It Is All About Timing – the Law of the Harvest

Find yourself in a hectic hurry or in a frozen state? Trying to start and restart on your goals to no avail? Learn how to plant, cultivate, and harvest the results of your choosing through implementing the Law of the Harvest


Length: 60 min

45 presentation and 15 min discussion

Ask and You Shall Receive – The Art of Asking the Right Questions

Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s the matter with me?” or … “What’s wrong with me” … or, better, yet “What’s wrong with him/her/them?”… Ironically, asking the wrong question brings the wrong kind of answers into our life! Learn how to ask the questions that will create the life of your choosing


Length: 90 min

45 min presentation, 45 min discussion

From Fear to Faith – The Law of Progressive Freedom

Is your life free form negative limiting thoughts, emotions, behaviors and results? Are you free to be all that you desire to be? Claim your freedom though learning how to overcome fear and anxiety with faith and confidence.


Length: 55 min