I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.

— Joseph Campbell

You and I, both walk by faith. No, truly. Any action ever taken is preceded by faith. To just get out of bed and brush your teeth, you must have believed that the tooth brush and the tooth paste were still there. That the water, amazingly the water of the temperature or your choosing, was readily available. That the the house which the bathroom is a part of was still standing.

Some of our belief systems and assurances, like tooth-brushing, have become so routine, so predictably reliable, that the miracle of first believing and then receiving has long left the experience. Instead of living in the moment and believing in the next, we have turned to life on auto-pilot.

Auto-piloted life is great to some degree. It would be a bit overwhelming to cry in gratitude every time the tooth brush is still there or when a car reliably starts once again. But having traded in our belief creation power for small daily routines, we are daily numbing our joy of simply being alive.

To believe fully is to live fully. It is to be. Be in the present moment fully. To live in gratitude. To shed doubt and to exercise our power of creating the next moment as the one of our choosing.

  1. To believe in yourself simply means to BE you, to LIVE as you. To be the very best you can be at the moment. To live as you, not as someone expects for you to live, but as you expect yourself to live if you were the best you can be.
  2. To believe in others means to allow them BE themselves. To allow them to LIVE fully, free of your judgement and supported by your love. You see, when you tell someone that you believe in them and then try to change them, they know better… They know that you lack faith in them learning their lessons. They know that you do not believe.
  3. To believe in God means to BE and LIVE as a Divine Reflection of love, light, and wisdom. To believe in God, we have to believe God first, believe that we are loved, believe that we are not alone, believe that we carry the Divine Light within, believe that the only way to believe in God fully we are to BE and to LIVE.

What is the next auto-piloted step of your day today? How can you be in it fully? How can you live through it fully? How can you believe? Choose to believe! Choose to be alive!