“You attract not what you want but Who You Are”

— James Allen —

Explore the power of your thoughts and emotions to answer the question: who really controls your life

How does our mind work?

Subconscious 93%


Patterns of behavior/Programs

Belief System



Must mind

Conscious 7%



Yes/No Decisions

How we get what we get, by thinking what we are thinking






Let’s make it more practical with an example

(tap each step to view the process)


 I don’t have money. I need money.

 Felling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious about not having money.

Vibrating lack through fear of not having enough or not being enough.

 For passive behavior: giving up.

For proactive behavior: driving yourself into a frenzy working non-stop.

 Results still reflecting the original thought of not having money. Even if you work, there is never enough at the end of the day.


I am grateful for what I have. I am ready to receive more.

Feeling confident, peaceful, hopeful. Trusting.

Vibrating abundance through gratitude.

Actively making new connections. Looking for new solutions.

New results from the new opportunities; increased money skills leading to prosperity and abundance.

To change the way you think, start by being aware of what you are thinking. How you feel shows you what you think.

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