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Nanda Semenyuk,

Business Owner

On Individual Sessions

My favorite is the individual sessions. Everything Vica offers has had immense impact in my life, but the individual sessions are my favorite. I can genuinely say that I wouldnt be standing where I am if it wasnt for all I learned from Vica. From finances to emotional freedom, my world has changed. Better yet, the way I perceive the world has changed. I have changed. Vica has helped me see the light within me and trust it.However, most important of all, she had a major role in the healing of my son, who was born a cardiac baby. For that, Ill be forever grateful.If you feel like you need guidance, in any sector of your life, Vica can help you in a very effective and practical way.She can break down complex knowledge to simple daily exercises. I love it!

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Carolyn Cosma,

On Quantum Freedom group

My favorite part of Quantum Freedom is the monthly program IM in Business, Now What?Its helping me release unknown blocks and develop a higher understanding of who I am and how I want to show up in the world and serve more fully and I tell people all of the time to join us! I mention how impactful every single session is in getting you closer and closer to your dreams. Every meeting is filled with miracles and aha moments where the past is released and I feel more aligned and in my power. More authentically me! Free.

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Irina Pevgonen,

On Thetahealing Classes and Individual Sessions

Nancy Donovan,

Loan Officer, George Mason Mortgage, Fairfax

On Training

I took this class to learn to become an influencer. Throughout the class, I learned this and so much more. The class helped me to re-frame thoughts and events in my life to have a more powerful impact onto others. I would take it again anytime!

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Karen McGavin,

top-producing real estate agent, KW Capital Properties, Fairfax

On Training

Vica does a terrific job of teaching the material in a way that makes you think about a situation in a new and different light. I am always getting some little gem to take home from her classes.Provided me with a forum to learn and discuss people in my life that I choose to influence and how to do it in a positive way.Clarity-awareness of how I am influencing and how I am being influenced

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Celeste Burnham,

a stay home mom on Becoming A Person of Influence master mind

On Training

Vica is a warm, caring, charismatic teacher who loves what she does - one will come out of this class a better and much more improved individual!A true leader is someone who at the end of the day makes another person feel better about themselves and raises them up - that is true success!

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Laura Deter,

Mary Kay independent consultant

On Training

When I met Victoria Rader and Elaine Hardy of YU2SHINE... I immediately felt a deep connection and a desire to get to know them better. The Everyone Communicates, Few Connect class see group coaching I took, confirmed my response. Victoria taught with clarity and understanding - supporting each of us where we were - which made it easy to share, learn, and grow. I am looking forward to my next class with YU2SHINE!

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Dan Rochon,

Operating Principle for Keller Williams Realty in Alexandria, VA

On Transformation Crash Course

I did not know what really to expect, but ... it was awesome!Great way of being able to express the way of communicating and how to think.

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