Whatever It Takes... Live Life Rich - with Marissa Nehlsen

Marissa Nehlsen All About the Voice

Whatever it takes and no matter what, from abuse-filled childhood and extreme poverty to running 7 multi-million dollar business and being a CEO of a company managing over $1,000,000,000

Marissa Nehlsen, Money and Business strategist, is a voice for all things working for your good. Marissa found her voice in life and wants to help as many people as she can find their own voice so they too can live life rich.

[2:10] Saying farewell to her son for a period of time
[5:31] Abusive childhood “if you hit me again, you’d better just kill me, because I’m telling everybody”
[7:49] Living in extreme poverty
[9:50] A power of saying “Yes”
[11:38] $5 business story
[14:01] All things work together for your good
[18:05] The next right step and the laws of money
[20:35] Business strategy during pandemic
[22:52] It’s all about people
[24:08] Five core values to live life rich
[30:38] The art of introduction as a special gift from Marissa Nehlsen
[37:04] The world needs you RICH

“I believe is that love can conquer many and all things.”

“Very often people are so afraid of losing love but really, they’re afraid of losing themselves to it.”

“You have two choices. You have a decision to make. You can be a victim, or you can be victorious. What will you choose?”

“I think you’ve got to be willing to make mistakes and ask for help, and you’ve got to be willing to believe that all things work together for your good.”

Marissa Nehlsen – Money and Business Strategist. Marissa teaches how to live life rich by mastering the five key areas of your life: Emotional, Relational, Spiritual, Physical, and Financial.

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Whatever It Takes… Live Life Rich – with Marissa Nehlsen

00:00:02 Victoria Rader
In the world of many internal and external voices the voice you listen to, is the voice that dictates your life. Would you like to discover clear path to a life of freedom and fulfillment? Then welcome to All About The Voice podcast, where we focus on awareness, alignment and action in order to live a life of abundance. I am your host, Victoria Rader.

00:00:28 Victoria Rader
Whatever it takes and no matter what from abuseful childhood in extreme poverty to running seven multi-million dollar businesses and being a CEO of our company Managing over 1 billion dollars, Marissa Nehlsen money in business strategist is a voice for all things working for your good. Marissa found her voice in life and wants to help as many people as she can find their own voice so they too can Live Life Rich. Here is Marissa. Alright. And here with me in the studio so to say, long distance is amazing Marissa Nehlsen. Marissa, welcome to All About The Voice.

00:01:11 Marissa Nehlsen
Hey, hey, Hey, welcome to me. Welcome to you. Welcome to all of the listeners here today. Thank you so much, Victoria for having us. You know, we appreciate you letting us into your space and into your house, me and all the listeners that are listening right now. Thank you.

00:01:25 Victoria Rader
Well, great. So I just have to preface that, you know, very often in life you get ready for something, and you take 900 little pages of notes, and then you throw it by the wayside. And that’s been kind of the story of the podcast for me. So as I was thinking of how to best share Marissa with all of us, you know, thinking here is the person who’s so incredibly busy in a good fulfilling sense of the word, you know, just constantly living your purpose and sharing the abundance that you’ve gained in your life only to find that I had no idea how really busy you are. So tell us what it is that you found yourself in the middle of right now.

00:02:10 Marissa Nehlsen
Well, a few months ago, my son who has been struggling with drug addiction since he was a teenager actually was sentenced to five years in prison, which let me just say the days that break your heart are also the days that you remember the most in your life. And I think if we can as people, well you know I’m a person of Faith so I say, you know, break my heart for what breaks yours. And on that day, I had a new understanding of what it means to have to say farewell for a period of time and really put someone you love in other hands and say, whatever it takes to get him clean if this is it, then this is it. right? Whatever it takes. So I remember literally on my knees at the courthouse when they are taking my son away in handcuffs. And I thought, oh, my gosh, what are we going to do? So a few weeks before then, my ex-husband and I, we got custody full custody of my two-year-old and a one-year-old grandchildren. And so we’re going to raise the babies part-time. And a few weeks ago he said “you know it this season in my life, we can’t swing it, we just can’t do it.” And I said, “Alright”. Well again, I’m a person of Faith. So I would just share with you take a pill If you’re not a person of faith. I just take a pill. I’m not here to convert you. I’m just telling you, this is my story. This is our worlds. This is how I roll. But, you know, I now am raising my two-year-old and a one-year-old. One of them is special needs. He was born premature, and he’s got born drug addicted and some many issues. So 18 months actually, He’ll be 18 months this month, and she’ll be two and a half this month. So they’re fun. Hazel and Luca, my little loves of my life. But on top of that, of course, I’m running seven multi-million dollar businesses, and I’m the CEO of a company that manages well over a billion dollars and you just go in baby, puke and all. You just go in dirty diapers and all, and you say, you know what, whatever it takes, and no matter what. And what I believe is that love can conquer many and all many things.

00:04:16 Victoria Rader
You know, Marissa. I have an acronym for love. I say, love is life originating vibrant emotion with emotion being energy in motion. So I truly believe what adds to life is love and what subtracts from life is the absence of it. And I think very often people are so afraid of losing love but really, they’re afraid of losing themselves to it. You know, they are not. So you’ve mentioned seven. Well, first of all, you will be in my prayers and in the prayers, meditation chanting or whatever the audience can offer based on their path of Faith, surround you and pouring that love and energy towards you on this amazing attitude of I’ve got this because God’s got me. So I personally believe that this is the attitude that got you to these seven multi-million dollar businesses. Take us on that journey. Where does it start?

00:05:14 Marissa Nehlsen
Well, it’s very first started you know I think when we talk about really what your podcast exist to talk about, you know, years ago, when I was a little girl, I grew up in a super abusive home. My dad was just really troubled guy And had many issues. But I remember one day I was 9 years old and I forgot to put the towels in the dryer, and he was set to go to a funeral. And I forgot to put the towels to dry. So there was no clean towels and he came in and I realized my mistake and I was like “oh, man, I’m in trouble.” So I ran. I ran. But he was six foot eight big tall guy he caught up with me in the laundry room and he, you know, I’m a scrawny little nine-year-old girl with pigtails and he throws me up against the wall, and I am literally laying it is feet in a puddle and he started kicking me and kicking me and kicking me. And I remember this voice literally in my head, but it wasn’t audible it was in me, right? And it said, “Get up, get up, get up. You’ve got to get up right now. Get up.” And I got up to my feet could barely stand I mean, he’s got big black steel toed boots that he’s kicking me with, so this is not like, hey, I just fell over. But for the strength of whatever it was inside me in that moment picked me up. And I pointed my finger in the air. And I said, “If you hit me again, I’m telling everybody, If you hit me again, you better just kill me, because I would tell everybody who you are and what you are. So you better kill me now. Kill me now, because I’m gonna tell everybody I’m telling everybody. And he took a step back, and he looked at me and his eyes got all big, and he turned around and walked out of the room. And after that date, he never touched me. He never hit me. He used to beat my mother. He used to beat my brothers. He used to beat everyone, my sisters, but not me. And in that moment, God, I believe, put a hedge of protection around me. But I listen to that voice, and I got up in that moment, and it changed the trajectory of my life. And then years later, finally, my mom at my 14 years old left,and we moved into a two bedroom trailer house. Now, I know you’ve got a worldwide audience so this is like a little mobile home on wheels. And we live in North. So it’s much like Finland, actually. So if you’ve got Finland listeners, it’s funny I was in Finland last year before covid, beautiful, beautiful country, but it’s very, very cold. So Helsinki is where I was at, actually, And it’s very, very cold. And so most of our ancestors actually come from that area to the North Dakota area. So it’s interesting A lot of Norway, a lot of Finland. So we move into this two bedroom trailer with no heat in the winter in North Dakota. And I remember watching one of those old Feed The Children TV shows at late night at TV, and she had put an old kerosene lantern in the middle of the living room. And I was watching this thing and mom made everything fun. We thought we were having a campfire in the living room. We just have reported we couldn’t afford heat right? Like we just thought we were having a campfire, and she had nailed blankets and old quilts to the doors and to the walls, and going down the hallway to capture the heat, keep the heat in the living room. And then we all camped out around this kerosene lantern and mom had fished out an old brown couch out of a dumpster, I remember helping her do it. You could hop in there and pull her out. Let’s get her. Yeah. And my mom’s laying on this couch and I looked up at her, and I said, Mom, we’re like those poor people that they talk about on TV, aren’t we? But we’re not just poor, we’re really poor, because they have food. We don’t have food, like we don’t have heat. And she said, “Yes, yes, Marissa, we are poor. But you have a decision to make as 14 years old in that moment as a parent for me this was my mother’s finest hour for me in my life. She said “Yes, we are poor. But you’ve got a choice to make. You’ve got a decision. You have two choices. You have a decision to make. You can be a victim, or you can be victorious. What will you choose? You can be a victim, or you can be victorious. What will you choose?

00:09:17 Victoria Rader
And your 14

00:09:17 Marissa Nehlsen
14 absolutely changed the trajectory of my life. So when you ask where I started, I started from really those two moments in my life. And then I got a hold of, you know, a Zig Ziglar quote that said “If you help enough, people get what they want, you can have your heart’s desire.” Yeah. And guess what?

00:09:33 Victoria Rader
“You can get anything you want as long as you help enough people to get what they want”. I love that.

00:09:39 Marissa Nehlsen
And that helped me start a company from the basement of my home with five dollars.

00:09:43 Victoria Rader
What was your first company with a $5 collateral?

00:09:48 Marissa Nehlsen
Yeah, my first company, actually. So you know, for those of you that are listening, I don’t know where you’re at in the world. But let me just say, if I was sitting across your kitchen table from you right now, I’d say that there are some times that you don’t know what your dream is yet, or maybe your kind of developing this as time goes along. But sometimes you just need to say “yes” you need to say “yes, scared”. You need to say “yes ugly”. You need to stay “yes, dirty,” you need to say “yes”, you need to say “yes”, when you don’t think you could deserve it, and you don’t think you can do it, you need to say “yes”.

00:10:20 Victoria Rader
And when there is saying “yes”, when I’m saying “yes”, what is it that you think we’re all saying “Yes” to?

00:10:25 Marissa Nehlsen
I think you’re saying yes to opportunity , because it comes knocking, but it’s whether you answer the door, and then you choose to take the next right step forward in your life. You know, Olaf, I don’t know if you watched that movie, that Frozen movie?

00:10:39 Victoria Rader

00:10:40 Marissa Nehlsen
Yeah, they have Olaf. I love Olaf. He is the Snowman and all in the Frozen movie. And Olaf says, Olaf says it’s the second movie, by the way, for those of you who have not watched Frozen to spoiler alert I’m about to spoil the movie. So if you still want to watch it just I’m so sorry. So Olaf says to her, Olaf’s about to float away on his magic is gone, and he’s holding on and Anna is there. And she’s saying ‘Olaf, I love you, don’t go. I need you.” And he says “You know, you can do it. Just take the next right step. Sometimes we don’t think we can do it. You know, I would never imagine at nine years old, getting up and facing my dad, facing my giant facing my fear in that way. I would never imagine that that one thing has been an anchor in my life. I come back to every time I’m fearful of something. When they told me, well, and I’ll go back to this $5 story. My aunt was in an insurance business. And she said, hey, you got a brand-new baby. Now I at this point later on, I’m 17 years old go looking for love in all the wrong places. “got daddy issues” yeah. I got some real people out there that been through some real stuff.

00:11:54 Victoria Rader
Say “yes” to that. And then say “no”

00:11:57 Marissa Nehlsen
Yeah, I got some real issues. They’re gone now, but we got we had some real issues back then. Anyway, so my real people, my real people know that I get pregnant at 18 I get married, because that’s what you do when you’re 18 and you’re pregnant. And I have this brand-new baby, and we’re poor, and I’m living two doors down from my mama in the trailer court that I was raised in. And I looked at her and I said, I got to do something different to get something different. And my aunt said, “hey, for $5 an appointment, I’ll give you $5 for every appointment that you sent.” And we had these old recipe boxes, you know, and she gave me the recipe card box and she said “you’re going to do something called smile and dial”. And I said “what’s a smile and dial?” She “you going to pick up the phone, you’re gonna read what I wrote out for you to say it’s called a script, you’re gonna read it and you’re going to book appointments in my calendar.” And I said “okay, and I said, wait a minute. You’re going to give me $5 for every one of these that I booked?” Now keep in mind I had no money to buy diapers, I had no money to buy milk. I’m delivering phone books. I’m cleaning up yard sales. I’m literally picking up aluminum cans to take to the recycling center to get money to buy groceries that week. And my aunt says, for $5 I said “how many appointments going to book a day?” She said “well, as many as you can get” I said “okay, well, then you’ll be starting at 7:30 am and you’ll be done at 8:30 am or 8:30 pm.” So I’m just booking 10 and 12 appointments a day for this woman. So 10 appointments a day that’s 60 bucks, that’s times three days. That’s a hundred eighty bucks I was making. And I said, man, I’ve never seen that much money in my life. Are you kidding me? $180 every week? I could make that much money. And she said, yes, you can. And then, well, few months later, six months later she says “Hey, you’re pretty good at this. You should take this big stack of books about a foot and a half high. You should learn all the stuff that’s in here. And then you should go get tested for your insurance licensing and your investment licensing. And all that stuff.” I said “I don’t even know anything about that. I, like all I know how to do is say, hi, I’m Marissa Nielsen. I’m representing dadada, dadadada, right?” And she said “Yeah, but I think you could do this. But all you have to do is say, yes.

00:14:01 Victoria Rader
So you had a somebody who believed in you. That’s also so important. And I think as we have you hear what you guys do know that just being in Marisa’s energy, I can tell you for a fact she believes in you. This is I think what In the long run I’m looking at the success and the trajectory. And I think you’ve allowed people to believe in you, and you are believing that anybody can do what you’ve done. What do they need? What mindset do they need to have to do what you’ve done?

00:14:34 Marissa Nehlsen
Yeah. You know, the first one is, I think you’ve got to be willing to make mistakes and ask for help, and you’ve got to be willing to believe that all things work together for your good. I believe it. I have it written down. It’s memorized on my heart. It’s memorized on my mind. It’s memorized on my subconscious. It’s memorized everywhere It is everywhere. No matter what it is. All things work together for my good. All things. And all things doesn’t mean some things. It doesn’t mean a few things. It means everything, all things, every day, all day, all the time. And I believe that for you. So if you’re listening to this, and you say, well, all things really Marissa? Because you know, I’m holding the hand of my loved one that’s struggling with cancer or some other awful disease. Yeah, I’ve been there too. I held my fiance in my arms as he took his last breath back in 2016 when he died of cancer, Literally in my arms. And before he died, he said to me, Christmas Day, actually, best Christmas gift I’ve ever been given other than my faith. Best best gift ever. I was praying over him. So again, take a pill if you’re not personal faith. But I was praying over him, and he lifted my hands, lifted my face in his hand and he said “Baby, you keep praying for a miracle, but I already got my miracle the day that I found you. I have my faith in Jesus. I know where I’m going, so you have to make me a promise. And I need you to promise me something, because I don’t want you to spend five years in a bottle. I don’t want you to waste it. I don’t want you to waste this day or any day.” He said “I know you would be sad, but you were born to change the world. You were born for a greater purpose, You were born, and they are waiting for you. They are waiting for you. So I need you to make me a promise that you will never waste a day. You will never waste a day.” And I said “Absolutely, I promise you.” And since that day, when I literally was holding his hand and holding him in my arms when he took his last breath, I told him “I love you so I will keep my promise to never waste a day” That’s why I’m here today. Victoria. It’s why I’m here with your audience. And I want you to know if you’re listening to this this is not a mistake, it is not by accident that you tuned into this moment In this time for you. You were meant to be here in this room with us. You were meant to hear this. This was meant to penetrate all the disbelief, all the junk, all the things that the enemy of your soul, your greatness, your future you’re being comes against you and says, this is not for you. This is not, you can’t do it. You’re not smart enough. You’re not strong enough. You’re too fat. You’re too skinny. You’re too this, you’re too that your to all of these things. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. And here’s what I want you to say. All things, all things work together for my good all things. And so I look at that time and I think about now there are hundreds of women in Costa Rica. I went to Costa Rica and built a sewing schools for women, and they are supporting their children and their families. And I started three other companies after that. There are thousands of people that now have jobs and security and opportunity because of that. You know, you can too and for all of you that are really highly educated out there, or who are not educated at all let me just share with you. I have a high school education. I never went to college. I never went to University. I managed a billion dollars. That is not by accident. It was not by accident. Now I work my butt off. I’ll be really like you gotta be real. You know, when they say you got to use your feet, use your hands and feet, baby, We gotta get up. You gotta do something. You got to take that next right step forward that Olaf talks about. Olaf gave Anna the best advice ever. He said, just take the next right step forward and then take another and then take another and then take another. That’s the mindset That’s how, when you ask where it comes from, That’s where it is.

00:18:27 Victoria Rader
I love it. Every little and big point. And point of what you just said. You know, I say, God will direct your path, but you got to move your feet. Yeah, There is another direction. There’s no voice guiding you If you do not move your feet, and you’ve talked about how serendipitous this moment is. And I just have to share the you know, I actually tonight, right after our podcast, that I’m recording, I am doing the six of seven part presentation that I do 35 laws of money, and they take some spiritual laws, and I do five a months. And then we do practical application. The reason I’m mentioning it is the two laws were doing today out of five are the law of consecration and the law of serendipity. And you’ve describing it so serendipitously that everything, everything happens for your good. And that is where to me, the law of consecration comes, and you consecrate all your burdens. But you also consecrate all your possessions, you consecrate your very life, your very soul with full understanding that everything works for your good. And as you do things serendipitously unfold, and they open the doors of those opportunities. So talk to me about those doors being opened for you and through you, as you were taking just the next step, just the next step.

00:19:54 Marissa Nehlsen
Yeah, there’s been so many I would just share with you. There’s some really Important pieces for action steps that you take along the way. You know, one of those is the space between your dreams over here and your hopes fulfilled your dreams, fulfilled your hopes and dreams here and then help some troops fulfilled over here is the space in the middle, for me is a plan. But it’s a pivotal plan. It’s a plan where you say, I am not so married to the plan that I can’t adapt and overcome the changes that come my way. I’m not so married to the plan. I don’t want you to miss this, that we can adapt and overcome the changes that come our way. You know, during covid-19 owned several organizations. But in the financial services space you know we manage a lot of money. We help people with all sorts of things from estate planning, you know, putting their affairs in order to risk management, to business building to all of it. And during covid-19 whole world is shut down and things are just madness you know, right before the shutdown occurred, when I started hearing them canceling things all over the world. I said, guys, war room because we’re going to spiritual warfare time. People’s minds are going to be in the crapper. Now, I know crappers, probably not a nice word Victoria, I’m so sorry. It’s the real one, it’s a real word. Where’s my real people? Where are you? My real people? Yeah, in my real people world we say you know what stuff hits the fan and what do we do? Well, I said, we’re going to help people through this. And so we hit the phones and work from home, work from the space. They did it on all places, and we hit the phones. And we called every one of our clients every two weeks. All of our team. Every one of our clients every two weeks. And I said, we’re just calling to check in on you. How are you doing? What can we do to serve you? How can we help you? What do you need help with? Tell me about your family. Are you safe? Are you protected? What can we do? And during that time, unbeknownst to me, we were actually still doing a significant amount of business. I didn’t know until 30 days later, because I get my reports every 30 days. We had a hundred and forty-eight percent growth in year. In a financial services organization that it is during financial crisis, known during a worldwide Global pandemic financial crisis. And we went what? How did that happen? And then we went back, and we started looking at all the things. And people had all these questions, and we kept answering, and they had time. They had time to prepare. They had time to think into it, because they were home. And now they were saying, hey, let’s get focused on this. Let’s get husband and wife on same page. Let’s get couple on same page. Let’s get partnerships on same page, and they were doing it. We are doing it through Zoom. We would have been using Zoom technology years before, but it was really interesting, because as I led my team through it, I kept hearing this voice. The voice for me was they need you, And it rang out from what James had said to me. Years before, on that Christmas day, They need you they are waiting for you. I told my team, I said, where there is no vision for people, the people perish. And so we have to help them keep their eye on the vision on the ball, because this is a hopefully. no one knows, but this is hopefully a short-term thing. This isn’t gonna last for 25 years. This is going to last for a season. And so what we need to do is we need them to know that number one they matter to us that number two, we are here, no matter what we are, the no matter what people my clients call us the Mayo Clinic of Finance, because we’re all together. I love it. So yeah, those are real action steps.

00:23:27 Victoria Rader
And you know I think it’s was Rabbi Levin that I read a while back in thou shall prosper book, where he said that the seeds of prosperity is service. The service is the seeds of prosperity. And of course, you don’t serve to prosper, but when you serve from the place of hard as you and your team has, you cannot help by prosperous, just the universal law. It is God’s law of abundance, because the seeds, you know, prosperity as service. And I think you manage money. Now, you know, you serve people, and you manage money, you lead people, and you manage tasks. Very often I think people get confused with the two. They try to manage people. They do. But what I want to highlight for our family here is that everybody thinks they need more money. They think that if only I get more money, if only I get more money, talk to us about that. You know, you have this amazing understanding of how to make money, work for you instead of you constantly slaving your freedom away, thinking if you just get more money.

00:24:32 Marissa Nehlsen
So yeah, it’s really about multiplying what you have. And when I think about that, let me talk about the first thing about the mindset of If I only I had more, I have many, many clients that have a hundred million dollars plus. Two of them within the last couple of years, two of them came to me and said, you know, I hate my life. I hate everything about my life. One has just abundance financially upon measure. But he said, you know, you talk about because I talk about five core areas of your life If you want to live life rich. Five core areas emotionally, that’s kind of where you’re at with your growth, where you’re at with your work-life balance. It’s all of those things that fit into that spot. How do you feel about you when you look in the mirror? Do you feel like I did when I was going through my divorce years ago? And I looked in the mirror, and I hated myself because if you’re in that place, I’m going to tell you there’s a space on the other side of that place. That is not the place. You do not have to stay looking in the mirror hating yourself. You don’t have to. You don’t have to stay in that place, but it takes some work, and it takes some planning and takes a process. But there are five key areas. Emotional, relational, how you, with your relationships, primary love relationships, work, relationships, people you do life with. How are you spiritually? Are you connected to something? You know? Is there something outside of you that’s bigger than you that you realize? Hey, there’s a peace I can feel inside of me. There’s a centeredness. There’s a peace where I go, no matter what I’m going to be okay and I’m not alone. And then physically where you at physically? So, you know, if you don’t mind a good space head and mind, you’re definitely not going to be in a good place in your health. And what you eat, the choices you make every day, and what you do with your time, and where you sit, where you stand, where you exercise and all that kind of stuff. And then, you know, we talk about emotional, relational, spiritual, physical and financial. So financial he said, you know “I got financial down like a hundred million dollars. You can’t spend all the money I make just the interest alone. I’m golden, right?” But he said “Four of my children, won’t talk to me. I’ve written one of them completely out of my will. My grandchildren literally despise me.” And he said “I’ve driven away everyone in my life in my pursuit of more, my pursuit of more.” And he said “What I realized is you have such a different take in”. He literally flew me in to Minneapolis. It wasn’t a client yet at that time. He wasn’t the client. He flew into Minneapolis. And he said “You gotta fix my stuff.” And I said “Looks like everything’s working good together here.” So “I know but I hate my life”. And he said “You helped my friend.” And I said “Well, then we got to start living different. What do we need to do? What do you think you need to do? What do you think? I mean really. What do you think?” Well, he’s like “I don’t want to die alone” He’s 78. Die alone. So when you ask yourself, what’s more for past the need of hey, I have my house done, and my food is met and my clothing is met and my people are good and I’ve got good health care passed all of that kind of stuff, you know, past the basics that we need. The question, I would ask you is, what do you want more for? What can more be used for? And I have an abundance mindset because I have more than I ever imagined. I have more than I ever dreamed or imagined. Literally, God gave me a mountain a few years ago gave me a mountain. I had this huge business deal come through, and the business deal came in the day before the mountain came up for sale. And I now own a mountain in Costa Rica, where we’re developing a retreat center for people to come and have a place of peace and healing and relaxation and rejuvenation and a place where they can just breathe It In, breathe it out, enjoy that moment, take it in, not waste that day, and realize that we only get this exact moment in this day. And so let’s use it well. Anyway so when you come back to what do you want more for?

00:28:23 Victoria Rader
Beautiful. And just to understand that any material possession is a substitute for an emotional need. And if you first answer that emotional need and only when material possessions become irrelevant the abundance floods into your life. You know, always say It’s fascinating to me how it never changes. By the time money comes, you don’t care, right? I mean, yeah, my life as in any life It’s like, whatever. Okay, I’m too busy doing my thing here. God, I’m like, busy. Okay, this is good. This is coming. So what appointment pointed question? You know, kind of be more in order to have more be more Zig Ziglar, I think, also, right, be more first.

00:29:05 Marissa Nehlsen
The the more that you allow to flow through you, the more that will flow to you. It’s much like we were talking before with mindset of these turning points these pivot points in your life it is literally how you see life. I believe that life does not happen to me. It happens for me. It happens for me. So what’s my learn? What’s my growth? Now I have been able to travel the world and afford really fabulous things. I don’t have to look at a price tag anywhere anytime. It’s not the issue of that. But I look at money completely different. And let me just do this for you for a difference for just one moment. If you’re looking at money or the asset, or the thing, the stuff, the material, whatever it is as yours, you will continue to stay a broken happy person for the rest of your life. And I’ve taught this principle for many, many I’ve been doing this twenty eight years. This is not my first pony ride. I’ve helped thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of small business owners from startups to scale up. I don’t even know how many millionaires I have assisted along the way. I don’t even know the number anymore. I don’t keep track of it anymore, because it doesn’t matter. I get up every day and I do the very best I can for you.

00:30:17 Victoria Rader
Marissa where would our listeners find more information about you? Now in the outro, and in the notes to the episode, you guys will find Marissa’s website where you can find more information. But I also know I will put her amazing podcast there. But more so in addition to

00:30:34 Victoria Rader
the podcast and the site, how do we find more of your wisdom?

00:30:38 Marissa Nehlsen
Well, so I’ve got several things. You have small business owners that are listening. You’ve got employees that are listening. You’ve got people from all over the world. I will tell you. I literally give away about 85% of what I create. And I’m going to give you one today that my team just said, you’ve got to stop giving that away, because it’s too valuable, and we need to sell it. And I said, we’re not selling it. Here’s what we’re doing. We’re gonna give it away. Tell-tell I no longer Can we give it away. So if you go to https://marissanehlsen.com/introductions/ you can get a free mini course on introductions. Now let me explain to you what I’m talking about, because there’s many types of works that I do. I do courses in different things. But this one here is for everybody everywhere. Any country, any planet, anywhere in the world that you are today this will apply to you. Because the art of the introduction is all about what do you want them to say about when you’re there when you’re not there? And how do you want to introduce yourself? Now why is this important if you’re running a business or you’re in a business? if you want to take it to the next level in your career, you want to have more influence. You want to have the ability to be maybe even get a raise in some people’s worlds that’s really important right now they need to get an increase in pay, and they need to make it go along a little better for their family and for their funds. This will allow you to really understand here’s the questions that you need to ask and the things that need to be said about you. And then who do you know? It’s also going to guide you through that. But then the last thing it’s going to do is it’s going to help you create what I call your perfect pitch. And your perfect pitch is who you are and what you do, who you are and what you do totally free. You can have it. It’s got six videos with it. A training video. You don’t want to miss the download. It’s got a 32 or 38 page workbook that goes with it. Please print the workbook out when you do it, because you’re going to get an opportunity when you type that in. It’s going to end up right in your email box immediately after you type in https://marissanehlsen.com/introductions/ and you got it for free it’s all yours, enjoy it.

00:32:54 Victoria Rader
Fantastic! What a generous gift. And once again, you guys, the link will be in the notes to the episode. So you’ll just click the link. It’ll take you right there. Take Marissa’s super generous offer. For knowing who you are is the beginning of all abundance. And in some ways, you’re going to be introduced to yourself in a way that will blow your mind away. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Marissa, I ask these three questions at the end of every episode. I could talk to you, obviously, for years. But I know your time is precious. Even more precious now. And so three questions. The first one is, if you had ability, and at this very moment you do, to go back to that nine year old girl to that nine-year-old girl, whether before she stands up to her dad or right after wherever your heart takes you to, what would you tell her right now.

00:33:46 Marissa Nehlsen
You are taking the next right step forward, And you will continue to do that through everything. You’ll continue to do it through the loss of your marriage. You’ll continue to do it through being a single mom, raising two bipolar kids. You’ll continue to do it through almost losing your company’s. You’ll continue to do it When you get up that day, and you pound your fist at the air, and you say, why God did you take him from my arms? You will continue to do it when the doctor tells you your eyesight is gone, and you will now have to lead life blind, because you will walk by faith and not by fear, You will walk by faith. And not by sight. You will walk with vision throughout your life. And I know that that’s going to be scary at times. But You know one thing, and it’s what I would tell you that are listening right now. You are not alone. You are enough, you are called, you are sourced, and you are resource in all things.

00:34:50 Victoria Rader
Powerful. Next question. You kind of answered the third one, but I’ll come back to it, because I think it’s so powerful coming from you and coming really through you as you speak. If we take you now forward 20 years and Marissa from 20 years from now, what would she tell you? What do you need to hear from her right now?

00:35:14 Marissa Nehlsen
Well, that’s a big one. That’s a big one, because I’ve really learned that navigating life is keeping your eye on where you believe it going. But be on your knees every day like for me, I start my day with gratefulness, and I start my day with thank you every day and before I go to sleep, thank you every day. You know, I had to reframe it in my head, because I’ve been a jetsetter the last five, six years, right? I’ve been all over the country, enjoying life, speaking wherever spent super fun, Right? And now I’m raising babies up to it. Yeah, I was at the doctor this morning with the baby with arms. Me, you know, so we get off this podcast. I’m doing nebulizer treatments. So I’m looking at life differently. And I’m saying, you know, I need to reframe it. You get to live this life. You get to not you have to, and when I reframe it. So I think what she would tell me right now is exactly what I’ve been hearing in my voice. And in my spirit, for the last few months, I have sourced and resource you with everything you need. You get to do this day. You get to serve these people. You get to raise those grandbabies. You get to have resources you get to eat today, you get sleep in a house where you have heat today, you get to. And I say, yes, yes, I get to.

00:36:38 Victoria Rader
Phenomenal. And even though I think the whole interview is just phenomenal gift and a masterpiece that I know, I will listen to multiple times to just enjoy and bask in that deep, deep wisdom that is inspiring that is guided all about the voice family if we were to remember you by one teaching one quote, one phrase, one message what would it be?

00:37:04 Marissa Nehlsen
That I believe the world needs you rich The world needs you rich. The world needs you rich In all areas of your life, emotionally, relationally, spiritually, physically, financially. The world needs you rich in all areas. And when you make a decision that you will live a rich life in your mind, because you get to that’s the key. I live life Rich and I say it every day I get to do this. And I live life Rich, no matter what live life Rich. The world needs your Rich. Make a decision today that the world needs you Rich. If you got to say it 500 times in the mirror tomorrow morning, when you get up, the world needs me Rich. The world needs me Rich. The world needs me Rich, because people who think like me, people who do the things that I do today in the world, people who serve others in the way that we do. These people, we need to be rich. We need to be rich, emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, financially all about it. All abundance in all areas. I am rich.

00:38:02 Victoria Rader
Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it. And I guess, as the personal summary of that abundance Clause of our podcast is that, in the words of Christ that I referred to that abundance episode, He indeed has come, that we might have life and to have it more abundantly. And so you have framed that in such a powerful way. Marissa, thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.

00:38:29 Marissa Nehlsen
Thank you. Thank you, Victoria. Thank you. All of you that are listening today. I want to remind you that this was for you. You are not here by accident. Take it, listen to it again And again, it is not completely seeped into your soul, because this is where the enemy of your soul will get you. When we get off this podcast, They will say, oh, that’s for other people. It’s not for us. That’s not our way. It is your way. You make a decision today. The world needs me Rich.

00:38:58 Victoria Rader
Say yes to that.

00:38:59 Victoria Rader
Today, prompted by empowering Marissa Nielsen say yes to yourself. Yes to your growth. And yes to you Living Life Rich. Start your journey by accepting Marissa’s generous gift at https://marissanehlsen.com/introductions/. See the link in the episode description.

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