Clint Burhnam,

Principle Broker, Burnham Realty

On Coaching Packages and Individual Energy Modalities and Life, Business Sessions

I finally decided that it was time to invest and hire a personal coach to help take my personal and business life to the next level. I knew that extremely successful people have coaches and now I can see why.

I wanted to hire Vica since she is very successful, really understands my business and has achieved great success in the same field, understands how to work with all personality types and is local. I have to say that having Vica as my coach has been the greatest return on investment that I could have made!

I am amazed when I look back at how much progress I have made since hiring her as my coach and all of the major fears/concerns she has helped me overcome that were holding me back.

Since I began coaching, I have achieved my dream of starting my own real estate company, hired some help, had my best year in real estate, and now take family vacations without the fear that used to come when leaving my business.

Vica is always available to help and it is great to have a coach ready to face my challenges with me.