Richard Wickes [00:15:54] So it’s really interesting. So I’ve got this little theory. So if it’s okay, I share it with you.

Victoria Rader [00:15:59] Yeah, this is your show. This is your show.

Richard Wickes [00:16:03] So you’re essentially like, positive towards the universe and doing good things, but when you need unconditional love, which I believe is the primal energy of the universe, I’d say unconditional love is tai chi. I’d say that. Yeah, yeah, if he’s done good things and unconditional love is it reflects you. And you see just the most incredible forgiving beautiful experience that it brings you to your knees. I’d say it’s to me, you know? And then if you’ve been doing not so nice things, you can need something very uncomfortable very, very uncomfortable. And I think we might even call that help. Yes. It’s just so uncomfortable to experience it. So I think really that whole, like there’s a switch. And I think, you know, at some point we would make some of us make the switch in our life to devote ourselves to helping people to connect with the divine love inside us, the unconditional love inside us. And then because we are one with the universe and it tells you that this is divine love in everything and everyone and everything in all matter, in all the planets and all, the dark matter, it’s all love. That’s all that there is.

Victoria Rader [00:17:23] Absolutely. Now, Richard, when you’ve shared a beautiful kind of discipleship story of this tai chi master but when in your life, do you think you’ve turned that switch? And I know there are several times for all of us, but what moment comes to life when you’d say you’ve turned a switch to unconditional love as a way of intending your life?

Richard Wickes [00:17:45] You know, it’s pretty funny. I felt like there was two months after I met him. I think I said, I’m going to do this, but I felt like coming back to Europe. After my experience, I felt like I had to be a secret agent of change and not be undercover in Germany. I think at the time they would have put you in the mental asylum if they can take these things. And something happened to me five years ago and something happened. I mean, my daughter took her life.

Victoria Rader [00:18:18] Sorry.

Richard Wickes [00:18:18] Yeah, it’s extremely challenging dealing with the grief of that. And also, I had the experience when she literally … I heard the news and I heard “Daddy energy’s real” and I’m like, Oh, in that moment, I was like, Yeah, of course it is. And I was like well, I honestly I felt like a failure, just like the way I know it’s real. And I always felt like I have my journey. You have your journey. And I thought, Wait a moment this crappy, then I need to stand up and be counted and be with. It doesn’t suit some people, OK, but I have this experience. It’s meaningful for me and you know, to my daughter, I felt like, you know, we always do when something like this happens. I felt guilty at the time that I hadn’t really said it was. I hadn’t really driven at home this something. And so for me, it was like that was the turning point of saying, Okay, well, two things. Number one is I’m going to stop trying to be decipher in the Matrix movie, the it’s trying to get back into Matrix instead of freedom. Yeah, because sometimes I felt like that. I’m going to like, live this and I’m going to make that decision. But she knew that she had, you know, mental health as well to end her life. And then, like at me, I’m going to, you know, use that to catapult me forward instead of destroying me and I talk about suicide and mental health issues. You know, whenever I can because I think, you know, in so many ways, the psychicness which I experienced from the start is experiencing energy flow. So I thought to be able to literally, if I saw somebody, I knew what was wrong with them because I could feel how energy was or wasn’t flowing in the body. And I think that flows from this. I’m in flow. So when I see somebody I see was not in flow, you know what I mean? So it’s like you were saying about this inner life, and this makes you more clear on what, isn’t it? And so I just sort of been devoting my life to teaching. Well, I think so. Devoting my life into the future to my life is it’s the same thing. To teaching the energy work and to educating people and trying to take the stigma away without being psychic. Or, you know, if somebody sees an angel and if somebody has a voice, yeah, it could be a psychotic episode. It could be. It doesn’t have to be. And as far as I’m concerned, it’s not uncomfortable yet. It’s probably not. You don’t need to worry. Don’t be to fear. And if you are worried, then talk to somebody that’s going to want people to talk to.

Victoria Rader [00:21:02] At the end of it, it’s all about discerning the voices, right? That’s kind of what I can tell you this was it calling for this podcast where I was sitting in the parking lot and the voice that I attribute to be God’s voice was very clear and said you need to do your own podcast. You know, you need to teach people that we all hear many voices and there could be the voices of chemical imbalance that sounds like entities. They could be entities. But it’s all about discerning the voice of oneness. And so my goal is to bring people like yourself, people from all walks of life that may define that calling that energy define love really with a different language, different prism, different perception. But you know, going back to Christ, I just love one of my favorite quotes is that if you’re not one, you’re not mine. And you know, it’s all about being one for me. It’s all about being one and finding how we can be one. So it’s interestingly enough, Richard, you know, I had I guess, early on in the podcast, her name was Carrie Whipfli and she is actually a pneuma coach. She’s somebody who helps people through grief and to joy after losing a child. She has an amazing story of that. And what’s been very interesting to me is that I pay attention to what comes through, right? Because you cannot plan for a conversation, it simply arises. And just a couple weeks ago, I recorded another interview with a wonderful friend of mine, Paul Engelmann, whose cousin wrote a beautiful song after her uncle committed suicide. And it was called broken crayons and the whole rhyme there was a broken crayons. They still color just a beautiful song. I’ll share it with you. Just you feel the presence, you feel the piece. And so thank you for sharing something that obviously is the vulnerable yet such an empowering point in your life, and I know that your daughter is helping you to have created this energy. I guess technique. so I know that you’ve channelled, delivered, created your own way of working with energy. Tell me about it. What is it like? What do you do and what can we learn from it?

Richard Wickes [00:23:29] Well, I’ve got a couple of techniques. I feel like energy because it’s everything is, you know, it’s like going into the kitchen and saying, I’m going to make ice cream or I’m going to make roast beef. It’s like this. So much freedom there. So one of the ones I developed is called emotional grammar, which is connecting to literally how you feel when you say a word and connecting to the body and how you feel. I was working with like a really beautiful energy worker the other day, and we played something so incredibly deeply with the simplest things that she said, I feel. And she said the sentence. I said, Well, how do you feel when you say that sentence? And we can play. So it’s a totally noninvasive technique. We generally just hold everything out of. That was just like, so beautiful. And then I have another technique called wicks way, which is this is like my simplest technique. I say, like, no emotional grammar is the simplest because you just say what you think as a word of serving you. And then we just unloaded. And the idea is, I don’t know if you know this tapping your tapping on that.

Victoria Rader [00:24:44] Yes. the EFT

Richard Wickes [00:24:46] It’s a really great technique. And I just thought, Well, you know, I think if you ask me, the most powerful one point you could tap on is love. So why don’t we tap on that point? And it’s not a point. It is a point, but it’s not point in the body. Yeah. And so I developed this really simple three step method, which I call the “wuu” which is the wave basically the wave universal intelligence. And of course, if you remember from before “wu” is nothingness. That’s because back to this, everything is one. So everything is nothing. And it’s a really, really simple three step and it just goes it just blows people away because if they feel pain for example, it just disappears. I had people suddenly just in the middle of arguments. You know, they’ve done it and it’s everything’s gone. It’s like, there’s just this space of love and compassion there. And I think, you know, so often, I mean, I’ve got it all from my own experience, and sometimes I’ll look back in my past and I’ll be grumpy and thinking, wow “poor me”. When I chase vibrations on a second to love. I think that’s one problem. That’s just what happens. Yeah, it is what it is and I think, you know, it’s so easy to allow ourselves to fall into the hole of the lowest vibrations, but we have all the time immediately accessible, unconditional love. And that was just the simple idea behind this wuu technique. And then from that..

Victoria Rader [00:26:28] Before you go to before you go to the next one, want to make sure I got it right. So W is “wu” for nothingness. And then you have one use for unconditional love. Was there another U there?

Richard Wickes [00:26:39] Yes. Is it just do it like I might like to be? Yes, because it’s like so wicks way. And the idea of the W itself, my name is Wick. So the W is a way. Yeah, and it’s you, you. It’s the double “U” isn’t it? So I have Wicks Way, W and then W. That’s got it. I’m so funny.

Victoria Rader [00:27:05] No, it’s very it’s very clever. I love it. I’m a visual person and it helped me, you know, to say it is a W and it’s a wave and beautiful and everything changing the way back to unconditional love.

Richard Wickes [00:27:18] Yes. Everything in the universe. Everything is either particlel or wave. And essentially, it’s particle wave, but at the same time. So the idea was to collapse the life. So whatever problem you’ve got, when it starts before, you have the problem. That wasn’t the problem. It doesn’t matter what it was, and energy goes in both directions. So at the moment, we’re focusing on no problem. It’s going to get worse. And I and we can this time around in the second, but we have to do it quickly. So intentionally from my years of martial arts strength that I did many, many years. And if you think quickly you get amazing results. So if you send your intention, it’s like a punch it’s like the click of the fingers. And so I reverse the wave. So that’s what I do in the wuu technique. And I think it’s a Udemy course. It’s an online course I’ve created and that’s something that I was teaching, mainly in Taiwan and Hong Kong. And then my daughter died, so I flew away from that. It’s just too much for me to honest, but the technique is still there, still being taught to have teachers in Taiwan that absolutely love it. Think it’s the best thing ever. And as I say, like the first step is wave, the second step is what I call universal intelligence. Whatever is happening to you is happening because of universal intelligence. It’s not bad for you. There is an intelligence behind it. Yeah. All you need to do is just kind of switch it to say, OK, this is cool. Yeah, it’s part of the oneness. I mean, I always think, you know, people praying that sort of saying, God, you screwed up. Yeah, you know, I want to tell you how my life should be in the da-da-da. Of course, God hasn’t screwed up. Neither is the universe screwed up. And so essentially, we just kind of like reconnecting with the perfection of every single moment. But the funny thing is, we also have the ability in the same way that we can open the door inwards outwards in the same way that it’s worn. Traveling down the river in the middle of a river is traveling up the river on the side of the river. It’s a natural consequence, we think, as we can make things go right. Yeah. So I basically said, OK, we’re going to go back to the source and ask for a reset. And we have this. We need looking at this in a different way. And normally, like literally within seconds, I have people jump off that chair because that time dissipates so far.

Victoria Rader [00:29:53] The serendipity of this is so huge to me. This morning, every Saturday, I send an email to my family. I call my family my sole family, the people on my email list. And this morning I wrote an email that said, Oh, what do we have here is a failure to communicate? And I simply wrote about the fact that we communicate what we connect to within us and our communication to that creates our reality. So if we are feeling physical pain, we can either communicate frustration if we connect to frustration about pain or we can communicate compassion for those that are in pain. So the frequency we’re at is just the perception of the reality. And the second we change our connection, the second we change our perception of reality, our reality changes, our reality shifts. So I love how simplified, which is not simple. It’s simplified and profound. This method you’re talking about is that you shift your goal, you change the origin of where the energy is coming from. So we will definitely have to check out where would we find that as people that are listening? You do we go to your Discover Energy WorldCom to find that program or is there another source for it?

Richard Wickes [00:31:07] I’m not sure and that’s all. I am like, I am sort of like the forgetful professor, honestly. I’ve got on the discovery and into what I’ve been pushing with my energy strengthening program, which is another method that I’ve got. And that’s probably going to develop into a method which I call and this is after my daugher. So it is not actually deliberately after daughter, but I’m glad that we need to map the matrix of energy and energy matrix mapping gives you “emma” And so that name of my daughter and so I’m like, I want to put out that method, the emma method or energy matrix mapping method, because that’s been so calm for me, like instead of, I feel like it needs to be a community thing. We don’t work out everything that’s connected with the energy that we have going on. So if we’re feeling sad, we go, Oh, I’m feeling sad and it’s like, you might get my body. And I said, Well, wait a minute, what else? And then you can do the whole yin yang thing. So you basically say, So what am I not feeling? Well, if I’m feeling sad? Yeah. So you actually can map that as part of The Matrix, like that’s dark web the internet. It’s the same with The Matrix. Yeah, we have a line where we have in ourselves and we have our with in the same way that I define myself with all the great things and maybe the people, all the right things that I’m how do I not define myself? It’s as important. I have to sort of go there and I have to, you know, as I say, I love myself worms and all of warts and all, you know?

Victoria Rader [00:32:48] Yes, yes and yes.

Richard Wickes [00:32:50] So that’s part of this, this amazing currently writing book on that. And that’s fun. And that’s just something I really enjoy and I feel like. And also, I think like it’s not really an energy work technique in this. There is no goal to it. But once you understand how your energy’s working, that’s stuff start changing stuff really does shifting, but in a very more of a holistic way, I think

Victoria Rader [00:33:14] In addition to you transforming through this amazing path you worked out. What would you say would be one example of one client that you’ve worked with where you have seen the transition that has impacted you using this technique?

Richard Wickes [00:33:31] I have to say, I mean, there’s been lots, there’s been people in different countries because I do psychic surgery as well, because that’s really what both Grand Master told me initially. One lady had cancer and I was working her and I thought, I can’t possibly help. And I did one session walk home like, well, okay. But so maybe one of the most profound things is working on somebody who, when I met them, I thought they were going to die within minutes. So it was a relationship issue where the person has left them and they they’ve lost all there to live for. And I felt like it goes to come up and greeted me kind of, you know, it doesn’t matter how much they pay, you have to help this person because I’m here and I work on them and they came back to life and they have a happy life and they feel fully recovered. So it’s like seeing somebody, whether you know, you can say, like in their eyes, the spark is gone out there just waiting to die. And then now that they’re full of life and they’re just a wonderful thing that’s contributing to everybody else’s joy. And that’s that’s all, of course. So that’s pretty amazing. I think there are lots. The thing is, though, because I don’t know if it’s the same with you, but the thing that really excites me is teaching, because if I give them an official, I fed them for a day. Yes, if I teach you how to fish, I said it for the rest of his life. Understand me individually oceans. But we can say, yeah, because of course there is this sort of balance. But I feel like introducing people to energy, giving them in a way almost is like democracy sort of connection to that power like this is really who they are. They can make things happen for themselves. So I feel like it’s almost like, as I say, like a fundamental human right that we should be connected to who we are as a power. And of course. And then again, I don’t feel revolutionary about it. I think this is going to take a long time in the way that people should feel forced into it. I just feel that we have enormous potential. And when I hear people like Elon Musk and blesses points opposite, you know, people say, we need to have chips inside our brains and we’re going to develop. I’m like, Wait a minute, you have no idea how much we’ve got we’ve got. Unbelievable amounts of capacity, but we’re just not using. And somebody wants to like put a chip in, which may be good. I mean, you know, we may suddenly we have incredible psychic powers in. It’s totally possible. But I’m thinking, yes it’s the risk

Victoria Rader [00:36:22] It’s just a way. It’s not necessarily the way. Know you have. I could talk to you for hours, but as we’re trying to kind of do the 30 to 45 minute segment here, I do want to get my three questions in that I ask every guest. And the first question is if you had ability and you do to go back to one of the darkest moments in your life when you need you the most, what moment would it be? And what would you tell yourself in that moment from the perspective of today?

Richard Wickes [00:36:58] Yeah. You know, it’s so interesting. I was really at the point, and after Emma died, I was at the point where we have two other children and I wanted to be alive for them. How can I say I didn’t want to die for them, but I didn’t want to be alive? So I really could have that moment. I could have finished myself to go and be with them. And so that was my idea of what I could do that. But I knew I couldn’t because, you know, and I stood there doing this practice of nothingness, and I just fell in the hole and I just fell deeper and deeper into this hole. And then I said, Can I let go of falling in this hole? And I did. And I just felt beautiful piece and amazing in that moment. And so for me, it’s saying, you know, let go. Letting go is also really, really important that,

Victoria Rader [00:37:56] Wow let go of letting go, let go of letting go. Trust the peace, how beautiful, how beautiful. And then the next question is that assuming that we go twenty years from now? And Richard Wicks comes back to you, the future version of you. What is it that he has to tell you today in this moment

Richard Wickes [00:38:20] Pull your socks off, get out and get out there and share more of this wonderful energy work Richard. So I’m doing my best. I’m not even sure. And I think, you know, honestly, I think we’re all doing our best at every moment. I really do.

Victoria Rader [00:38:38] Beautiful, beautiful. And Richard, as the last question, if there was one teaching one saying one quote, whatever it is that you would like, your all about the voice family to remember you by. What would it be?

Richard Wickes [00:38:54] OK, I think that would probably go. I’d take it back and I’d say like the essence of the practice is three relaxations. So one of the three relaxation that went on to that, and the reason I don’t want to answer that is because I believe there’s an incredible in the way and there’s an incredible creativity in this. So we have the above the below in the middle. And once we relax, we realize that’s where I was. This is where I am. And there’s another level that.

Victoria Rader [00:39:36] And my dog is telling us it’s time. Roo says this rocks and this marks the interview. Richard, thank you so much for being here with us today.

Richard Wickes [00:39:50] Thank you.

Victoria Rader [00:39:52] Well, my precious Roo has followed Richard and practicing the Taichi non practice of relaxation, adding to our episode some authentic voice indeed. To learn more about different energy modalities and discoveries, head over to Richard’s podcast, Discover Energy Work, and to check out Richard Wicks current offerings, please visit his site.

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