Sharif Almamun,

President and CEO of iLynx; Host of IMPACT podcast; Co-author of Mission Matters Business Leaders: Volume 5

On Thetahealing Classes

All of her classes have helped me tremendously. Each week is unique. One on one classes were great for emergency moments but I came out of each group classes with so much energy and relief.

I met Vica a couple of years back when I was in the midst of figuring out a lot of things. I hit dark nights of soul (low points in life). As I started to release my negative beliefs through reading, chakra work and personal guidance from Vica, I started to see things changing because my belief system was changing. I still reach out to her when I really need a session and miss her group classes … If you go with an open mind, ask questions and let her be a guide in your personal and spiritual journey, you will most likely look back and appreciate her.