All About the Voice Introduction

All About the Voice

You are often bombarded with all kinds of voices, drowning out the best voice you need to be listening to, your inner voice. This is the story of how All About The Voice started.

[01:00] Victoria’s Voice of starting her own podcast
[02:57] Our inner voice
[04:50] Dr James P. Gills Jr, eye doctor, author and ironman – talking to myself
[08:00] How to address the voice of negation
[09:28] Purpose of All About The Voice podcast

The voice that you listen to is the voice that dictates your life.
We can listen to a lot of thoughts but we can only focus on saying one word at a time.
Shift through the many voices in your life so that you can strengthen the connection to the voice that you want to dictate and create your life and then to express this voice into reality.

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All About the Voice – Introduction

What if genuine fulfillment and abundance were truly possible? Not generally for somebody somewhere else? But here, now, for you? It is… through choosing to listen and to follow the voice of inner wisdom, of opportunity, and of freedom.

On June 2nd, 2021, I was sitting at the Social Security Administration parking lot. After having been a US citizen for over 20 years, I realized that my status has never been updated with this overseeing administrative body, and, needing to prove my status in order to withdraw my own money from an investment broker, I needed a correct copy of my social security card. Arriving an hour prior to opening due to limited, yet not advertised COVID hours, I found myself with some spare time to take a breath in my otherwise hectic schedule.

I looked at my phone and grinned as I saw the upcoming podcast interviews to which I was invited as a guest. At this very moment, I heard the unmistakable prompting of the still small voice inside, “It is great that you are going to be on other people’s podcasts. You should also do your own.”

“Wait a minute,” my survival ego screams, “do you not see my schedule?” My practical problem solver ego chimes in, “How are you going to make this work?” The higher-self ego, in a quieter, more peaceful, yet more insistent tone, “You know it is time.” “Ok,” my practical ego concedes, “What would it be about?” And then the still small voice of the divine again, “All About the Voice.”

Just like a parade of internal voices inside my mind within seconds over one idea, our minds are full of voices. Voices of self-doubt, of self-criticism, of the past, of regret, of anxiety, of dreams, of our relatives, of our friends. The list goes on. We cycle through voices internally, further confused by all the opinions of the external world. “You should do this!”, “Try that!” Pulled in different directions by many voices, we often find it hard to make decisions. Or, having made one, we then question whether it is good one? Or we lack the willpower to follow through, because the clutter of voices instead of supporting us, dissuades and discourages.

Yet deep inside each one of us there is a spark of light that connects us to our best and highest truth, to our own very genius, our guidance, our inner voice, the voice of the divine, the subtle, still small voice that brings peace with it every time we heed it. As we learn to notice this voice, we build a new awareness of being guided. As we choose to listen to it, we step into true alignment with our passion and our purpose. As we follow through and act on it, we observe with amazement how this voice becomes clearer and stronger and how a life of abundance unfolds through and for us.

Why? Because the voice that you listen to, is the voice that dictates your life.

Dr. James P. Gills Jr is a world-renown ocular surgeon, who performed more cataract and lens implant surgeries than any other surgeon in the world. A founder and director of the St. Luke’s Cataract and Laser Institute in Florida, he has also founded over 18 international cataract clinics! With over 200 medical articles and 10 co- authored reference textbooks, Dr. Gills is also the most requested author writing on hope, courage, forgiveness, and the miracle of life amongst US prisoners, where his books are second only to the Bible. While his professional and spiritual endeavors could fill volumes as a testimony of a fulfilling life of service and dedication, what I want to focus on is that he is also a world-class endurance athlete. He has competed in over forty-six marathons and multiple Ironman triathlons. He is the only person in the world to have completed six double ironman triathlons.

For those of you, who like me, are not well-versed or well-practiced, or practiced at all in the endurance sports, an Ironman triathlon consists of a 2.4-mile swim followed by 112-mile bicycle ride and followed by 26.22-mile run. In most cases, limited to 16 or 17 hours to complete all three events. This in and of itself is one of the most difficult sporting events in the world.

A double ironman triathlon is when you repeat the event back-to-back starting 24hrs later! Dr. Gills is the only person on Earth to have done this six times! You know, in all of his free time away from the clinic and writing books. In his interview with Jon Gordon, Dr. Gill reportedly said, “I have learned to talk to myself instead of listening to myself. If I listen to myself, I hear all the negative thoughts, all the complaints, all the fears, all the doubts, and all the reasons why I should be able to finish the race. But if talk to myself I can feed myself with the words and encouragement I need to finish the race.”

Often, when the voices of negation become too loud, it is best for us to stop listening all together and start speaking. Start speaking the words of hope. Start connecting to the voice of hope through being that voice. A simple “I got this,” repeated first with hope, and then with conviction and confidence, will get you through. “I got this. I got this. I got this.” Because we can listen to a lot of thoughts, but we can only focus on saying only one word at a time, speaking our reality into action through the power of our own voice affirms the life we want to live.

Indeed, the voice that we listen to, is the voice that dictates our life. We express what we connect to. If we connect to the voice of doubt, if we listen to it, we begin expressing it. But if we connect to the deep inner courage, to the voice of inspiration, we will express the inspired life instead.

The voice of doubt will create a life full of doubt. The voice of fear fills the life with fearful events. The voice of love creates loving opportunities for us and those around us.

The very purpose of All About the Voice podcast is to help you sift through the many voices in your life so that you can strengthen the connection to the voice that you want to dictate and create your life and then to express this voice into reality. With every guest that we interview, we will clearly see how the voice that they chose to listen to and to express has created their experience.

Christ has once said, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” I believe each one of us has been born to live a life of fulfillment and a life of abundance. If that is a desire of your heart, All About the Voice is the podcast for you. Together we will explore, expand, and evolve through the four steps of this abundant life: awareness, alignment, action, and abundance.

See you back here for our next episode on Awareness!