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Nanda Semenyuk,

Nutritional Consultant and Partner at SEM Fitness

On Coaching Packages and Individual Energy Modalities and Life, Business Sessions

There is not a single person who wouldn’t benefit from being coached by Victoria Rader. Whether you are seeking personal growth or professional, or even if you want to continue improving something successful, I am 100% sure that you will come out of it feeling inspired and ready to conquer your dreams! I know I have!

The training sessions are the best investment you can make… you will notice a tremendous change in yourself and in your results. I have shifted many paradigms regarding money. This shift has brought me immediate results and I have found myself a new career. Naturally, my relationships with family and friends were improved as well, which is the biggest blessing to me.

The sessions have helped me raise my awareness and vibration allowing me to more easily achieve my goals.

I used to have so many health problems without really knowing why. So many paradigms to shift. I learned more that I could expect. The sessions have helped me raise my awareness and vibration allowing me to more easily achieve my goals.

Quantum Touch has helped me with my joints – far more than any chiropractic adjustment!

When I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s – an autoimmune illness that targets the thyroid glands, I was experiencing low blood pressure, weakness, foggy brain, depression, etc. In only one ThetaHealing session, Victoria helped me to diminish some symptoms while completely ending others. Through personal coaching, she has shown me where the illness came from and how I can manage to get rid of it. Thankfully, a lot has changed as we continue to work on it while receiving a complete healing.

TheĀ  EFT – tapping technique helped me to overcome my irrational fear of snakes I had for about 10 years. Once I followed the instructions and followed through, I was instantly able to pull myself together, getting rid of all hysteria and fear that took over me when exposed to snakes. I further took it to get rid of daily fears that stop me from achieving desired results.

This wide life and business spectrum coaching is completely unique and provides real results. I am grateful.