When you get tuned in to the energy that creates worlds, the universe will match you with others similar vibrations.

— Abraham Hicks

When you want to listen to classical music, you tune in to a classical channel. When you want to listen to rock, you tune in to rock. On iTunes, you “tune in” to you choice playlists. As you do, the music brings you into its world and to a great degree you become one with it.

Today, let’s “I-tune” and “you-tune” to a channel of gratitude. Once you tune in to a frequency of gratitude, you will open yourself up to receiving more things to be grateful for. It isn’t just a promise, it is a universal law based on the laws of vibration.

How exactly do you “tune in”? There isn’t a knob to easily turn or a track to select. Emotional energetic tuning requires a uniform approach of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. That’s right, saying “thank you” and feeling “screw you,” won’t do. Tuning in to gratitude requires inner integrity. So, instead of forcing yourself to be grateful for things you are not ready to be grateful for, start with the things you are genuinely deeply grateful for.

Here is a great place to start:

  • set a timer for just 1 minute
  • write up every single thing you are grateful for in a very specific way: imagine that if you did not include it on your list, when you wake up tomorrow, you will no longer have it
  • amazing isn’t it, that by just adding this small angle, you realize how very blessed you are…
  • try it, enjoy it … your goal is to truly “choke up” feeling grateful for the abundance you already enjoy and might have taken for granted up till now
  • watch how focusing what you are grateful for brings more appreciation and gratitude into your life

I never really know who ends up reading these little blurbs … I am simply so very grateful that today it was you. I am grateful for you. Grateful that you are seeking. Grateful that together we are asking and receiving. Grateful for what you are about to receive. Expect a miracle. You are tuned in to gratitude, so it surely is on its way!