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I didn’t really know what to expect from hypnosis and hardly believed that something can change me or the way I was thinking. And there’s, of course, a reason for that. In order to motivate myself, I read different motivational books and attended different seminars, but every time I found myself being inspired only during the time of reading a book or listening to the speaker at the seminar and as soon as the book or event were over, my inspiration was disappearing and I was back to my previous condition and to my previous results. I could hear all the time: “You have to believe in yourself!”, but nobody was explaining what to do in order to make your mind to believe in yourself… Somewhere deep inside I felt that I had a conflict with my inner voice that prevented me from being confident. I wasn’t satisfied with myself, but at the same time I was a genius finding excuses to justify my own weaknesses.

 One definite change: my constant unexplained feeling of worry deep inside my mind  was substituted with a pleasant feeling of calmnes

So, when Victoria explained to me that she was not going to tell me what to do in order to reach my goals, but she would make me to want to do the necessary routines in order to reach my goals. That sounded exactly what I needed! After studying my personality, my problems, and my inner conflicts, Victoria managed to reach my subconscious mind through hypnosis and “prepared” my mind to accept myself the way who I’m.

The hypnosis session was very emotional for me. I couldn’t explain everything what I felt right away, but there was one definite change: my constant unexplained feeling of worry deep inside my mind  was substituted with a pleasant feeling of calmness… Then I started realizing that I’m proud of myself and my mind IS accepting myself the way I am. For the 1st time in my life, I realized what it meant to feel confident and consequently to act confidently. This is something that’s impossible to do by yourself, because, as I said already, even if you are aware about your weaknesses, your conscious is becoming very defensive about them, “arguing” with you that this is the way you are… And the most important is that when I felt confidence, it automatically lead me to the feeling of inspiration. The routines that I used to make myself to do or even hate to do before, right now I do with inspiration and a great feeling of satisfaction.

It feels like Vica managed to take the blocks away from my subconscious and re-programed it in the way that I actually started believing in myself.“Everything is energy”. And if there’s a positive energy inside of you than you start attracting positive results in all areas of your life, there’s no other way.