Valeriia Nechyporenko,

Certified ThetaHealing Instructor, Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner

On Quantum Freedom, Classes and Individual Sessions

Vica has an amazing energy field and her heart is full of unconditional love and true compassion. Therefore, everything she creates brings significant impact in my life and life of others around me. I truly believe that she is a gifted healer and talented teacher. Her classes always transform my reality and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Quantum Freedom family since it allows me to be supported by Vica and our group on a daily basis. Every single individual session I’ve had with Vica saved me at least 3 years of therapy if I had to do it on my own. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to discover more and more services that Vica offers, including her books and pre-recorded programs.
I met Vica last year. Since then, my life has changed in every single aspect. I was able to fully restore my health, after years fighting chronic Lyme disease. I learned what true self-love is and was able to share it with others. I healed my relationship with my family, found my life purpose and reclaimed my emotional and financial freedom back. I am no longer a victim of circumstances, instead, I create my reality and fill it with love, joy, abundance and happiness. Vica has shown me that everything is possible! And now I live my life with this true knowing that helps me to dream big and achieve everything that my heart truly desires. It’s such a blessing to be fully alive! Thank you, Vica, for this powerful awakening of the true me.
Every time when I share my story with others, I always mention how blessed I am to have Vica in my life. I hope that everyone will have this opportunity to meet Vica or her products and finally discover what true unconditional love is and how powerful and strong they are. Vica makes the impossible possible. And she does it in the most loving and gentle way, that allows your heart to open and enjoy this journey called Life.