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Bob Beaudine All About the Voice

Sports Illustrated calls him “the most influential man in sports you have ever heard of”. Bob Beaudine is the President and CEO of Eastman and Beaudine and is one of the nation’s most respected search executives.

Having conducted hundreds of searches for Fortune 500 companies, entertainment entities, professional and college sports organizations, universities, Olympic bodies and nonprofits, just to name a few, Bob is the author of the two bestselling books The Power of Who and 2 Chairs, and he attributes his immense success to following God’s Voice.

Bob Beaudine, a voice for following the Voice. and this is his story.

[1:54] Childhood, parents and blessings
[3:56] Three things to do in business and life
[8:44] About concept: received vs achieved
[10:22] God has a plan for you
[13:27] Act on what God has said
[16:01] 2 Chairs book
[18:04] Does God know your situation?
[20:20] God will meet you and he will talk to you
[26:24] Message to the past self
[28:28] Message from the future self
[30:49] Message for you!

“There’s something great in everyone, and it’s your job to find it.”

“We’re always out thinking we can do something separate from God.”

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Victoria Rader [00:00:02] In the world of many internal and external voices, the voice you listen to is the voice that dictates your life, would you like to discover a clear path to a life of freedom and fulfillment? Then welcome to All About the Voice podcast, where we focus on awareness, alignment and action in order to live a life of abundance. I am your host. Victoria Rader.

Victoria Rader [00:00:28] Sports Illustrated calls them the most influential men in sports you have ever heard of. Bob Beaudine is the President and CEO of Eastman and Beaudine and is one of the nation’s most respected search executives. Having conducted hundreds of searches for Fortune 500 companies, entertainment entities, professional and college sports organizations, universities, Olympic bodies and nonprofits, just to name a few. Bob is the author of two bestselling books The Power of Who and Two Chairs, and he attributes his immense success to following God’s Voice. Here is Bob Beaudine, a voice for following the voice. All right, and here with me is absolutely inspired, incredible, and yes, listen to that intro again Bob Beaudine. Bob Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to All About the Voice podcast.

Bob Beaudine [00:01:24] Hey Victoria so fantastic to be on with you and all your listeners. What a great day this is

Victoria Rader [00:01:30] Now, Bob. So, you know, nobody just kind of wakes up one morning, looks out of the window and goes through all those accomplishments that I kind of tirelessly go through in the intro for you. And, you know, person who is referred to by Sports Illustrated as a top front office matchmaker and sports really the most respected search executive. So how did that happen? What’s been your journey?

Bob Beaudine [00:01:54] You know, I had fantastic parents. I mean, I got blessed. I think actually, I got blessed to have these parents so I could share, you know, for a lot of people who didn’t get that blessing that I could share stories that could remind them that they’re blessed and to all of a sudden be a blessing to their kids in the midst of it. And so, you know, my parents were one of those people that hugged you and told you each night that they loved you and they were proud of you and that they gave the person a blessing. It’s really one of the fantastic things that parents aren’t doing that today. The Jewish faith does this great thing where they do this ritual each night and they give them the father’s blessing. And what an amazing aspect this is because, you know, people then walk into their calling when they’re blessed, when they’re not trying to be achievers and but more receivers. And so, you know, God’s always wanting for us to have a blessing. And so in my neighborhood was Zig Ziglar. I mean, it was just amazing to grow up with Zig Ziglar the most positive guy in the world and Zig Ziglar what I always say. You don’t have to be great to start Bob, but you got to start to be great. And so starting is important. And so people have ideas and this and you need people around you when you have an idea or you have something that you try it. I mean, it’s just like friends. I mean, everybody starts as an acquaintance, but we need to say hello and we have to start a relationship to do it. And if you want friends, you got to be one and in the same way in business. You know, I started out and went to college, you know, and got done with that and tried different things in college. And then I went into brand management and then my dad, I got him my dad and started the executive search industry. And normally you wouldn’t join this industry. At my age, because I was young, I was in my late twenties, but I normally wouldn’t do that because you had to consult to people in executive search. You’re really kind of a management consultant. My dad was a top McKinsey consultant before you started this. But my dad when I first started in 1980, so it’s I mean, forty one years ago, it’s hard to believe. But when my dad first started with me, he said, there’s three things we do, and I think we should always have a framework for people when they take jobs today looking for their vision and all the virtues that they’re wanting out of a job and how they are going to be celebrated in this job, not tolerated. And there’s so many things that I want to talk about, but my dad said, and because he’s a McKinsey and because he was a Mensa and because he was Notre Dame smart, and of course, he could finish a crossword puzzle in five minutes and I’m on like, you know, spit. And so I was writing down what is three things he wanted me to do. And so here were the three. And its number one was when I first started make friends. Hmm. And I said, Wow, OK. And he said, two help your friends in every way possible. And then three is don’t be surprised if you do a lot of business with your friends. Now that’s a total flip today about going out about your business, you know? You know, my dad, it’s all about was serving others, helping others in every way. Being a great friend, trying to encourage and inspire and do all these things. And I learned it really quick. So my dad was out of work for like six months before he started the executive search industry. But when I was a kid, every day we would get up in the morning and he would be dressed like he’s got a job and he would take us out because he didn’t want us to be nervous. You know, he was out of a job and that was the generation that right? And so when I went to work for my dad, he always told me that if someone stopped by the office and they were bringing their resume, that’s such a vulnerable position for someone. I mean, we have nine and a half million people in the United States that are looking for jobs at the moment, and a lot of people who resigned themselves and saying, Hey, I want to go back to work, right? And so we have trouble in every direction. And so my dad would always say, if that person did that, we’re not going to be the type of person saying thank you for the resume and then they walk out because they came all the way to your office. And even though we work for clients and not for people in our process, my dad say what you’re going to do is you’re going to go in, put your arm around them, walk them back in and get them a cup of coffee and talk to them. And he always said to me, There’s something great in everyone, Bob, and it’s your job to find it. And so it was such a great thing because it. Changed my whole thought of business. My job is to create a relationship and to look into someone’s heart and see what they really want and then inspire, encourage them to get to that. And sometimes, you know, they’re not anywhere close. When I do a job and I’m doing a head coach or I’m doing a president of an NBA or an undefeated team, they’re not going to get my job. And just funny, as I just was at a major real estate conference doing a talk, and someone afterward asked and said, Hey, so I have five people up for every house and they’re bidding up the house, and I’m so bothered by the other four who don’t get it. And so I don’t even like telling them because they’re mad at me or they didn’t get the house. And so what do you do? And I said, Well, I have five people up for every job, and my favorite thing is telling the other four they didn’t get the job. And she goes, I don’t understand. I go, Well, it’s my job to tell them that God has something better for them. I mean that if this was it, I mean, we don’t want to do this and then wake up the next day and find out that this could have happened. And of course, I have so many great stories about things like that where someone was going to go for this. And then all of a sudden they were just supposed to meet me in that process, right? They were supposed to do. So people just read the book or something. So when I started in this process, who would have ever thought and I did like 10 years of just executive search for CEOs, et cetera, all over the world, we had offices in Chicago, New York, L.A., Sanford, 15 countries in Europe, San Paulo and Tokyo and Hawaii. My dad always said we had Hawaii for February, but it was so important that initially you said that as we would do it by about 10 years into it, so thought I should do what I love and what I’m really great at. And he said, What is that? Said, You know, when I do a search for a president of a manufacturing company at the end of the search, I get a tour of the plant. If I did the head of marketing for the NBA, I’d get all star weekend. And so. And so my dad said, that’s really great. But God, because I was doing something so new and because I was declaring it with my heart, I was doing something. My opening search was the commissioner of baseball. You know what? Amazing aspect of that I put in Bud Selig years ago and then got to meet the 50 biggest people? And then it just opened up a platform for me to share a kind of a vision and a way of doing search that no one else was doing it where people mattered most. Our heart knows that God taught us, and yet sometimes we forget.

Victoria Rader [00:08:31] You know, it’s just so beautifully aligned. I love that concept that you’re framing for us. That there is, if your prayer is not answered, is because it is answered in the way that is far greater than you can possibly ask for. And I wanted you to dig deeper into that concept that I jotted down that I think there’s so much gold off of received versus achieved.

Bob Beaudine [00:08:53] So we are just seemed to be made for being an achiever. And so we’re always out thinking we can do something separate from God. And so we go off on our own thinking that just like our dad, so the whole concept that I wrote when I wrote my first book, The Power of who which was, I would have called it the power of friendship. But we have 5000 people on Facebook are friends. And so these are the people who matter most. And so, you know, the foolishness is that. Eighty seven percent of all jobs are placed by a friend, not with people you don’t know. I mean, we’ve been taught the friends and business are taboo, which so let me get this correct we’re supposed to work with people we don’t know and don’t trust. I mean, it’s all crazy. So what people do is early in their lives, we are taught don’t ask your parents and your friends and your family for any help. OK, so you want to achieve. And so we start off in this achievement route. The only problem with that is without a mentor, without someone guiding you, without someone who cares about you and loves you. And of course, God gave you those specific people. I mean, it couldn’t have given like Jesus 12 friends, three close one best and not giving you the same. I mean, this is the most ridiculous idea. I mean. And so you’re not going to die and meet Jesus, and he’s low fiving Jesus, low fiving Peter and all. Like, he punked you, buddy. Bob and Victoria, their dream. And he didn’t give you. No, no. He wants to give you your dream. We just won’t listen. And so what did he say? I don’t know. We haven’t talked about that yet. But what’s crazy about achievement is it’s like, it’s all about self. Hmm, all about what you thought the dream was. And so the issue is, is that so God has already done this? He’s doing it for you. He’s got a plan for you and it’s good and it’s prosperous. It has a future and a hope. And he wrote it with you. I really believe, Victoria, that before the foundation of the world, God said he knew you now knowing someone that is so crazy, but I don’t know anybody I haven’t talked to. So that means you have to talk to God. Now, I don’t know if it’s for five minutes or five hundred years, but I really believe that it showed you your life, the good, the bad, the ugly and the epic. And you agreed to that. And then he said, Hey, sure, you want to do that with all this trouble. Oh no, we’ll look at this. It’d be. Unbelievable. He says, what you’re going to have some trouble, it’s going to be hard for you to do what you said. So listen, I’m going to put you in your mom’s womb and you’re going to forget me. So you’ve got to find me. Then you’ve got to find the call and then you’ve got to find the destiny I have. And I’m telling you, is that when people can get in rhythm with not receiving.. How would you do that? Sit with him at two chairs. Sit and talk with him. Listen to him. Don’t just talk. And then what happens is he’s got plans and some of the people that he wants you to do, which you think is really going to be inconvenient for you are the ones that opened the door for all of a sudden, the great things ahead. And so of course, everyone can tell us that’s on listening right now. Everyone has had one person cross their path in five minutes and touch their lives and did something for them and open the door, help them with alone, save them from an accident. Got them through some time. That’s what friends do. They meet us on this dark path? And I mean, have we got any worse path today? There’s so much mental illness today. Why? Because we have no friends. We’ve been all locked up. We’ve all been messed up. We can’t talk to anybody and we’re all putting in various times. And the answer is God, he’s breaking through all of that and he has to the way to break through it. He has to do it first with you. Everything else.

Victoria Rader [00:12:29] Amazing. So amazing, you know? And of course, the whole frame for me, for what I’m receiving from you, I’m receiving. I love it. I’m receiving. I’m not accomplishing. I’m not even achieving. I’m just receiving. And I love that. And so what’s been received for this podcast is the first step truly is awareness. And what you say is find me right awareness, just awareness that you, as you are imperfect, as you are broken as you are, that you matter, and that you deserve to move on to the next step, which is hear him right, which is hear him, which I call alignment aligning with that voice. So if awareness is being aware that there is a voice for you to follow, that alignment is listening to that voice. But I think the third step is where the rubber meets the road, which is following it because I think a lot of us don’t want to hear it because we’re afraid that we’ll have to follow it. You know that action step? Where have you seen that, Bob? And then I’ll kind of go back to two chairs in how it found me?

Bob Beaudine [00:13:27] Yeah. Well, I think a lot of people today aren’t, you know, the problem today with depression. And all of this is you can’t think your way out of it. You have to act your way out of it. And so you have to actually act on what God has said. OK, so you’re two chairs. Is an action step going there? Has that obedience. It has something first. With God it’s always first obey. And of course, obedience. City is like a hate crying for people, sometimes with young people. But obedience is the first step to get to revelation with God right? He reveals. I mean, so you know, I had a friend of mine who never had done two chairs, and he finally said he was going to do it. And so we sat down. He came into the room the night before he looked at the 2 chairs. I’m going to have my two chairs. I’m going to meet you tomorrow and so excited. So he gets up at 5:30, gets this cup of coffee. And I was not going to sit with any autobiography. We’re not sitting with the Bible or not said with anything. We’re not going to sit with a devotional. We’re going to talk, right? And so he says, Bob told me that. So he sits down and he says, I told him, Good morning. And then he says, and then he turned and he goes, Bob told me to come to me. It’s so transparent. And then he says, Now you can’t talk to Bob and not talk to me. So he says, if you are real, you have to reveal to me. And literally, God says, he says, So what do you want to say to me? And he says, Tom, he says, you’re sitting in my chair. So Tom thinks it’s a funny thing. He goes and said something the other person and the other chair and he goes, Did you really just say that to me? And he goes, So is that real enough for you Tom? Wow. Now, everything in his life I can show you that is only one direction up from that in right? His whole life shifted by what? There’s something about order. There’s something about doing things first. I had a friend who is not hearing God one time and I said, What do you do? I get up. I work out at shower, shave, you know, eat my breakfast, get to the office. I got two chairs overlooking an area. And I said, he says, I’m not hearing him. He said, why? And I said, because that’s fourth. He got to speaking first. He loved you first. Listen, meet the people of God’s. Not mad at the people who are listening. He’s not mad at you. He’s not mad. He made you. He made no mistakes. He’s got a great plan. Where does it start? Two chairs. He wants to talk to you. He wants to show you another path. I mean, he’s a graceful, loving God. He’s good. He’s got a plan for you. And it’s so indescribable that if people would just take a chance.

Victoria Rader [00:16:01] Oh, Bob, you know the two chairs, I want to now tell you guys, if you haven’t read the book, although those of you that are listening have received multiple invitations of me to read the. But the book came into my life rather miraculously, you know, a dear friend of mine and Coach Guild pillion said, Hey, you’re starting this podcast, I think you will love this book. And of course, I read the book just touched my heart and pulled its strings and in a way that somebody not only understood the process through which I was trying to implement my life, but simplified it to a degree where I could teach it and shared with anybody. And so I immediately wrote an email and said, Hey, guys, I just read this incredible email and you’ve got to read this book. This is the simplified and yet the most profound way to communicate with your maker. And as I’m writing the email, that same voice says, Well, it’s good that you’re trying to teach it, but wouldn’t be nice to have Bob to teach it. And my first defense was well, but Bob is too busy. Bob is too famous, Bob is too important. And God said, He is my son, I’m going to talk to my son. And Bob, I sent you the note the rest is the story. I’m so humbled and grateful to have you, but I just loved the concept of two chairs for also for somebody who’s never heard what it is. Take us step by step to this. What do you do with the two chairs? What are the questions you ask?

Bob Beaudine [00:17:23] So they’re so great. So I think when anyone comes to a point in their life, they’ve got goals, they got dreams. They’re trying to find a mate, they’re trying to get out of trouble. We come to a point in our life when we say there’s a limit to us, there’s a life found. There’s clearly a limit to Bob. Bob cannot control all these things, and I needed something bigger than Bob. And so I went to my mom. Of course, my dad was my business guru. My mom was my spiritual side. I went to my mom and I said, Hey, mom, what do I do? And she said, Oh, those are really good questions. And she says, Now, listen, she says, I don’t have the answer, but I know who does. So I’m going to ask you three questions. She said these questions are simple, but they’re disruptive. And she said, So I’m going to ask you these questions and then they’ll point you in the right direction. And I love to tell people today, not that my mom passed away, like in 2005 seems like yesterday, but I tell people who are in trouble. They come to my office. I said, Listen, can I ask you these three questions? My mom asked me, You can’t get mad at me. You’d have to get mad at my mom. And it totally uses the situation for them, like they don’t know what to do. And so I know that they’re in trouble and that these questions are so bothersome a little bit. So everybody should be thinking today who was listening of the trouble or the situation there. And so here’s question number one, Does God know your situation? Wow. Because as soon as you hear that, you’re think of it a lot. And the answer, of course, is yes, he does know. Not only does he know, but he wants you to know. He knows. So the highest priority in a time of crisis is to get your mind above it. And of course, the highest thought is God. So he doesn’t like have six telephone lines for seven billion people. No. He can make house calls every single person in all over the world, in the Ukraine, in Dallas and all of a sudden in Oslo. I don’t care where anyone’s listening. He knows your cell number. He knows where you are. He knows your situation. And so he doesn’t just work on ICE’s heart attacks. Natural disasters. He doesn’t work on just pandemics. No. No, he’s really interested in your little thing that’s going wrong for you. Why? Cause you’re the apple of his eye. You’re the one he loves. You’re the one he’s got this great plan for. And he is so frustrated by the fact that you’re being fooled by the enemy and he’s going to change it in seconds here so that we come to question number two is, is this too hard for him to handle? No, but it’s too hard for you. I mean, that’s the real issue here. We’re stuck and we can’t see a way. I mean, just even as you said, how would I get Bob Boring to like, call me? I don’t know. He’s my son. I’ll just ask him, and he’s going to do it for me because he’s mine and you know, he’s available when I ask him to. So then question number three is pivotal. Does he have a good plan for you? Yes. What is it? I have no idea. And that’s what my mom said. Do you like own two chairs, Bob? Well, of course I do. And so she goes, What if there was this one percent chance, just one out of all of it, that there’s a one percent chance that God would meet you at two chairs tomorrow morning and talk to you about all this stuff that you could make an exchange. All your trouble, you could lay at him and then he would ask you. I got it. I got you. Victoria, I know those. But there’s a couple other things I want you to give me. And then you go, Oh, you know about those? I want those. And then you tell them the things that you didn’t want. And then you go, Well, I’m bothered. I should know. I wished I shouldn’t have done this. He goes, I got you, I got you. And then he says, No, listen, do you believe that I will take that and then you won’t grab these back today? OK, so so listen. And the exchange occurs where all of a sudden he says, here’s what I’m going to do is I’m going to do two things now I’m going to give you some, I’m going to send across to you insight and wisdom and peace and power and favor today. And then I’m going to ask you to do some things for me. And see, I got a couple of things that I’d like you to do. And he says, Are you available? And I said, sure, and he goes, Well, it’s going to be inconvenient. There’s someone I’m going to send across your path and they need to hear this message and they don’t know what to do. And you’re going to tell them about two chairs. You’re going to hug them and love them and tell them and do it and point them in the right direction. And if you do that, then everything is going to shift. See the problem? Sometimes when we get to, the first question is, does God know when you’re in trouble or you’re really bothered and something that’s really happened? My real response initially to God is, do you know about this? I mean, it’s a totally different tone. I mean, he looks at me, he goes, I did. I mean, I’ve had both my shoulders replaced, you know, total replacements. And after the second, I mean, I’m not like a Cy Young award winner or some starting quarterback in the NFL. And I thought this crazy. And so I said, Listen, this really hurts any. I swear. You know, one of the things about God is so we’re so used to hearing the enemy talk to us every day and we’re so comfortable with it. He can tell us anything about us and we just go with it and we start speaking it. And then we say, Oh, there’s going to be a terrible day. And then it’s like, you know, I heard one time this guy talk and he’s like, Our brain has got 50 percent of it’s got positive things, and then we got all this stuff we could say negative about, Oh, it’s going to be a terrible day today. And then we have Forman’s in front of each of these that they start to try to get this all done for us. And he looks and stops and goes, Hey, if we actually say we hear from God, though, we’re like schizophrenic. No, that’s an enemy attack. People need to have like a little journal in front of them, and then you quiet yourself down. Now, when I talked to God and I want everybody to do is you talk out loud. I mean, what are telepathically talking to God is the craziest thing in the world. The problem is when you have trouble, if you’re just kind of whispering in your mind, what happens is the enemy can talk just as loud in your mind and create clamor. But if you speak out loud to God, that shows great faith. It’s just unbelievable. And faith calls things that are not as though they were. Of course, you’re sitting empty chair. For most people, I’m not. You are. Once you all of a sudden sit with him, he starts talking to you. And then he starts telling you some things. And when people journal what he says, thoughts, ideas and questions that they have about things and they start looking back after a month, they go, Oh my gosh, thank you, Lord. I mean, you walk in bliss to me. I jump and leap out of bed to get to my two chairs in the morning. If I wake up at 2:00 in the morning and you know, you’re pressed. I mean, you can’t do a job like I got I got three daughters. I got four grandkids. I mean, I’m going to trouble all the time. I mean, don’t write books like I am, and not all of a sudden think you’re going to get like more trouble? And then all of a sudden business as this and all of a sudden that happens if I’m up and down my mind’s racing. So first of all, God’s never in that God’s in peace. You’re anxious for nothing. So I immediately say to him, OK, what’s this? And he goes, Write it down and I’ll write it down on a pad next to me. He goes, We’ll talk about that in the morning, or if I’m like, overwhelmed, like I just last night, I was just thinking on two things that I just really just had my heart just sad for a second. And he said, Yeah, get up. Let’s go talk. And so I just get up, go to my two chairs. Can you imagine having a place in your house that you have designated where you can tabernacle with the King of Kings? I mean, if we had some famous person that we were going to meet in the morning, you wouldn’t make them come to your house and like, come up to your Johnny’s in their jammies and you would talk to you while you’re in your bed. No, you’d have coffee ready. You’d be in that room. You’d have a designated. I mean, this is the king of Kings, the Lord of Lords. This is the person who created everything, knows everything about you, and he wants you to know everything about him. And when you do, this secret is the secret that changes everything. When you know who you are and who you are, and the path you’re called, the enemies in deep trouble and your life is going to change on a trajectory you cannot even imagine how people receive you the countenance of your face. They can see that you sat with the king. They already know and your love and compassion and your mercy and your ability just to listen to other people is just taken to heights you didn’t even know you were possible to do. So when I say, Hey, is what could you possibly do when my mom did this to me, she said, If you would do this every day, Bob, oh my gosh, it’s my greatest gift I could give you. And of course it is.

Victoria Rader [00:25:54] Oh, it definitely is. You know, when I say that the voice we listen to is the voice that dictates our life and you’ve just given the how on listening to the one voice that has the all power to dictate our life in the best and highest way in all ways. And so, Bob, these are the. Three questions that always kind of ask. Towards the end of the podcast, which I can barely believe that it flew by this fast, so going to anywhere in your life when you probably needed most encouragement. And normally I just ask people, what would you tell yourself from the wisdom where you are now? What would you tell that person you in the past? When did you need that encouraging the most and what would you tell yourself now?

Bob Beaudine [00:26:39] You know, I think there were times in my life, and I think there’s times constantly coming at you where you need to be encouraged. So that’s the biggest issue today is we don’t have enough friends. And when we do that, a lot of times we don’t stay in touch with our friends. And so the number one thing that you have to have is another person who can lift you and encourage you. So you are created for relationship. And so when you’re in trouble, the last person you want to tell is a friend, you want to tell somebody you don’t even know and you go to people and you think these four words, you know, and I tell people the four words is that you’re not alone, that you have someone. And so if you don’t have a friend in a time of encouragement, if you don’t have someone to encourage and inspire you out of it. And can you imagine now one of the greatest blessings for me is that it’s now is that when I first started writing this book, someone asked me and they asked me, got to ask me that what do you want out of the book? And I said, What do you want out of the book? And he says, I’m going to put a thought in your mind. And I said, yes, what ampoules captive? He says. I said a captive audience, prisons, military, first responders, social services, people who are captive in some issue and problem and where we all need encouragement. He says that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to release and free the captives. And the way we do that, he said, is that we’re going to all of a sudden get this out to a bunch of people. And so I had a foundation buy two hundred and sixty five thousand copies. I was nowhere and I say, Who do you send this to when she goes prisons, military, first responders, social services, I said, of course. So one of the things that I would encourage Bob in the future is that so listen, run to your two chairs. If you do not delay long times, we don’t want the friend. But there’s no better friend than Jesus.

Victoria Rader [00:28:25] Beautiful. Beautiful. OK. And then then reversing that on you. And for some reason, I think I know the answer, but I’ll ask it anyway. Bob, from 20 years from now, 20 years from now, Bob comes to you. And what does he have to tell you?

Bob Beaudine [00:28:40] He’s going to say your best is ahead. So one of the things we keep doing is we keep thinking that we don’t have to finish strong, that we don’t have to keep moving forward and keep trying to do something better. You are not who you are yet to be. God had your best purpose ahead. You are going to make a bigger impact. You might make an impact in when I’m all of a sudden in my eighties and all of a sudden I can do something. I might meet the one young person in the generation that changes the future going forward. And I have to be ready and available for God. And the question I ask people when I give talks. Will you make room for what God has? And you got to do it first thing in the morning, you got to make room. You’re going to have to push some things off your plan because if you want something right now that you’ve never had, you’re going to have to do some things you’ve never done.

Victoria Rader [00:29:31] Yeah, I do believe you’ve answered the third question, but to reframe it for you guys, so you don’t walk away from this phenomenal interview without this final gold. So Bob, if my all about the voice audience here is to remember you by one message, what would that be?

Bob Beaudine [00:29:48] So I did a deal where one time I’m given talks all around the country, all around the globe, and God told me he wanted to change my message a little bit and do a text message to people. And so I do a text message. And he wrote these three things that he wanted me to tell people to send to their best friend. And then we copy it. We don’t send it as a group message, but we copy it. We do copy it and then send it individually to people. Here’s the message Hey, I was just thinking about you. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your friendship. I love you. And I thought, Wow, OK. So the responses of people, so 94 percent of the people get that back from their mate say, Did you mean this for me? And we send back and say, No, I meant this for you. And then I know I meant this for you. I love you. And if somebody comes back and there’s just sarcastic and they don’t say something at the end or they say, ditto, we say No, where’s the love? And so I was doing this and the response of people all over the world are just getting love letters back. Hey, I was just thinking about you. I want to tell you how much I appreciate your friendship. I love you. And so I said to God and I went back to my two chairs. I said, Oh my gosh, it’s so great. Like, I’m one of the disciples telling him how exciting what just happened? And he turned to me. He goes, You never asked me why I gave you these three lines, and I said, Why? And he says, Because Bob, I’m thinking about you. I appreciate your friendship. I love you and I want you to tell every single person. That’s what I’m thinking about them today.

Victoria Rader [00:31:15] Bob, thank you, thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Bob Beaudine [00:31:19] It’s a blessing for me.

Victoria Rader [00:31:23] This was Bob Beaudine, Bob is convinced that God has time for you. Will you find time for God’s voice in your life? Learn more about Bob and his work at his site. This is All About The Voice podcast, and I want to hear your voice. What has been of the greatest value to you today? Share your insight and share this episode with others. All links are in the description. I also want to invite the voice of happiness into your life via our iHappy Daily and iHappy mE apps, our daily energy boosters. You can download these apps, including a free version of iHappy mE from the Apple App Store or the Google Play App Store for the voice of daily encouragement grow with us with our free YU2SHINE Tree of Life Facebook Group. If you want to join us in exploring how you can live your life with more freedom. Head over to I can’t wait to get to know you and be a part of your journey of endless possibilities. Thank you again for listening to all about The Voice and Victoria Rader, and I’ll see you on the next episode.