The Truth Shall Set You Free. Motivational Diary with Victoria Rader.A shift has happened. A profound, deep, cleansing, and deeply freeing shift has happened for me. I have allowed the truth to set me free.

A while ago, during my deep soul-searching and writing a chapter on opening and freeing one’s heart center, I have come to realize that the only way to be genuinely free is to sacrifice any leftovers of one’s image-driven ego to one’s purpose-inspired soul. What it meant for me was a commitment to always speak from my heart without filtering through anything else but love. Freeing others then to either filter deeper into my circle and my soul family or filter out, without my attachment to the outcome.

Where in your life are you holding back the true essence of who you are in fear that others might not accept you? That fear has already rejected you for them. Give them a chance to know you and to love you as you are. And those that will walk away will simply make room for those that are able and willing to accept you. You deserve it. You deserve to be free. You deserve to be loved. Just as you are.

Feeling grateful and free with much love for you.