Quantum Freedom

Welcome! You are here because of the law of serendipity, life’s universal coincidence. You are here because there is a part of you that has brought you to this page -the part that is seeking to grow, to be free, to be happy, to be loved, to be fulfilled. You are here because of that nagging feeling of wanting something, and not quite being sure what it is or how to get it. You are here because you belong here. Here, with us, with Quantum Freedom.

$17.00 / month

This price is the Founding Partners Special. We will offer this price until our group will reach 100 founding members! Price is subject to increase at that point! Help us find our soul family!


Once you subscribe, you will receive a receipt email, which will also contain your invitation to our Quantum Freedom Facebook group, where we will be conducting all our live forums. Please follow the instructions in your receipt email to join.

Quantum Freedom Experience: A Monthly Group Seminar

Join us for a unique monthly group experience. Every month we will focus on the prevalent pressing issues for the group in attendance and will use different energy modalities and consulting techniques to resolve those issues.


FREE TO BE ONE: Quantum Freedom Meet and Greet Workshop

We are very excited for the first New England meet and greet! Come and explore the magic of Quantum Freedom with Victoria Rader. We will discuss different energy modalities with involved exercises, meditations, and demonstrations. The purpose of the meet and greet is to introduce you to the most efficient and effective ways to claim your freedom, freedom from limitations of you mind, body, and spirit, and freedom of a new mindset of abundance. Each Quantum Freedom workshop is unique and is catered to the group as Victoria scans the group for its highest needs and highest and best outcomes