Perfection Vs Perfectionism. Motivational diary with Victoria RaderOne, two, three, go! I take a deep breath in and I open my heart. I start writing this. Not quite – I do this after deleting a few times the well planned beginning of the email. How ironic I say that I wanted to share about being perfect without needing to be a perfectionist. “Of course,” I hear from the Spirit, “we only teach what we are learning.” Daah!, that means I have a LOT of learning to do.

I have been contemplating perfection vs perfectionism. I think this truly is a global pandemic: some of us are never satisfied, pushing ourselves with a constant, “are we there yet?”, while others have figured out early on that it is impossible to get it all right, to do everything perfect, so they have stopped trying, they have given up and have given it to either apathy or procrastination. Where do you find yourself on this scale?

While writing in my book on this topic this week, a peaceful feeling of an inspired answer came in a gentle and comforting way. We are perfect as we are through the perfect love of our Creator for us. The deeper we go into our heart, the deeper we step into the love within, the deeper we connect to that love, the more peaceful we become, the more perfect our experience. After all, peace is simply awareness of God’s love for us. The more aware we are of that love, the more peaceful we feel. This is what perfection is – this complete awareness of divine love within and a life that follows this awareness.

As we pour our heart and our love into everything we do, we live a perfect life. Not perfect because it has no mistakes or every outcome turns out the way we want it to turn out, but because we fill every moment with that perfect love. Perfect love does cast away all fear. And a prime example of fear is the fear of getting things wrong, getting them imperfect. The more perfectionism, the more fear, the less love. Now, that is ironic! The one thing that keeps us away from perfection is perfectionism!

Today I invite you to say goodbye to perfectionism. To say thank you to it for being a motivator in your life, and going forward to choose love as the only needed motivator to live, to overcome, to be, and to thrive. This week this love has guided me to an idea of a podcast All About the Voice (stay tuned for the updates 🙂 )

Perfection is not a destination, it is a direction, a direction to go deeper into love.

Have a perfect day 🙂