This uniquely and individually crafted package is an annual success partnership with Victoria. This package requires your commitment to your success and is at a much higher accountability level than individual sessions. Previously available only by request.

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This uniquely and individually crafted package is a year-long journey of possibilities with Victoria.

What if you had a master key to truly unlock a life of limitless possibilities? This is the purpose for this program! 52 weeks of focused growth and expansion in all areas of your life: personal, relationships, finances, business/career, emotions, and talents. Together we will activate 52 virtues and open your every possibility center.

After initial assessment, we will craft an individual plan for our annual coaching partnership. This coaching package requires a weekly commitment to your success. You will be lovingly guided, empowered, and held accountable for the most profound shifts.

the Master Key Package consists of:

  • Weekly 30 minute Zoom sessions
  • Original assessment and regular re-assessment of the progress
  • Incorporating life and business coaching strategies and consulting
  • Personality analysis
  • Strength finder and implementation
  • Goal setting and expansion
  • Consistent support
  • Energy modalities transformations
  • Additional 3 Emergency sessions as a bonus if needed!
  • Quantum Freedom membership

LIMITED SPACE! Pre-book now! Next availability is for January 2023!

What our clients are saying about this package:

“I felt completely lost in my life and in my career. Putting money into a program I could not afford seemed crazy. But I will never look back. This was life-changing. Vica’s wisdom, kindness, expertise, and persistent encouragement has opened me up to my potential in a new and empowering way. I have taken a lot of individual sessions before, but this program gave me an overall direction to follow. I felt heard, guided, and motivated. I got out of debt and started savings and investment plans – all as coached and guided by Vica. We went into each and every area of my life, and all of them have improved significantly.” – Inna

“If you are wondering about ROI… Well, this took my 15 million business to 28 million one despite the crashing economy! Vica should charge more. Period. But what was more important and surprising to me than my success in finances and business was that it did not rob me from my personal and family time. It enhanced it.” – Mherzad