Push It to the Limits - with Paul Engemann

Paul Engemann All About the Voice

Very much like in his “Push it to the Limits” hit from the famous crime drama Scarface, Paul Engemann has been pushing it to and through the limits.

With an incredibly successful music career, followed by an equally successful interior design career, and now a Dimond Elite for Rain International, Paul is a voice for trust through any transition.

[1:07] “Push it to the limits” from the Scarface movie
[3:45] “It’s easy for successful people”
[6:26] Working with legendary Giorgio Moroder
[8:02] Life crisis and changes
[11:12] Unexpected pivot from music to design
[14:49] About Larry King’s birthday party and a low carb chocolate
[17:05] How to do something once and get paid for it many times
[21:00] About personal ethics, honesty and authenticity
[26:59] About power of the seeds
[28:44] Following the Voice
[30:45] It’s all about perspective
[32:56] Peace be still
[34:45] You won’t be able to deny it
[36:04] Possible answer to your physical or financial health

“What many people might call failure, I have learned to call feedback or input in order to get there”

“I couldn’t un-know what I knew and couldn’t unsee what I had seen.”

“You have to be very careful what voices you listen to, Because there are voices that don’t have your best interest at heart.”

“You will know when you’re in it, and you will feel it”

Paul Engemann – American musician, successful interpreter and Diamond Elite at Rain International

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Push It to the Limits – with Paul Engemann

00:00:02 Victoria Rader
In the world of many internal and external voices the voice you listen to is the voice that dictates your life. Would you like to discover a clear path to a life of freedom and fulfillment? Then welcome to All About The Voice podcast, where we focus on awareness, alignment and action in order to live a life of abundance. I am your host, Victoria Rader.

00:00:28 Victoria Rader
Very much like in his push it to the limits hit from the famous crime drama “Scarface” Paul Engemann has been pushing it to and through the limits with an incredibly successful music career, followed by an equally successful interior design career and now at Diamond Elite for Rain International Paul is a voice for trust through any transition. Here is Paul.

00:00:57 Victoria Rader
Alright. Here We are with Paul Engomenn. Paul welcome to All About The Voice podcast.

00:01:03 Paul Engemann
Oh, thank you so much Vica, it’s so fun to be here,

00:01:07 Victoria Rader
Paul, so I’ve done a little bit of snooping around. I’ve pulled this up because I find it o fascinating, you know, in the intro for this episode, I have mentioned the “Scarface” that you are, that voice of “push it to the limits” you know in the “Scarface”. And Then I thought, man, I remember the movie, I remember the song, but I don’t remember really the lyrics. So I’m going to look it up. And, you know, there was three lines that go “open up the limit past the point of no return reaching the top but still, you gotta learn how to keep it.” And I said, they’re thinking, this is the guy that keeps pushing to the limits, but he knows how to keep it. So talk to me about some of the limits you’ve pushed through, take me on the journey of your life.

00:01:58 Paul Engemann
Oh, well my goodness, Vica you know, sometimes I feel like Forest Gump, because, you know, I mean, we’re friends so you kind of know my story, but those that are listening. I actually started out my life as a young person in Show Business. My family was kind of a show business family. And so, you know, I had some hit records in the 80s, and that statement just sounds like, oh, great. Well, you had hit records. Well, trust me. There were a lot of barriers to push through to get there. It’s one of them. Well, I mean, there’s, you know, the three areas of my life. I was a singer. And then when I left show business, we had an interior design business for about 16 years. And my wife still kind of works doing that, because she just enjoys it and then I’ve been in network marketing full-time for 16 years too. So, you know, there were certain events, of course, that caused those changes. And since the subject of this broadcast is, you know, listening to the Voice you know, heading the Voice there certain times in your life, where maybe you’re listening to the voice, and it’s telling you that it’s time for a change. Or maybe there’s a circumstance that forces you into a change, and you need to listen to that voice to understand “Where am I supposed to go? What am I supposed to do?” And you know, sometimes there are in those interims when you’re sort of feeling a little lost or gosh, you know what is next? Those can be very disturbing, upsetting, sometimes even very dark times. And those are the times we’re still in yourself and trying to hear that voice that comes from God or the universe, or, you know, whatever you might want to name, that. That’s where it’s critical.

00:03:45 Victoria Rader
What would be one of those You’ve mentioned them barriers to success because they’re very often people look at a successful person, and they say, well, yeah, it’s easy for them to say, yes easy for them to do right? You’ve seen that, right? So, take me on that Journey. What has been one of those darker than was horrible moments.

00:04:04 Paul Engemann
The reason that I laughed so hard, and that that was such a genuine reaction is because, oh, my goodness, you know, any successful person in it’s almost like a cliche, you know, the iceberg analogy, where you see that, that Iceberg above the water, but you don’t see that massive Iceberg below. Any successful person knows that, you know, it takes struggling a little bit, and sometimes experiencing what many people might call failure, which I have kind of learned to call feedback or input in order to get there. So gosh, you know, I mean, if you want to look at my show business life, you know, I started recording when I was about 12 years well, actually younger than that, because my mother was a studio singer and when I was a little kid, you know, my sisters and I, you know, if they were looking for a kid’s chorus or something, we kids that they tried in front of the mic. So every Disney movie you can think of, I’m on the soundtrack you know. But I started recording as a solo artist. When I was about maybe 13. I release different records on different labels and, you know, some didn’t have any success at all. And then in different periods where you’re trying to get your next record deal, you know, you have to deal with people and I mean, I had somebody at RCA tell me, Oh, well, your boys is not unique, would never sign you, blah blah. And you sort of just have to kind of if you know what you know and if you’re following the voice, its kind of told you the direction that you’re supposed to go then other voices, you have to just say, well, bless her heart kind of move on. So I had a record deal when I was about 19 years old with polygram, but I had decided to serve a two-year mission for my church. So the president of polygram told me, Hey, listen, don’t worry. You know, when you come back, we’ll just pick up where we left off. Well, about a month before I got home, He got fired. So of course, there went my deal. And, you know, I just kind of pushed and went back to Los Angeles. My family had moved to Provo Utah in the interim, because my father was managing the Osmond family of the time. So I moved back to LA, and I was just doing demo records for people and trying to do what you do to break into the industry and started working with a gentleman named Giorgio Moroder who is my dear dear friend today he’s a legend in the industry, and I started doing demos for him. And I did a demo for Scarface for Brian De Palma’s movie Scarface. And the record company wanted a group called Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes to sing that song. And Giorgio said, you know, I love your version so much. I’m just going to play it for Brian De Palma and see which version he likes the best. Well, he picked mine. So that’s kind of how that happened. And then I went on to have a hit records in Europe Was Giorgio number one records, We co-wrote the music for the Olympics in 1984 and the World soccer Cup in 1990. And I was the lead singer of a rock group called an emotion, and we had some top 10 records. And I’m grateful for the success that I have. But once again, you know, you say, well, people look at that and they go, yeah okay, well, you know, you were successful, easy for you. The big crisis in my life at that point became after my son was born and I had a record company that owed me about a half a million dollars, and they didn’t pay me, and it just basically bankrupted me. And I wound up having to move into the basement with my parents and my newborn son. Okay, that’s a little humiliating. You know, what was I like 34 or something.

00:07:50 Victoria Rader
This is so needed to be heard right now, because with covid and the situation, so many young fathers and young mothers in their 30s, moving in with their parents and think it’s the end of the world. So I think you were just speaking to them.

00:08:02 Paul Engemann
Well, you know, at the time it felt like it Vica, honestly, because, you know, when you’ve stood on stages and sung for 60000 people and you’ve had hit records and you feel like you’ve hit a certain sort of modicum of success in your life, It’s pretty humbling to have a situation like that happen. And it change your circumstances entirely. I think the thing that kept me from absolutely losing my mind was, I did have a spiritual basis for my understanding of what this life is all about. And that is not just all about what you do. What you do is not who you are. It’s a means to an end who you are is a beloved child of an infinite being Pure having a physical experience. But you are a spiritual being, And there’s a purpose, you know, for you being here and learning and growing to become more like that being that sent you here. So I think, you know, having that basis and thank heavens, having a very supportive and loving family. I mean, I feel very blessed, because that’s not the circumstances for some people, you know. So realize that was a huge blessing but that, I think, allowed me to not just be utterly devastated by that, and to try to be open to other possibilities. You know, I was still at the time trying to figure out, Okay, what’s my next move in the music business?

00:09:45 Victoria Rader
Looking back at that time Paul what would you say has been the biggest takeaway from that difficult time.

00:09:52 Paul Engemann
Honestly, I just think it’s learning to Trust. Honestly, that is a lesson that I keep having to relearn in my life, because I’m somebody I like being in charge. I find that many times in my life I just wanted to hand God my laundry list of here, do this, Only to find that he says, a lucky dummy. I have something much better for you if you just pipe down. Hmm. So I think that’s the lesson that I had to learn. And if I’m going to be very honest, continue to learn, because that is a little scary, you know, to feel like I’m just going to hand this over to you. And here we go, and I’m going to trust, But I’ll tell you what started to happen while I was trying to do the things that I knew how to do in the music business to earn a living. So in Utah, there’s a very vibrant, or there was, at the time, music seen a lot of music was done commercials, source music that’s music that they drop into television shows, movies and things. So I became pretty busy here in Utah as a studio singer that was hired a lot. And that was lovely. But it really wasn’t going to be like a career. You know, it’s money. It’s kind of an income. But it wasn’t what I wanted to do or be. So, in the meantime, it’s just really funny how the universe works, because we thought that we were just in this devastating situation of having to live in this. I mean, it was quite lovely. My parents had an enormous home, and it was a three bedroom with a kitchen and a dan kind of an apartment in their home, and they gave us permission to just transform it however, we want it to. So we did. And so they live in a very wealthy neighborhood. Some of our friends that we had made, you know, living there had been over visiting, and they said “you know, we love what you did to your place, and we just fired our designer would you guys do our house?” and Suzanne and I looked at each other and we were like “okay”.. we didn’t really have the slightest clue, but these folks live in a 10000 square foot home up here and lovely people and had a lot of resources. And so we sort of got paid to learn on the job. And wound up through that process really building quite a large interior design business, and not not just in Utah, but kind of all over the country. And we wound up being featured in architectural digest on the cover. I mean, that was crazy, But it was just where it was something that the Universe had for us. You know, the key for me, I think, was being willing you know, my total focus had been the music business. It had been what I absolutely knew that I was going to do for the rest of my life ever since I was about six years old. So when God or the universe, whatever you want to say, kind of allowed that to be interrupted so that perhaps I might find something that fit my life better. You know, I had to be open to that possibility. And now looking back on it, you know, our son had just been born. He was about a year and a half when we moved up here. And looking back on it you know, my wife was an actress, and I was a rock singer, and I was always on the road, and she was always in Australia, or somewhere doing a movie. How are we going to raise this child? If we were both continuing to pursue those businesses? You know, there you go. I think God had something different for us.

00:13:59 Victoria Rader
Amazing transition from music to design. And yet you become successful, you push it to the limit, and you push through and find yourself in network marketing. So tell me about how that happened. How did that come into your life?

00:14:16 Paul Engemann
Yeah. Well, so I love design. I still it had been kind of an avocation. My wife and I both would just like beautiful things and like transforming our surroundings. And, you know, it’s more than just making things pretty. It’s making things functional so that the beauty is part of the function and you know, might sound trivial. But if you can do that for a family, or, you know, group of people person, it makes their life better, you know? So I really enjoyed that process. I was at a birthday party for my brother-in-law and 2003 and my brother-in-law was Larry King that CNN talk show host, and he had turned 70 in 2003 and at that party, which was attended by, you know you can magine the guest list there I met a woman, she had a low carb chocolate. And, you know, she had a business that she was actually taking it through Walmart and some other things. And they sold like a billion dollars of this chocolate. And we just kind of became friends. She was a character. She was kind of a cross between Tammy Faye Bakker, Dolly Parton and then I don’t know what else Kim Jong Goo if I’m honest

00:15:38 Victoria Rader
Well, feisty, purposeful and entertaining is what I hear.

00:15:43 Paul Engemann
So two years later, I’m going to hadn’t given it much thought, but she was very charming, and we had a nice conversation. Two years later she actually reached out to me, and she was starting a network marketing company, and it was based on a healthy chocolate and those kind of intriguing. Although I must tell you that I, like many people, kind of was a little trepidatious about that world of network marketing. First thing that came to my mind was Amway, and not I have nothing against Amway. It’s terrifically successful company. It’s the granddaddy of all network marketing companies is just that, you know, there are people within the industry that sometimes do things that hurt the industry, like going to dinner with somebody and having them pull out a whiteboard and all of a sudden it’s an Amway meeting, you know, which I kind of thought was a little gross. So in my mind, I had kind of pictured this was an industry for people that really couldn’t get a job or, you know, maybe they were a little desperate, or, you know, and that the whole methodology was to bother people, you know? But I was also lucky enough to, you know, live in an area here in Utah, where I also have friends that are really, I mean, extremely wealthy. I’m talking, you know, private jet rich from being distributors in network marketing companies, and they’re not that way at all, If they’re not about like, trying to arm twist people or manipulate people, or, you know. So when this woman approached me about this opportunity, I thought, well, you know, this is kind of interesting, because network marketing, if I understand it correctly, It can create ongoing income like over time, what many people might call residual income, or just continuous income. You do something once you get paid for it many times. I understood that concept, because I was still getting paid for things that I did as a musician. Believe it or not, I still get checks from like Universal Studios or Warner Brothers but these are for things that I did when I was 8 years old. I’m going on 64 this money, and they’re still sending me checks. So I thought that was kind of intriguing about network marketing. So I just decided, Okay, Well, you know what, I’m going to give this a little bit of a shot. And certainly I couldn’t step away from my design business. I had no desire to, but I did have a desire to create sort of that repetitive ongoing income, because you can only sell a couch once, and then it’s sold and then you kind of have to go find somebody else to sell a couch to. So I just kind of dove in, and I thought, I’m going to just watch people who are successful at this, and I’m going to get all the training that I can. I’m going to read books. I’m going whatever I need to do, and I’m going to spend two hours a day. If I have to get up a little bit earlier, go to bed a little later. I’m going to do that. And I did that. And you know what’s crazy is that in a year and a half of building that network, marketing business. I mean, the new word is relationship marketing, or social marketing, because it really sort of describes it better. But in a year and a half my income from that network marketing business surpassed my already quite stellar income from my design business. And I told my wife and my son, I said, hey, you know what? We work really hard. You know, this has been a great year. I said, you know what? Let’s go to South America, because that’s exactly why I served my mission in South America. So in Peru and I had always wanted to go back. And I said, let’s just head down there for a month. Let’s take a break. So we went to Lima and Arequipa and Cusco, and just we had a fabulous time, and while I was gone, believe it or not, I mean, this is just it blows my mind when I think about this, but my income from my network marketing business while I was doing nothing. I mean, I was in Peru enjoying myself on vacation that income went up by five figures that month. Wow. And the reason is just because that’s an industry where if you can teach a group of people to do a few simple tasks repetitively and then teach them how to teach others to do the same thing, You sort of can’t stop it. It’s very, very powerful. And it’s what I’ve been doing full time now for 16 years. So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to.

00:20:02 Victoria Rader
There is a beautiful pointnet hiccup in that story that I happen to be privy to that just inspired me, probably more than anything I’ve kind of seen and admired you doing in your life and that is without naming, obviously the company’s name and what are the calls that we were doing together because just for the listeners I actually met Paul through Rain International, joined his team, because I like to take care of my health. And I believe those are some amazing seed based supplements and nutrition. So as I think we were doing a coal together and for the first time, I’ve learned that while you were so successful in that previous will call it relationship marketing, I like that new term that you walked away from an organization that you’ve built up to, I think, 60000 people I believe. So what voice did you listen to Paul? How did you walk away from all those zeros?

00:21:00 Paul Engemann
You know, obviously it was very, very difficult. There were just some things that were happening with my previous company that did not resonate with my personal ethics. And I’m just going to kind of leave it there, because, you know, we don’t need to go much further into it, But one of the things that extremely important in life this is important, honesty coming from authenticity and, you know for 12 years as I had pursued that business, I felt like I was being very honest when I said to people, this is a very good thing that you should do this. and this is great etc. And it had come to a point in that company because of some certain things that had happened and changes that had happened that I really didn’t feel like I could say that anymore. And it was a huge crisis in my life for a number of reasons. Because yes, I had built that business. My team had done over a hundred and fifty million dollars in sales. I had built that business to about 60000 partners on my team, but I couldn’t unknown what I knew and couldn’t unsee what I had seen. So if you can’t in the industry of relationship marketing, if you can’t honestly say what you need to say to somebody to help them understand what you’re doing and help them to do the same thing. I mean, if you can’t be honest about it, if you have to sort of feel like you’re hiding something or lying when you’re doing that, it doesn’t work anymore. I have to be able to 100% believe in what I am sharing with somebody, or I can’t sleep at night. Well, it wouldn’t be effective anyway, because you would feel there would be a disconnect. You know, I mean, the voice that I would expect people to hear when I said, you know, look at this, Isn’t this cool? It would no longer confirm that to them, because it just wasn’t the case anymore. So I have a very dear friend in the industry, and we had worked together in that previous company a gentleman named Derek Winkle. And we both looked at each other and said, we’re going to have to make a change. And we had another friend in the industry named Susie Kwok. She’s kind of a legend in the industry. Susie is adorable human being kind, lovely Chinese woman, who was a CPA until she got into network marketing. And it’s just a legend in the industry, and has earned tens of millions of dollars personally in the industry. So she reached out to Derek and to me to introduce us to the company called Rain International. And, you know, in the industry, when you’ve had the level of success that I had because I was a you know, I mean, I don’t please let me preface this by saying, I’m not trying to say, look at me I’m fabulous. When I talk about this, I like to talk about it in terms of look what somebody who only knew how to sing songs and hanging drapes before. Look what he was able to accomplish in this amazing industry by applying some principles. But I have become a multimillion-dollar earner in that company. So in the network, marketing industry is even though it’s a multi-billion hundreds of billions of dollars a year in sales, It’s also a very small industry. And there are just no secrets. And so when you are getting ready to make a move, kind of, everybody knows. And I was approached by quite a few people. And you know, this is, once again, a point in my life where you sort of have to listen to that voice. And I had other voices that were talking to me, you know, saying, you know what? You were just lucky. Probably. It was just like a timing thing, and you lucked into this. So you have to be very careful what voices you listen to because there are voices that don’t have your best interests at heart. You know? Luckily, I did not listen to that. And I told myself, No, you know what? You learned some skills and you applied them, and you can apply them elsewhere within the same industry If you have the right product in the right company and the right people to be working with. So that’s what I was really looking for. Lots of people were coming to me. But Susie, I love her. She’s a person who listens to that voice also, Vica. It’s how she has lived her life and applied it. And so I admire her. She arranged for a meeting between me and my wife, Suzanne with owners of the company and, you know, as I had looked back over my previous experience, and as I was analyzing that the place where it fell down was kind of the people that I was working with and I had lost trust and confidence in what they were doing, and the honestly and kind of who they were, you know, because of the choices that they had made. So that was super important to me. And as we sat and visited with Byron Belka, who is the CEO, and one of the owners of the company and the top people there. Once again it was confirmed to me through my experience through that visit. Oh, my goodness. This is what you’re supposed to do, you know. And then I had to listen to that. And, you know, look, I’m a Diamond Elite, you know, with this company that may sound like Chinese to some people. It’s just a high rank within the business. It means that I’ve built a significant business, a significant international business, where I have teams of people all over the world now. And I kind of look back at that time. And thank you know, wow, thank heavens. I listened thank heavens I didn’t listen to the voice that said I, you know what? You’re probably just lucky and maybe you should do something else, because not only has it been wonderful for me and my family from a financial standpoint, but I look at the lives that I have affected with these products. It’s a seed based product, kind of a very simple concept behind it is that seeds contain 20 to 30 times the concentration of nutrients than what grows from the actual plant itself. But you have to be able to access it. Well, Rain orked with the gosh. I’m blanking on the University, Maryland, Maryland University, Maryland. Thank you. Yeah. And the University of Maryland had developed these seed based products. And then rain has now got the rights to them, and they develop more. But I look back on some of the lives of my friends and how they have been utterly changed by being on the products and their health and I think, what if I hadn’t you know what I had to listen to that voice? What if I didn’t do this? What if I hadn’t shared it with so and so, and, you know, just sharing it with one person, resulted in probably eight thousand people in one country just 145 countries, you know. So yeah, it’s listening to the voice, and then sharing what the voice told you.

00:28:06 Victoria Rader
Well, you know here at all about the voice, a kind of line them up in four stages. You know, the first one being awareness, where you have ability to just hear it and discern on you like you said, between all the other voices, then it’s alignment. And alignment is choosing to listen, because we’ve all heard that there’s not a person who’s listening to this now who haven’t heard the voice. But the more times you align yourself with it as you listen to it, It becomes more discernible. And it really stays with you when you actually take the next step, which is action. And finally, it does result in the life of abundance. And I’m just so grateful to have you, Paul as a guest, because, as I’ve mentioned to you before, an interview, I look at you as a person who has followed that. And I don’t know you guys with you, listen to one little thing that Paul so conveniently kind of brushed through is he interrupted a super successful music career to listen to a higher calling in a high voice to dedicate two years of his life, too serve a mission for the church that he believed to be the true calling in his life. I just think that, to me, is probably one of the most remarkable places where you listen to the voice and then coming back and saying, “Hello, darling, you starting over.” So it’s kind of starting over and starting over and starting over.

00:29:27 Paul Engemann
Well, you know, Vica, I have to say, though, that that was also like you said, that was a situation where I had to listen to The Voice. And, you know, kind of in my church and my faith tradition, it’s almost like a given that young man will serve that mission. It’s like, almost like, sort of automatic. My parents did not make it that way. As you said, I mean, I had a pretty successful music career at the time, and there was part of me that thought will, should I just maybe share my feelings about spirituality through my music career? Would that be the way for me to go? And my parents told me, will look if that’s between you and God, and you need to take it to him and see, you know, how do you feel about that? And that’s what I did. And that’s how I wound up serving that mission. And looking back on that, It was such a formative part of my life. You know, I came from a fairly wealthy family, very privileged kind of background. And when I went to Peru is very, very eye-opening, and it taught me a few very profound things That things don’t make you happy. You know, It’s about relationships and loving people. And that is honestly, what makes you wealthy. And I look back on the people that I met in some in very I mean, really, really humble circumstances. I’ll give you some kind of humorous for people to live in the first world. But, you know, there were people on my mission that had seen the movie Rocky, because that’s a right around the time It was out, you know, when I was down there and they could not figure out why he was striving. So what was he doing? Why was he allowed himself to get beat up? Because they thought he was already rich, because of the refrigerator, Oh, okay, because he had a refrigerator. So, you know, it really taught me. Wow. Perspective is very important. And as I was leaving to come home, I was living in a little tiny Port City called Salivary. It’s near a city called Trujillo in Peru. It’s just that a tiny little town and these people were very humble, and they threw me a party. Hmm, Where I knew that what they served at that party and the cake and the food, or whatever, was probably a sacrifice of a week’s worth of their wages, you know, to send me off. I get very tender, even talking about it right now, because, you know, that’s love. And with such an expression of love, That experience was very formative. I’m very glad that I listed. My wife has told me, man, I’m so glad that you went on that mission, because you would have probably been unbearable becoming from your background of privilege, I probably would have not wanted to even know you, you know,

00:32:28 Victoria Rader
Well, Paul, I usually ask these last three questions at the end of each interview. And the first question is, if you had an opportunity which you do right now to go back in your life to the time, kind of the outmost hardship, the darkest point in your life, whether it is when you move it into the basement with your parents feeling, you’ve lost everything or any other point. What would you tell yourself if you had the voice? What would you tell yourself?

00:32:56 Paul Engemann
Well, I would tell myself the same thing that the spirit usually tells somebody if they’re listening and that is just peace be still. You know, I mean, let Heavenly Father let whatever somebody might want to call that entity, guide your life. That can sound a little trite, a little packaged, a little easy, because I must tell you it’s frightening as heck. You know, when you’re used to being in charge to, to let that happen. Sometimes it just gets forced. It’s almost like you have no other choice, But to just say. Okay well, I am obviously not doing a great job job being in charge. Maybe I’ll let you do it.

00:33:42 Victoria Rader
Well, it’s like that prayer, right? Turns out we pray to no divine, will not to announce it.

00:33:50 Paul Engemann
Oh, my goodness that’s so true.

00:33:52 Victoria Rader
Beautiful so, peace be still. I absolutely love it. And if you now jump 20 years forward, and that Paul from 20 years forward looks back to you what advice would he have for you right now?

00:34:05 Paul Engemann
Gosh. So you’re saying, if I can imagine myself, 20 years from now, Mmm-hmm, I think what he would tell me is, stop worrying.

00:34:13 Victoria Rader
Turns out it’s an eternal message. Peace be still.

00:34:18 Paul Engemann
Yeah. I mean, I sometimes joke and say, you can’t tell me that worrying doesn’t help, because all of the things that I worry about never happened.

00:34:30 Victoria Rader
Beautiful. And the last thing is, if our listeners were to kind of remember you by one message, one quote, when teaching whatever it is that it’s in your heart right now what would you like to impact the all about the voice audience with?

00:34:45 Paul Engemann
Oh, well, I guess the last thing that I would say is, I mean, it really is a theme of this is if you’ll listen to that voice, It won’t lead you astray. I mean, if the secret is opening up yourself to hearing it, and sometimes we negate it, sometimes we say, oh, that’s probably just me imagining something, or wishing something. You’ll know when that voice talks to you, because you’ll feel it in the center of yourself and then you won’t be able to deny it. And the certain times in my life, where I have really just felt what we might want to call the spirit, or the voice when you’re in that and it’s right, It’s just you just kind of go “Oh, my goodness, please let me feel this always, please don’t go away. Stay here with me” you know. And of course, that’s just not how life works, but you will know it when you’re in it, and you’ll feel it.

00:35:49 Victoria Rader
I love it. You will know when you’re in it, and you will feel it. That’s beautiful. Paul. Thank You so much. What an honor and joy to interview intervinterview you.

00:35:58 Paul Engemann
The honor is mine Vica

00:35:59 Victoria Rader
Well thank you

00:36:04 Victoria Rader
To learn more about Paul’s seed based nutrition, head over to either his or my rain International site in the links of the episode-description. It just might be an answer to your physical or financial health that you have been seeking and asking for if you feel the whisper of the voice prompting, you check it out. Trust it act and allow for abundance.

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