Stress paralyzes, disables, and disengages us. Fear of experiencing stress prevents us from making commitments or from following through on opportunities. We all have experienced it to different degrees. Some of the most visibly successful people end up in the hospitals from a complete physical burn out and with a nagging feeling of being a complete impostor.

If you have experienced any of these feelings. You are not alone. They are normal. But they do not need to keep you hostage and captive.

What’s included:

  • Understand why you feel powerless
  • Say goodbye to feeling stuck
  • Practice the basics of immediate stress release
  • Release patterns of self-sabotage
  • Find relief from overwhelm
  • Take steps towards palpable empowerment

VIP Bonus

  • Receive access to participate in-person via Zoom
  • Enjoy the extended VIP time for the workshop to ask questions and to practice releasing stagnant traumas
  • Participate in a unique proprietary practice to replug yourself from being drained to being empowered within minutes!