The wound is the place where light enters you.

— Rumi

We are not intended to make “light” of heavy matters. We mourn with those that mourn and comfort those in need of comfort. All wounds, if not healed, fester and get infected. The disease spreads through the whole body and endangers life. It is so with the nation as it is with a body.

We are a wounded nation. We are a wounded globe. And if we choose for this to become a time of healing, if we allow the light through our wounds and into our hearts, if we can find the strength to truly love those around us and to bridge the depth and rage of ignorance, violence, and hatred, we can and will heal.

You are playing a crucial part in this process. What feelings dominate your reaction to current events of injustice and violence? Hate will only bring more hate. Confusion, by universal law, will attract only confusion. Fear will escalate into greater fear. Understand what you feel, and, if it is a negative emotion, choose to release it. Choose instead what you want to feel as a life-giving positive emotion of care, understanding, and love and send that new emotion out. Out to those you love. Out to those you dislike. Out to those that you know. Out to those that you don’t know. Out to everyone. You can be the one to stop spreading the fear … by choosing to spread the healing light. By choosing to be healed and to heal.