Evgenia Mikhailenko,

ThetaHealing Practitioner and Marketing Consultant on her experience with ThetaHealing seminars

On Training

Dig Deeper: I discovered completely different way of digging after taking dig deeper class with Victoria. We were given a real gem in the most secure, loving and supportive atmosphere that Vica created for us. We were taught that the digging technique itself is a very powerful and healing process and can be done gently, through unconditional love and trust that will lead to finding a core belief. Victoria led us, supported us, shared her experience with us, her know-hows and she did it absolutely amazing! If you want to start your journey or continue self growth Victoria would be the greatest Teacher and Guide for you to do so.

Manifestation and Abundance: For me this seminar is a life changing experience. After this class I know that everything is possible in our lives, it’s just take a little courage to admit so and to work on yourself. During this seminar we were given different approaches to help ourselves and others not to chase our dreams and wishes but to make them come true. Being at Victoria’s class means being in the most kindest, safest and loving place for releasing any fears or blocks and going through the most powerful healing and I will always be grateful for that!