Master-mE™ Application

FOR THE BEST RESULTS:  listen to the voice activation or read it out loud.

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You can have anything you want through changing the frequency of who you are. Because we attract, not what we want, not what we think we want, but who we are! With every week deepen a new virtue, attracting new abundant opportunities into your life.

Master-mE app

  • Practical daily application of the Law of Attraction
  • Full year of affirmations expanding both your conscious and subconscious
  • Inspired, uniquely energetically charged patterns of activations to shift your thoughts, emotions, and manifestations

Set up a daily reminder to get to master your day. Choose a theme search or simply start with today’s date. Read each activation/affirmation out loud or, for even deeper impact, listen to it as originally recorded. Start noticing daily positive changes in your life.

How and Why Does It Work?

Every one of our thoughts creates a synapse, an electric current in our brain. Established pathways of those currents become our daily paradigms. They set the frequency of our thought vibrations, which in turn create magnetic fields of emotions. Our e-motion, energy in motion is what attracts our reality to us. We think – we feel – we create – we attract.

The more virtues we develop, the easier it is for us to manifest through the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws. We master the laws through mastering the virtues. We first become. Then we receive.

Daily activations are a journey of mastery that leads to attracting a fulfilled life that you desire.

Why Master?
Only by mastering virtues we are becoming true masters and co-creators of our realities.

Why mE?
In mE, the little ‘m’ represents matter and material things in life. The big ‘E’ stands for your eternal energy. That E, your eternal energy, is either brightly shining as the divine light it truly is, manifesting and attracting prosperity, joy, and fulfillment, or it’s buried beneath the matter of everyday problems and fears.

Master-mE 30 second commitment a day invites mastery transformation into your life.

Master-mE: Master matter through Energy
Master-mE: Master manifesting through Expansion
Master-mE: Master mortal through Eternal
Master-mE: Master material through Essential

Ready? Join us! Master YOU with Master-mE!