Feeling dizzy and overwhelmed at times? Striving for results to no avail or looking to improve already outstanding results? Understand the laws of vibration and frequency to attract abundance and prosperity into your life.


60 min


45 min presentation
15 min discussion 


  • Resistance to Universal Supply
  • Everything is energy. How to apply this fact
  • Creation is motion. Your ability to manifest
  • Tuning in into what you desire most
  • Mind as a broadcasting station
  • “To be or not to be” understood and applied
  • Heart as the most powerful electro-magnetic instrument
  • Learning to act, once you attract

When the frequency with which you are vibrating is in contradiction with the frequency of the universal supply, you create a resistance, thereby inhibiting that flow of abundance into your life space. Your individual vibrations are the key to understanding the art of allowing.

— Wayne Dyer