The True Meaning of Healing - with Goran Karna

Goran Karna All About the Voice

Goran Karna has been practicing and teaching healing for over 30 years. Through the Civil War in Yugoslavia, through the tragic loss of his parents, and through many health challenges, he has learned the true meaning of healing.

Today, Goran has combined his life experience and wisdom into Integration Healing.
Goran Karna is a voice for healing and this is his story.

[3:07] What is healing?
[7:35] My radiant body program
[9:20] Acceptance of healing
[13:42] Personal transformational journey “it’s not about me”
[16:56] The higher truth
[19:43] Pre-fetal and fetal healing
[25:35] About connection with parents
[28:07] Message to the past self
[29:13] Tragic loss of his mother
[31:07] Message from the future self

“In your heart chakra , you have all knowledge.”

“Love is the highest reality in this universe, and forgiveness is the highest expression of this love.”

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Victoria Rader [00:00:02] In the world of many internal and external voices, the voice you’ll listen to is the voice that dictates your life, would you like to discover a clear path to a life of freedom and fulfillment? Then welcome to All About the Voice podcast, where we focus on awareness, alignment and action in order to live a life of abundance. I am your host Victoria Rader.

Victoria Rader [00:00:29] Goran Karna has been practicing and teaching healing for over 30 years through the Civil War in Yugoslavia, through the tragic loss of his parents and through many health challenges he has learned the true meaning of healing. Today Goran has combined his life experience and wisdom into integration healing. Here is Goran a voice for healing. All right and here with me is Goran Karna. Goran welcome to All About the Voice podcast.

Goran Karna [00:01:02] Thank you for inviting me. Thank you.

Victoria Rader [00:01:05] Now, Goran, tell me where you are geographically.

Goran Karna [00:01:09] I am at the moment in Zagreb, capital of Croatia. Croatia is on Adriatic Sea country in South Europe.

Victoria Rader [00:01:19] Beautiful. And is this home for you?

Goran Karna [00:01:21] Yes, it’s home. Yes. Yes, I was born.

Victoria Rader [00:01:25] Beautiful. Well, I have to share something with our all about the voice family here. I was telling Goran that when he signed on is that we have actually never met in person, but I had this feeling of, you know, I kind of known his spirit for a while. And I have to share with you guys, this is a fun thing. I have this form that I fill out. And the way you know I’ve invited Goran to the podcast is an interesting story. I have a dear dear friends, Mika and Paola Heinonen in Finland that hosted me a few times for training, and I know they’ve hosted Goran. And so I kind of knew of Goran through Mika and Paola, and I saw one of your posts and that voice inside said, you need to invite him as a guest. So I said, Sure, I’ll just put a link there. And then when you fill out a form, there is a question. How did you find out about the podcast? And I love what you said. I got an invitation from the universe. I believe. I believe that too, Goran.

Goran Karna [00:02:30] That’s true completely.

Victoria Rader [00:02:32] So tell us what you do, explain what it is that you do.

Goran Karna [00:02:36] So I’ve been doing healing for 30 years, different healing modalities like homeopathy, then here massage, and then theta healing for many years. And now I am doing my I wouldn’t say my, but new technique, new technique that I find out that is given to me that I call integration healing integration technique.

Victoria Rader [00:03:04] And how do you defined healing?

Goran Karna [00:03:07] OK, so healing is a gift from God. You say, well, when you are healed, this is kind of a blessing or coming from God to in your life. It’s like it’s kind of miracle. But it’s not only miracle, it is a blessing and mercy from heaven coming down. So this for your individualized self, you are a body. And in order to accept this, you need to be ready. It happens like that. It’s not that you bring healing with some technique or some of your knowledge, or it’s some experience. Actually, it is just coming down and it is proper time. And then all circumstances are when you are ready. That’s the most input. So the healing is just healing from God and better healing from God comes also from inside of you, doesn’t mean to come from outside. Healing from universal energy comes from your own being inside and that side discovered lately. I was always thinking, that has to come from somewhere else outside of you. But actually, I realize that healing happens inside, inside of you and your god, so helps you. And not only God self, it’s healthier. All other selves that you have all these energies in yourself. They all have intelligence to heal. They all have intelligence to help you. So whatever you need actually is there.

Victoria Rader [00:04:45] So what are these bodies that you’re referring to? The inner bodies? What do you mean by inner bodies of self?

Goran Karna [00:04:52] Yes. I mean, this is from Vedic tradition, you know, from vedas ancient scriptures. They’re saying that we have five conscious our bodies, and I realize that is so true. I mean, I never have been much in this like kind of this fictions or theories or interpretations about healing. I knew already that healing comes from God. But when I met this interpretation of what is happening inside of us, so what is happening, which we have like energy, by the energy, by the physical body? Then comes the energy body, and then your body’s like energy, a vital, vital energy. It’s chronic energy. It’s called chi. You know, it is energy that gives you vitality and then kind third mental body. The mental body is your feelings, your beliefs, your mental structure, your behaving patterns. You know your conditioning, I would say this is mental and first 3 bodies is actually most of people live in 3 bodies. But there is more to there is behind this mental body’s wisdom body. But OK, wisdom body you access when you have intuition occur and you have intuitive insights when you pull yourself from some emotions, when you have some kind of distance from what’s happening in your life and you see from higher perspective what’s going on with you. OK, so you’re not involved so much and you have this ability to solve the problems. Ability to create things. Ability to find solutions for anything in life. So this is wisdom. But then then comes they call it bliss body. And I would say it would be better, maybe in the body of the piece in a piece of body because this bliss actually is the piece. Then we feel sometimes in our self. And this is the feeling that love is the reality of this universe. And this is feeling that you are connected with all your universe and your feeling of joy of happiness. You know, this is bliss body. And this is like the last sheet before God so that we get inside and I realize that this healing actually is happening to all of these bodies and leading you to God self naturally. Naturally, when you just connect with your body and with this in their bodies, you get to healing naturally.

Victoria Rader [00:07:35] That’s beautiful. You know, it resonates. I have to say I haven’t studied the vedas five bodies, but it resonates so much for me. I actually taught a program that’s called Radiant Body. And I intuitively have arrived 8 bodies, believe it or not, and I can see how they fit in with the lowest three frequency being the same of the physical, emotional, mental. And then the fourth frequency I saw the spiritual body, the spirit body that mimics and materializes in the physical body and the spirit body has also mental and emotional was mental being what you’re referring to, which is wisdom in which I’ve come to understand the spirit God thought and then the emotional for the spiritual body, just like physical, has emotion, spiritual has emotion. And where you talk about the piece to me was, God’s heart right frequency. And then where we all one were people like in Buddhism, we talk about everybody being one and in tao, you know, we’re all one that is the body of awareness. That is where we’re all aware of each, every single one of us, and that is the seventh body. And then there’s this eighth presence, the frequency of presence that we are unaware of. And this is where people become so uncomfortable because there is a part of us that is unknown, because when it becomes unknown, it is at the level of awareness, right? So it’s beautiful to me to see how the truth can be labeled, formed, you know, received with different language. But it just moves so beautifully together. And I refer to that whole teaching as radiant body. But what you are describing is that is very tender to me because you are looking at the healing process and I look at healing as a way of being. You don’t need to be sick to be healing, right? The healing is a way of being. But what I love, which you said, is that you have to allow yourself to accept it. Talk to me a little bit more about that.

Goran Karna [00:09:29] Okay. This is a good topic. So people usually complain about many things. For example, they complain about how love. Love is not coming into their life, OK? They are complaining about the abundance, but not enough abundance. Not enough this. But actually the main problem is we are not accepting this. We are not allowing this to happen to us into our life. We are not able to accept love and then we are talking like that is no love in our life. How is that love is inside outside everywhere. But the thing is that we are not allowing things to happen in our lives. This is the main problem we are.

Victoria Rader [00:10:15] Why is that? Why do we have that problem as humans?

Goran Karna [00:10:18] This is the problem because of our experiences, because you say our soul has its own experience when it coming to this planet. And this is not a nice experience. And then this keeps all of the time, all the time in good spirits. And then we wonder why, why, you know, and then you have a mother and father, and then you would never choose and you tell them then. But when you calm down, you take on my Lord who has given me these parents and then you get from them their problems, you know, and then you add on your self-esteem and faith and later on first four years especially, you’re very open to it and then you know, you’ll get this so much this. And of course, you confused people confused. Usually, they don’t have their own life. That feeling that is all taken. Taken from others, especially from mother and father and from planet Earth and group consciousness.

Victoria Rader [00:11:27] And so with all of that, I guess, joyful burden, how do I stop fighting with all of those inner conflicts and how do I start accepting healing?

Goran Karna [00:11:38] OK, we’re getting deeper and deeper here. So there is one very simple solution to it a very simple way. No mystical way. It is whatever we feel, whatever we took over this kind of burden on ourselves, whatever is happening, like whatever we experience, whatever we are going to do actually is just all. It is just still to come deep inside of yourself to realize your own self, to realize your true nature, to realize that you happy, that you feel that you’re full of love, joy and peace, and that if we accept this, then we will not be in conflict. We will use this what is happening just for our growth. And this is very easy to do it, and it’s very simple. We can do it. We can. Instead of being in conflict, rejecting things that are less than just accepting and become intimate through them, and they transform it and they transform higher consciousness, higher feelings. And it’s their stay with us. They’re just day by day transform. And they become what originally what they are like love and joy and peace It’s easy thing to do.

Victoria Rader [00:13:04] It’s simple. It’s not necessarily easy, but it’s simple.

Goran Karna [00:13:09] Simple. Yeah, maybe a better way to go.

Victoria Rader [00:13:15] I want to ask you, you know, obviously everything we learn and teach is first given to us for our own learning. So where in your life have you gone through this process? Like if you were to look at your life and say this was probably the most important point of transformation? How did you find yourself stepping into this role of healing and of allowing and of accepting what was happening

Goran Karna [00:13:42] in my life? OK, if you ask me for my life, I had many, I would say dramatic moments, many healing moments, transformational moments. Many people would say this hard life, but it’s not really. I mean, it was difficult and challenging, but you know, I was always looking for what is good about it. So I was in the war civil war in former Yugoslavia, and from there I went to Australia. And there I met Viana Stible and theta healing all that and I brought it back to Croatia and Serbia. I started teaching these people, so I lost my parents very tragically. I lost both parents and I was 23 years old. I had 10 years old sister to take care of. I was studying without money and without anything I needed to take care. I had been through some health challenges and I went through them. And what is all about? I realize that is not all about me. Whatever is happening in this life, it’s not about me. That is higher picture higher purpose, higher through it. You know, it’s not just me that it was me that needed to suffer or something. It was me who I needed. Transformation needed to realize that it’s all good. Whatever happened, and in this way I was. That’s why I continued to say, OK, this is my life. I can go through it, and I will overgrow it which is the best way to say I can overgrow it, you know? And that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been doing this all my life over growing. This kind of experience is just using them as a tool for growth. They’re not like, what can I say any more tragic or dramatic things that are just events in my life that I used. Actually, they made me to be what I am now. You see all these events helped me to be what I am now and brought me this knowledge. This kind of maybe knowledge that I can help others and this I’m very grateful. You know, I am very grateful for my life because I had this maybe knowledge, maybe experience, maybe it was given to me. I did. They were given to me ideas. So I actually, I think God uses me to go through this experience in order to be able to help others. That was my idea. What happened to me.

Victoria Rader [00:16:27] That’s very empowering and healing indeed I think. I just was actually writing literally this morning about being grateful through all things that may be at the moment you can’t be grateful for it, but you can be grateful through it, you know, because you’re grateful for something that’s taking you through. And I think what what you referred to, that’s something that’s been taking you through. Is this higher truth. How do you define this higher truth for you?

Goran Karna [00:16:56] So higher truth is higher perspective on the I like higher knowledge or higher intuition. It is the same. We all have very limiting perception of what’s going on with us and with others. But if you see it from God’s perspective, then you really see that whatever is happening, there is reason behind it. There is some goodness lesson. There is higher purpose. It’s all of this. And you might know this purpose, but if you can ask to be shown to you and you can just close your eyes and maybe concentrate on your heart chakra and ask God, show me, show me what happened in my life. Why this happened. What is the highest truth about you will say everybody will be shown that truth. Not the mystical thing. You know, it is easy to ask and you will see because you know, when we see things from this higher perspective, then all these small things, all these anxiety is what is all this insecurities, all these kind of regrets. So this become not very meaningful, not very influencing anymore in your life. Okay. So that’s why that is the power of, I would say, knowledge because you’re now trying to see things. Power of truth, the power of wisdom power when you are of higher truth and higher inspiration and then all this lower energies, I would say a lot of things in your life that do not bother you. And it’s beautiful everybody to do it. It may say light magic to just this. Simply, this is a faith in your heart chakra have all knowledge.

Victoria Rader [00:18:49] Know I love that in your heart chakra. You have all knowledge. I refer. I refer to love. I have an acronym for Love that I use. And it’s life originating, vibrant emotion with emotion being energy and emotion. So I see love as that energy of creation. And indeed, I would agree that it would have all the answers to you that I think you’re capable of receiving at the moment. At least, that’s what I found out that I can get an answer that I’m capable of understanding and receiving. And as I grow, so does the answer. And it’s not because God’s become wiser, it’s because I can receive a better answer. At least that’s how I observed it in my life.

Goran Karna [00:19:31] I agree completely.

Victoria Rader [00:19:34] So, you know, God doesn’t change his mind. My mind is getting wider.

Goran Karna [00:19:39] It’s OK, I agree with you.

Victoria Rader [00:19:43] Now I know you’ve mentioned, you know, also that it’s important to start the healing or that there is an importance to pre fetal and fetal healing, too. So in your integrative healing, how do you integrate that and why is that important?

Goran Karna [00:20:00] It’s very important, you see, when soul decide to come into human body into fetus as it has this what I was telling you higher perspective and said, it is all good. It’s very important to choose these parents, to choose this genetic line, these people to be born with them, you know? And but when it comes down starts to feeling this fear and uncertainty, subgroup consciousness of planet Earth and all this unstable things, that and it’s getting very confused. And so he’s narrowing her or it perception, and it’s starting to question. decision. why It is coming. and that’s the one moment. But another moment soul has many unsuccessful coming or going or entering this actually unsuccessful, I would say, I would say staying in mother’s womb. What happened is, see many women who lose the fetus because they do not have enough progesterone hormones and they don’t notice this even during menstruation. Fetus can be lost than other things, but is sometimes there is abortion. There’s also a moment for soul to to come back, and then some time is out of uterus this conception, you know, also, this can be lost easily, and these are moments that soul going back and coming down and this is very traumatic. So can you keep this with yourself and all these feelings You have that all your life it’s very important to heal this period and then cause fetal period moment of conception. So this moment of conception is that it’s I’m not happy to have a child or they did it just accidentally or they they don’t want this pregnancy or they, you know, this happened because of some kind of violence or molestation or for men. It is this moment of conception of what mother has in her mind in this moment, what father has in his head, in his mind. So this is very important for fetus is very important to know this, these small moments that can have influence in your lives so, so strongly. And then of this period in your mother’s womb, then you know all these feelings from other father. You’re thinking of it on yourself, and especially some trauma. Is this happening, a drama. t is very is influencing very much this fetus and moment of birth. It’s also so important, very especially if people for ladies have this caesarean, you know, opening up of womb. And this is so traumatic for a child. Very if you’re just you’re taking a child from some secure a nice place, you’re taking it out with force and it’s very, very traumatic. OK, this thing. And then also, if ladies had this today is very modern, this epidural, you know, injection, you know,.

Victoria Rader [00:23:39] This is the painkiller.

Goran Karna [00:23:40] Yeah, this can. The child can stay without oxygen with this brain can suffer and it can be damaged. You see, so brain can be damaged only from this injection. So this is another thing that needs to be healed. It’s so, so many things, you know, it’s trauma for, you know, to get this infusion. And then also birth was difficult. And also this first moment when a child is taken from mother, if you know, child needs to be taken earlier with love and with care, and because this is in our first child is facing the first moment of new reality and it’s not important to be with warmth and love, you know, and I am not sure that all these people in the hospital, they thought this this way. Okay.

Victoria Rader [00:24:35] True. True that first I say that the birth is the first shock and then we continue to build on to it’s going to heal from that. I love you. I love you. Beautiful analysis of that. The, you know, the time just flies by. I’ve learned just not only of your beautiful spirit, really that is so open, but of the contribution that you’re doing. And and I’m excited, I think, for our listeners to find out more. You guys know that the link is always going to be in the episode notes about this beautiful program that Goran put together. But the last three questions around that I usually ask are kind of the same for every guest, but in a little bit different context. So for you, I want to ask the first question is two parts. So the first part is looking over your life, where in your life looking back do you think you needed the healing the most? Like, what is there one moment that Goran and needed healing the most?

Victoria Rader [00:25:35] That is the moment when I lost my mother this, and because my mother was being loving my life, you know, I love her so much. And then suddenly I lost it overnight and I was 23. And so this was. For me, the biggest thing. Why? Because, you know, we people oh, maybe we not now, but maybe we. But if I would say now, so the relationship with a mother influencing all areas of our life, influencing the relationship for yourself, with yourself, with your partner, influencing your health, your finance, influencing all your life, you know, and that’s happened to me. It’s like my life was dying. I was dying. Five of me died with it to my mother and I need. It’s really this selfless thing is so, so strongly that, you know, I did it. Still, I need to. It wasn’t only that it was tragic that, you know, and so this was very influencing me, all of my life, influencing all areas of my life. And that’s why I’m telling people, you know, heal this relationship with your mother. You heal your life, heal relationship with your father, then you heal. Your spiritual growth is here. You become better healer. You become very connected with God. So this is this why parents are so important in our life, say, and this relationship with them is crucial and forgiveness needs to happen. But also, we need to learn the lessons they haven’t learned. They haven’t master these lessons. We need to master them in our life and then be completely healed. And not only be, we are genetic line healed.

Victoria Rader [00:27:36] And you know, I want to then offer this to you because you have this ability not only as a healer, but also as any human. I want you to go back like if you had this magic wand to go back to that 23 year old man at that moment when you need you the most. And coming from the place of all this wisdom you’ve gained, what would you tell him now?

Goran Karna [00:28:01] What would I tell whom?

Victoria Rader [00:28:03] You when you were 23 and you just lost your mother?

Goran Karna [00:28:07] OK, I would tell this guy, Okay, calm down, please calm down. You know it’s happened all for good. My mother sacrificed her life actually for me, for my sister. And you know, she sacrificed not only for me, she sacrificed for humanity, actually, for so many other people that are getting help, you know, from me or from these teachings. And so I think, you know, only great souls can do something like that. Only great souls can even be enough to, you know, these kind of things and not really appreciated much today. You know, we don’t want any sacrifice, but only only a great souls can do such things.

Victoria Rader [00:29:05] In what in what way was her sacrifice, Goran? Because that’s I know that that’s a question on everybody’s mind as they’re listening

Goran Karna [00:29:13] Because, you know, I have a very problematic father and because my father actually killed my mother, he went to prison and then our my life and my sister life was saved and we could live normally. Otherwise we nobody could live from my father. Nobody, either. She couldn’t really. I couldn’t live in another way. We had a very unhappy family. And then she allowed this to happen. But it’s not only because of me and sister. It was something happening between them. But when you see this higher picture, you know, when you say, that’s why this all happened, then you know, you get in peace with this and you accept even such things. You know, you can accept with dignity, with honor, with love. And that’s what I did. That’s what I did. It was very hard for me to with dignity, with love.

Victoria Rader [00:30:16] And yet you were able to. There’s not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that you were able to forgive your father seeing a mental disturbance, that that was the energy of mental disturbance that was going through him. There’s peace. There is peace about you as you speak about it.

Goran Karna [00:30:32] My father was mentally ill, I mean he had mental problems. And that’s why, you know, but I learned a lot through this and the and healed my soul. But also, I got some kind of insight into all of this. And it’s. Maybe I grown out of others.

Victoria Rader [00:30:54] Beautiful. Well, that’s a powerful share. And now if I have this magic wand back and I take you to the future and 20 years from now, Goran from the future comes back. What will you tell you right now? What would Goran from 20 years from today tell you? What do you need to hear from him?

Goran Karna [00:31:12] Oh, there’s but I’m also stirring calm down now.

Victoria Rader [00:31:17] I love that message of the “calm down” .

Goran Karna [00:31:22] Don’t worry too much. God is helping me.

Victoria Rader [00:31:32] Oh, hold that. Just love that Goran OK. I wonder whether that’s going to be the answer to the third question. We’re going to ask you anyway. The last question usually ask is that if our family of All About the Voice podcast were to associate you with one teaching or one phrase, kind of what is that one message that your soul has come to share? What is that message for all of us?

Goran Karna [00:32:01] OK, this is good. The message is that the love is the highest reality in this universe, and that forgiveness is the highest expression of this love.

Victoria Rader [00:32:14] Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. But a powerful definition. I want that to resonate in every heart. Thank you for your time, Goran.

Goran Karna [00:32:24] Thank you. Thank you for inviting me. Thank you very much.

Victoria Rader [00:32:28] Love is the highest reality in this universe. And forgiveness is its highest expression. Wow. This was Goran Karna. To learn more about Goran’s integration healing, please go to

Victoria Rader [00:32:45] This is All About the Voice podcast, and I want to hear your voice. What has been of the greatest value to you today? Share your insight and share this episode with others. All links are in the description. I also want to invite the voice of happiness into your life via our iHappy Daily and iHappy mE apps, our daily energy boosters. You can download these apps, including a free version of iHappy mE from the Apple App Store or the Google Play App Store. For the voice of daily encouragement grow with us with our free My Tree of Life Facebook Group. If you want to join us in exploring how you can live your life with more freedom. Head over to I can’t wait to get to know you and be a part of your journey of endless possibilities. Thank you again for listening to All About the Voice I’m Victoria Rader, and I’ll see you on the next episode.