I just finished doing a program for our Quantum Freedom group on activating a spiritual gene code for the divine virtue of devotion.

One insight that I wanted to share with you is that a life lived half-heartedly is a life that is void of mysteries and miracles. It is a stagnant life. Half-heartedness is a result of a fear of a broken heart. We fear for our hearts to be broken, so we hold back. Worse yet, we fear for our image or status to be crushed, in other words, a part of our wounded ego to die, so we hide our light behind excuses of daily misery. And misery does what misery does best – it piles on.

Yes, our hearts will be broken, and our egos crushed. But only a heart that is broken is a heart that is fully open to be healed through the miracle of divine love. When we choose to let go of the pain and surrender it to the love of God, our broken hearts become open hearts. An open heart is a heart that is open to God’s love, a heart that is open to courage and to a life full of miracles.

Wherever it is your life that you are half-showing up, commit to step into the process fully as the love and light that you are. Remember who you are. Commit to being the person you have come to become. It is never too late to show up for your life. From flying to space to doing your dishes, what you do is not nearly as important as how you do it. Devotion is simply genuinely being who you are in your heart and doing everything you do from a place of being you.

And representing the theme for us is my nephew Alex with his first goal dance – devotion at its best ☺