Some of our fears are obvious, triggering fight or flight responses from us. Some are lingering, making us freeze in indecision. Some are just plain tricky showing up as worry over the outcome.

One of my amazing clients has expressed a concern about building up guilt over unfulfilled commitments, fearing the outcomes. What came as an insight to her question has become a part of the chapter am currently writing on expressing our truth. We express what we connect to. Connected to fear or doubt, we express fear and doubt through our actions. Connected to hope and faith, we take brave steps.

When we feel that we are not good at keeping commitments through either not committing at all or overcommitting and failing to deliver, it is not that we don’t know how to commit, it is that we are internally committed to our scared self.

The freeing moment of expressing our truth is our conscious choice to shift commitment from our scared self to our Sacred Self.