New Beginnings. Motivational Diary with Victoria RaderIn January this year I was guided to create a program Keys to Impossible. We discussed steps of opening up possibilities while moving past fear of failure and rejection. Then, I guided a group in a meditation where they have received the key for 2021 – a theme for their year. For me personally the program was in a reverse. As I meditate every year on the topic, and 2021 was Accomplish the Impossible, hence, the program.

As a part of the program, the group was divided into accountably and support groups as well as equipped with a calendar to set and meditate a monthly theme to move towards the overall annual theme. This long introduction is to frame my theme for June, which was New Beginnings.

When I first prayed and meditated and was given the theme on the last day of May, I found it interesting as I truly thought that I was in harvesting stages for my business. I was missing a BIG POINT: yes, a seed is the end of the cycle, the final fruit, the harvest … it is also a beginning of a new cycle, the new hope, the start. Our growth lies in our awareness and alignment with this cycle.

Among them, I have resurrected my old personal domain name and have redirected it to my current “about me” page, as it has gotten a do over to reflect the new beginnings in my life. We all are having a new beginning. Daily. Literally. Where is it most obvious in your life today? May you be blessed with awareness of this incredible gift we are given, and may you use this gift with wisdom and joy.

To your new beginnings!