Love yourself as you are! Motivational diary with Victoria RaderLife has shifted to a whole new gear and it took me a while to pull myself back into the driver seat. Well, I think parts of me are still hanging out very much like one of my dogs Charlie’s head when we drive.

I have talked and taught about experiencing the feeling of being in the flow. Well, it is happening. I am flowing. Now, I am learning how to keep afloat while flowing! As I follow daily divine prompts, things align and speed up, magic is happening, but I have been forgetting to breathe.

So, here is my weekly commitment to take a clearing breath, an evaluation of the week, and a rest stop to open my heart and share with you. I am writing this in hopes and with full trust of further alignment that as I share my biggest aha of the week, there will be a resonance about it in your heart, a validation, a confirmation, a deeper insight.

Among many projects and programs I am currently involved in is writing my new book EFF OFF MARBLE! I AM FREE! It has been humbling to see the Spirit write through me. The surrender part has been exhausting, No, not surrendering my free will. Just surrendering my need to be right, to be smart, to be insightful. Surrendering my need to be anything in favor of being me. The biggest shift has been a realization that we are not to learn to love ourselves for who we are, but as we are! This is it. The golden nugget. The drop the mike moment. I have poured my heart into writing about it this week in my book.

So, just as a reminder. Love yourself as you are. When you feel like nothing, it is hard to love yourself for being nothing, but it is possible, healing, and empowering to love yourself as nothing. As you do, the spark of something, the eternal light within is rekindled. So, here I am, loving myself as I am and inviting you to do the same. All of me – my failing to send a timely email; my realizing that after 20 years in US, the social security still has not updated my status to a citizen – there goes another fun appointment for next week; my overwhelm with the publisher’s guidelines for submission – it might seem easier to write a book than it is a book proposal; my loving on my furry buddies; my losing poorly in one tennis match and claiming triumph in another; my passion and joy of my Quantum Freedom family… all of me.

From all of me to all of you,
I love you … as you are.