Stacie Shifflett,

Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner, Certified High Performance Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner.

On Thetahealing Classes

I have benefited greatly working with Victoria Rader. Everything she delivers including private sessions, theta healing and other training offered and the Quantum Freedom group are all powerful and life-changing.

While they are all beneficial, the theta healing classes were most beneficial to me personally. I started these classes during a great change in my life. The work done in these classes, most notably the belief work, was life-changing and provided a deep understanding and awareness of beliefs I hold, their origin, clearing them energetically, and then gaining the skills to clear and change them for myself and others. It raised self-awareness as well as elevating my awareness on what impacts the behavior of others.

If Vica offers it, I recommend it! She is a gifted healer, coach and teacher that truly transforms lives.