1 day seminar


10AM - 5PM 


Rising Tide 

57226 Summerplace Drive Hatteras NC 27943



Heart-warming DISCLAIMER: Proceeds of this event will benefit My Freedom Center and Susie’s Pride, two amazing organizations helping animals have better lives.

There is a soul connection that is beyond words and beyond time, a connection of deep understanding through love – animal soul connection. This unique seminar awakens or expands your awareness of this connection. Whether consciously or subconsciously, you have always known and experienced this strong connection to animals. Join us in Hatteras, NC, in a beautiful beach house setting for a special one day workshop and unique opportunity to connect with land and sea animals.


  • Whether you’re already talking to animals or just getting started, all levels are welcome and will gain a valuable experience of learning.
  • Maybe you have heard them talking to you and know how to listen to them. They are always talking to us and listening to us as well.  We will help you deepen your connection with animals and practice and sharpen your intuitive skills for communicating with them.
  • Enjoy a TED talk presentation and discussion on animal consciousness and learn about parallels between that of animals and humans.
  • Learn and share about conscious and subconscious animal connection and communication.
  • Learn and practice EFT (emotional freedom technique) for any animal or people triggers you might carry.
  • Learn and practice basic Quantum Healing to be used for people and animals alike.
  • The non-refundable deposit to reserve your space at the beach house is $150, the seminar fee is $260, for the total of $410 at the time of registration.