Stress Free Solutions with Sarah Alysse Rosner

Sarah Alysse Rosner All About the Voice

Sarah Alysse Rosner is a corporate stress management consultant that helps companies cultivate a low stress environment so that their employees can be happier and work productively.

She’s the creator and CEO of Live Well Enhance You LLC which formed out of a need for her Pilates clients to find balance in their lives. Spanning over a decade, Sarah has collected an abundance of certifications from Integrative Institute of Nutrition, STOTT Pilates, to National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Sarah Alysse Rosner believes there are ways we can all find stress free SOULutions through movement, nutrition, and self-care.

Sarah is a voice for stress free solutions and this is her story.

[2:59] It all started with stress

[9:27] Understanding stress

[13:39] Main stressors

[17:30] How to track stress moments

[19:11] Pomodoro technique

[24:54] Message to the past self

[27:14] Message from the future self

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Victoria Rader [00:00:02] In the world of many internal and external voices, the voice you listen to is the voice that dictates your life, would you like to discover a clear path to a life of freedom and fulfillment? Then welcome to All Aboard The Voice podcast, where we focus on awareness, alignment and action in order to live a life of abundance. I am your host, Victoria Rader.

Victoria Rader [00:00:30] Are you stressed? Do not fear. Oh, amazing guest. Sarah Alysse Rosner is the CEO and creative stress management consultant at Live Well Enhance You LLC. Take a deep breath in and out. Here is Sarah Lisa voice for stress free solutions. OK. And it’s now my absolute pleasure to welcome Sarah Louise to all about The Voice podcast. Welcome, welcome.

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:01:00] Thank you so much for having me today, Victoria.

Victoria Rader [00:01:02] Now I was spoiled to be a guest on Sarah’s podcast, and I was really, really amazing. I had a great time.

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:01:10] So much fun. You’re a light. I know your listeners feel the same way. Thank you.

Victoria Rader [00:01:15] Thank you. Tell me about your podcast. Since that kind of key me and tell us a little bit about the journey of your podcast, how we can find you and what we can learn there.

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:01:23] Yeah. So I originally started the podcast as a quest to gain more knowledge on different aspects of health, wellness, spirituality. Ways to kind of invest in yourself by literally bitcoin. Anything like I wanted to learn other people’s markets and understand their mission to help the world cultivate a healthier or reduce stress, if you will, environment for their everyday lives. So it was called stress free solutions, and that’s kind of what I’ve been running with. We’re in season two. You can find it on Apple, Spotify. And I’m excited because you’re going to be on there in April as well. So we’re going to be, you know, sharing our knowledge in our our wheelhouse is our zones of genius, if you will. And I’m so grateful for this opportunity needs need.

Victoria Rader [00:02:22] And now you guys, as you hear that it is solution spelled as sole you as always, you will see all of the notes in the episode. I mean, all of the links in the episode notes, but it is solutions with s o u l and we’re very big here and being a sole family. So welcome to soul family. Miss Sarah Elise Rosner. Thank you. You are now a part of a pretty crazy family group. Still, talk to me about stress. I look around and I honestly can say I don’t know anyone who has not experienced elevated levels of stress.

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:02:59] Yeah, I have seen it for many years. So when I first started in just business in general, I was in musical theater. So I had that sort of creative edge to a lot of my my business. And then I went into fitness. And so I saw different elements of people in the corporate people performing on a stage and all the stress that came along with it. So did it matter? Whatever you did, stress always seemed to appear. That was how we could deal with it and how we could embrace it, acknowledge it, allow ourselves to experience it and then break away from those old habits. So that was something that was very, very informative. When I first started was I had a lot of stress, and because of that, I found it fascinating and I wanted to learn more techniques to deal and reduce my own stress. And that’s how everything in that’s how my business started to blossom was because I noticed a problem, not just in my life, but in my client’s life, and we really connected there. So with research and time I developed live will enhance you so that I could go and help corporations cultivate well, cultivate low stress environment for their employees so that they could ultimately live happier and healthier and more productive lives, both at home and in the workplace.

Victoria Rader [00:04:29] You know, and I really, really appreciate the clarity that you’re offering because I hear so much and I call it false advertisement of stress free environment, and I’m thinking that is poison on steroids. If I would want to have no stress, I mean, the healthy amount of stress is the basis of our involvement, both as physical species and I believe, as spiritual beings. And so I look at your steps that you’ve just briefly mentioned. Correct me if I jotted them down wrong, that I looked at you embracing, acknowledging, experiencing and then breaking away. So take us on the journey for each one of those, if possible. If you could tell me a little bit of your life story, this is how I embraced stress.

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:05:15] And yeah, so as a performer, I really embraced it. I lived it to my full extent. I would get into a show and I would eat, breathe and live that show. I would eat, breathe live that character, the family that’s created the community, and that’s all I would do. And I had nothing else outside of those people and that production. So I was embracing it without me knowing it. But I was so focused on making it the best experience possible for the audience and for my for my family on stage, and I didn’t realize, though. Well, that was a little bit unhealthy because everything else would kind of spiral. And I didn’t know how to kind of embrace my actual family during that time because I was so focused in on that and also school. I was in college then too. So I focus on that in school and nothing else, and I wasn’t aware of everything else going around me. But in that moment, I was just embracing it, and I love eating, breathing and living in it.

Victoria Rader [00:06:26] Hmm. What was your favorite role if you had one?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:06:29] Oh, I’m so it’s hard. I would say there were a couple of roles that I’ve had that are great. Probably my favorite was actually in high school. I got to play Tobias in Sweeney Todd, and here it was a male character, so that was fun. You could take on a child role, but he was just someone that was fascinated with life. And then for those of you that haven’t seen Sweeney Todd, go see it. But this kid discovers something about the pie as he was eating, and he was mortified. And then everything crashes down and he has struggles and challenges. And it’s very is a fascinating play. But that’s just one character out of the six others that are crucial to that story. But Sweeney Todd is one of my favorite shows. It was a play and then became a musical with Stephen Sondheim, who actually passed the this past year. But one of my favorite songwriters of all time. So it was now an honor to be a part of a production that also had these roots with Stephen Sondheim.

Victoria Rader [00:07:44] Amazing. Amazing, amazing. What would you say was his main lesson he was learning in that show? I mean, in in this scenario, the show was the main lesson for the character.

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:07:56] For him, I think it was that he was too trusting. I think that was his what he learned personally. And I also believe that he discovered that he was becoming a man and an adult. And that was scary to him, too, because all of those childlike fascination he had about the world were proven to be wrong. And his core was shaken because of it.

Victoria Rader [00:08:26] You know, and the reason I’m asking that, because that’s kind of that would probably be my recollection of the character. And I thought, you know, that’s right, there is the cause of stress. You know, we stress because we’ve created a little bubble of what we think things should be. Yes. And things never go as we think they should be. And then we experience phenomenal amateur stress based, I think, on our need to control it back to where we think it should be.

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:08:54] Oh yeah. So many people all over your 20s, you’re looking to discover who you are and then you discover who you are. And then some people are not 100 percent satisfied with who they are. And then there is new challenges and it always builds. I feel like every decade. Mm-Hmm. And yeah, it’s stress is fascinating, but I think we can either, you know, embrace it or we can start to acknowledge that there are some issues with it and we shouldn’t be living in it twenty four seven.

Victoria Rader [00:09:29] Mm hmm. So once you embrace and acknowledge, how do you prepare yourself to experience that in the best way? What would be some steps you could give us to look at?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:09:39] So kind of going with, I guess the performer is brain, I’ll start there. I think that it took me a while to realize that acknowledging it meant that I had to see it. And I just was like, I saw a part of it, but I didn’t see the whole picture. So for me, I had to journal, write it down. I also am a very auditory person, so listening to kind of self-help books and understanding the science behind stress made me realize that, you know, the frontal cortex of my brain. If I keep on doing this, it’s actually going to cause harm to my whole body. And, you know, shorten this beautiful life that I’m living. So once I was able to actually see it and experience it, that was when I was able to take the action steps needed to understand it and accept that’s where I am. But that doesn’t mean I have to stay there. So I think that’s something you know your listeners can do too is just take ownership, but don’t judge yourself on it. Really, really understand that.

Victoria Rader [00:10:53] So take ownership, but don’t judge yourself on it, I’ll kind of have to deepen that because I think that there is a very profound angle to that. So once you accept that stress, right? Because to me, the opposite of judgment is acceptance. You accept your stress. What do we do next?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:11:10] Once you accept it? I mean, for me, for stress, I had to basically write down all the moments in my life that I felt stress. And I would say, dig deeper. Ask yourself the tough questions. Why do you feel stressed in those moments? Is it because of a certain instance from the past? Is it a person? Do you connect it with, you know, a situation? Or are you afraid of the future? Get a little bit deeper. What? Why you’re actually stress? What actually is the root of your stress?

Victoria Rader [00:11:47] Mm-Hmm. When clients come to you, Sarah Louise, how do you access their level of stress? I guess, because sometimes I think people are actually unaware they are stressed. You know, remember, I don’t remember what event it was that I was going through emotions, and all of a sudden I felt my shoulders kind of go down and I was like, Oh, wait a minute. That means all the way. Until that moment, I’ve been in a complete, you know, adrenaline stress drive and until my shoulders actually went down. So now I make it a point of just checking where my shoulders are because so much of the stress is subconscious. So how do you equip your clients to monitor for that first step of awareness of stress?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:12:29] So interesting that you said that about your shoulders, because a lot of my practice over the years coming from theater and then into fitness and movement is movement. So that’s the first thing I really do is I let them talk and they just tell me, you know, tell me about your average day, what’s your day look like? And what I notice is certain parts of the day their shoulders are starting to rise up as they talk about it and their speech pattern changes, and then they start to get breathless. Or then they start to pause and kind of notice themselves speeding up and not having this breath support underneath them or the system. This feels shaky. And yeah, so when you said the shoulders 100 percent, we have to kind of look at the different points in their bodies and see when they’re just talking about something, you know, as simple as their day. What’s irritating them? So I associated midpoint of my day. This was where their shoulders were. And then we talked about that specific area and dug deeper into why are they feeling stress at that point?

Victoria Rader [00:13:39] Fascinating. Have you found some commonalities? Like what are the main stressors for people that you’ve worked was that you could say, Oh yeah, these are the top stressors in people’s life, like right now, maybe coming out of COVID or generally, what are some patterns that you observed

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:13:56] for parents, particularly because I have a lot of clients that have kiddos that are going to school wearing the mask and and, you know, they have different feelings, both with or without masks, and they also are stressed because they have their corporate job in addition to taking care of their kid so they never know what’s happening. What’s the next month going to look like? They don’t love the inconsistency. And then they feel they don’t have any time for themselves because then they feel they’re not making time for their kid, then they’re bad parents. So these are almost the struggles that they’re dealing with on a daily basis because it keeps changing for them. There’s no consistency.

Victoria Rader [00:14:44] So what are some of your empowering patterns or kind of encouraging maybe affirmations that you would take the parents through when they find themselves in that situation?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:14:56] I love this question. Some affirmations I have them do is always with movement. So because they feel the stress in their body, I literally have them jump around and say positive words to themselves. You know, it could be as simple as I am enough, but that’s a really strong statement for someone that doesn’t feel they’re the best parent or that they’re not doing everything. I make time for me on a daily basis. I have people set alarms so that they actually do these things. And remember, it’s a cab. This is a continual practice because they need even to take a breath, right? They see that on their alarm. They’re going to do it because they’re going to see it as a reoccurring thing. And it’s going to be a reminder like, Oh, I have not breathed today or eat a nice meal, like also just little habits that they’re trying to create in their everyday life. If I try and press into their lives on a weekly and then hopefully a daily basis,

Victoria Rader [00:15:57] what have been some of your maybe success stories or big AHAs that you’ve experienced your clients to arrive at as a result of his journey?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:16:09] It’s interesting. There’s this whole mirroring that happens. So when I’m starting to make a change in my life, I notice that my clients start to make a simple change. So even talking to one of my personal training clients about a shift I’ve done in my snacks because I always make a joke about this, but I’m a big hot Cheetos lover. And that was something I could never get away from. But I was like, I need to find snacks that work with me. So, you know, I would start to have like snap peas, and I told one of my clients that. And then she said, Wow, I never thought a snap piece. But I love snap peas and I haven’t had them in forever. And then she started implementing that into her, you know, little routine was snacking on snap peas. So I really love seeing what happens with just those little changes. And another thing that happened with a client that was remarkable was her blood pressure went down and her naturopath doctor said, I’m really proud of you because you are not only saying and doing, you know, physical activity, but I actually see a difference happening in your body like I can just see the levels going down. So actually hearing that was probably one of the best moments as a trainer and a health coach.

Victoria Rader [00:17:30] Mm-Hmm. And so a couple of things that I am, you know, taking out of this is that that awareness through finding the cause of stress, then the movement, the affirming through it. But for somebody who is new to tracking their own behavior or seeing the patterns, what would be your advice? How do they track those stress moments?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:17:53] Take a look through your day and start with your morning. Literally go through your day and just write down anything you notice. And I always say your gut is probably the best indicator to what’s actually going on through the body. So I have some gut issues, if you will, a little IBS. And I notice that routinely if I only had coffee in the morning, my stomach would be in knots. Right? So it’s just kind of taking again ownership and acknowledging like this moment in the day, I haven’t had any water, so I’m feeling groggy. Well, maybe if I had that eight ounces to start of water each morning, maybe I will feel a little bit more awake. So little shifts like that can lead to bigger impact in your life. So I’d say, have yourself start with those moments in your day where you notice, Oh, my stomach’s in knots, I’m so full. I’m feeling groggy, I’m nauseous. I feel tight. Take note and then see why you’re actually feeling that way.

Victoria Rader [00:19:02] Okay, great. And what are some of the projects programs you are developing to help our humanity to relieve the stress a bit?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:19:11] So I’ve been crafting a lot of different programs specific to individual corporations, but I know they’re all about the bottom line, right? They want to see productivity. So what I’ve started to do is use the Pomodoro technique to my advantage. So 20 minutes, you have them working their butts off, but on a specific project, so they’re intentionally working on something they’re not spreading themselves to. Then they’re looking at one thing that they have to do, and then they have that five minute break right after that 20 minutes and they have to stop. And then when I have them do for their first five minutes as deep breathing, paying attention to the rise in the flow of that breath and how that makes them feel. And as soon as they start to do that, they do notice that, well, my shoulders have gone down. And also, my brain is getting a break right? So then after that, they have the 25 minutes, so they increase that intentional time, maybe with a different activity. Then they get 10 minutes of a real break. They get up and they move their bodies. They stretch. So I’m having companies look at productivity in a different way versus we’re going to go from one meeting to the next. Let’s actually embrace and embrace the craziness, but give our employees a moment to pause and take time to just reflect on what their body needs.

Victoria Rader [00:20:47] Hmm. Which I think is really. Really needed now I love your name of your company, which is live well, enhance you. Tell me how you arrived at that name.

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:21:00] It really just came to me while I was working with this duo. They love to do branding for companies, for their websites, and I just had gone my health coaching certification and I was like, What do I want this company to be about and what will actually sustain with that? That name, right? So I could have it one individual person, it could mean I’m talking to a big group of people, but it all comes back to that individual making a change in their life. And that’s why the live well, because we don’t have to be perfect. Live well and then enhance you, your aunt, an amazing human being who you are right now. Just let’s get you to a place that you feel even even better about your health, about it could be your wealth. Whatever you are personally working on, you’re going to get there. It’s just one extra little step.

Victoria Rader [00:21:57] What brings you most joy in the work that you do?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:22:01] I love seeing the results happen before my eyes and also acknowledging it to them and then realizing like, Wow, I have come so far. Those are the moments that I really appreciate the job. And and also it challenges me to even go further with my practice and develop new skills and new certifications and new research, and get other people onto my podcast with similar, similar views that want to spread their message in a different way than I can. And yeah, so I just I like name.

Victoria Rader [00:22:46] I’m listening to you and I’m saying, Yeah, she’s pretty much say, what brings me joy is to live well and enhance me here. So sitting there thinking, Ha, you know what? My company is never. I’m starting to go through my friends going, Oh my gosh, we’re all just, you know, marketing the divine purpose through the structure of a daily business here, you know, which I haven’t thought of before, but as you’ve described so well with living well and enhancing us and then you’re like, Oh yeah, what brings me joy is this is this. I’m like, Oh, I’m connecting the dots. Yes. What it does. All right. Well, I kind of I’m looking at, you know, a couple of things that I wanted to do before I wrap up with the questions that I ask, where would our listeners find you? And you know, and once again, you guys you know where the notes are, but I one Pharrell East to direct us to the right place here. And if there’s anything special that you’re currently offering, yeah.

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:23:43] So I am doing a variety things. I’ve been focusing on corporations, but I still do work with individuals. So the best way to connect with me is either my email Sarah at Live will enhance or on Instagram. LinkedIn, my Instagram is Sara Ali’s coaching one word. And yeah, I think that’s the best way to connect. I will say that regarding corporations, if you’re interested, I do have a program called Enrich Your Workplace, and it’s basically finding solutions for your company. What you know, regardless of communication, is it nourishment, different areas, joy, different areas that we can make the work environment a more fun and healthy place for your employees.

Victoria Rader [00:24:38] I love that. How do you define soul as a part of solutions? What does that word mean to you?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:24:45] So I think it kind of comes back to that live will enhance you part. It’s what is actually going to let your soul up that you’re going to want to do the work.

Victoria Rader [00:24:54] Mm hmm. Powerful. All right. And here is the three questions that I always ask at the end of each episode I want you to go in your life to a point where you would probably could use your expertize the most before you had it. So kind of think of maybe the most stressful or, quite frankly, the darkest moment in your life. And tell us what it is. And more importantly, if you as you go there, what do you need to hear there? What would Sarah list today? Give us an advice to Sarah Elise on that day at that moment.

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:25:28] So my father six years ago had passed away from stage four kidney cancer, and that was definitely my darkest day. And the thing that I beat myself up for the most was not being there for him the last, you know, seconds. Like, I wish I would have been there for him and my mom. In the same state at that last moment, and I would tell myself that you were always there for him. You went every weekend and you made a point of staying positive for him, letting him share whatever he wanted to share about his life or his past and express himself. And that was probably the best thing you could have done was be a good listener for him.

Victoria Rader [00:26:22] You know, and I don’t normally do that, but we’re going to ask you to be a really good listener for this moment because I do know that he is conveying something to you. And so if you were to listen. What do you feel he is saying to you right now?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:26:35] I know he would have been saying, I’m very proud of you and being there for your mom and, you know, creating this life now with your partner, the right person for you. And I know he would be saying he’s super proud of everything I’ve been doing and continue to do.

Victoria Rader [00:26:53] I believe that if you leave that with every fiber of my being, I also believe that the name of your podcast is inspired by your dad. I think his whole message to you, energetically speaking as I see it was just live well and enhance you. And so I think every time you quote your podcast, you’re quoting, I mean, you’re quoting your the name of your business, you’re bringing out that advice. And so now looking forward, 20 years from now, whether it is this business that has become rather global presence or whether you’ve been guided to something else, if that’s a release comes to you and sets by you right now, what would she tell you?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:27:30] Similar to what my dad said, I’m super proud of everything you’ve accomplished, and I know that it was challenging and a lot of different obstacles might have happened. But you were able to overcome and you’ve created such a beautiful life, and I’m thankful for you.

Victoria Rader [00:27:47] It’s beautiful, and I believe that to be true. Now finally, I know you’ve given us a lot of gold and practical tips. I know that, you know, if if, if our listeners really wanted to lean in and get those amazing tips you dropped along the way, they could find ways to manage stress better. But if there was one thing like one quote, one story, one teaching one message, you would like for them to remember you by. What would that be?

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:28:15] I would say this a lot, and it’s starting to ring truer and truer as as I get older and it’s actually behind me. Motivate your minds, motivate the mind the body will follow. And it was funny because as a kid, it was the opposite. I motivated my body through fitness, and as I got older, that didn’t work anymore. I needed to inspire my brain to push on through difficult times, to embrace the challenges, to acknowledge it. And you know, I think for your listeners to to remind them that the motivation doesn’t need to come from something external, it’s internal.

Victoria Rader [00:28:57] Well, thank you. I believe you’ve motivated our minds and I sure hope we’ll be able to move our bodies as well. So thank you so much for being here with us today.

Sarah Alysse Rosner [00:29:09] You’re welcome. Thank you so much for having me. This was unbelievable.

Victoria Rader [00:29:13] Thank you. Thank you. Now, this was Sarah Alice Rosner taking us through stress managing techniques. Find out more at live well,

Victoria Rader [00:29:24] enhance you economy. This is all about The Voice podcast, and I want to hear your voice. What has been of the greatest value to you today? Share your insight and share this episode with others. All links are in the description. I also want to invite the voice of happiness into your life via our happy daily and I Happy Me apps, our daily energy boosters. You can download these apps, including a free version of My Happy Me from the Apple App Store or the Google Play App Store for the voice of daily encouragement girl with us with our free My Tree of Life Facebook Group. If you want to join us in exploring how you can live your life with more freedom. Head over to Judiciaire dot com. That is why you number two S.H. I and e-com. I can’t wait to get to know you and be a part of your journey of endless possibilities. Thank you again for listening to all about The Voice and Victoria Crater, and I’ll see you on the next episode.