Is your furry family member in pain or needs healing? Or have things been strange around your home for no apparent reason?

From cats to horses to the barns and houses they are housed in, Cathy’s talent lies in scanning the area or the animal for the underlying causes, clearing, communicating, and healing as needed. Her level of expertise and experience in the area is only surpassed by her love for her furry clients.

Every human being is tied to Earth in more profound ways than we fully understand. The purpose for this package is to realign your divine nature by working on the nature of your relationships with the Earth, animals, and environments that influence you. As a result, not only will you become aware of these influences, but will also be equipped with tools to regain your peace of mind and stay grounded in your daily life. Cathy will guide you through a journey dedicating each of the seven sessions to opening a new possibility in your life.