Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.
–Nia Peeples
Drum roll!!! The picture to your left is a … Pokemon egg … hatching! And here comes my confession – yes, I am one of those, I am a Pokemon Go player! Now, based on the depth of our relationship, you either thought,”She is what?”,  “Oh, how cute,” … or, “Well, she has lost it,” … or … you are not saying anything or even reading this as you are busy at the app store downloading Pokemon Go.
Notice how I mentioned that your reaction is based on the depth of our relationship. Not on my actions, but solely on your interpretation of my actions, which is a combined interpretation of who I am and what I do.
Regardless of whether you are a fan or not, have you asked yourself how an app could sweep the world with 7 million downloads within days of its launch, and with over 50 million within months? I have. And my answer is quite different from a techy, social media, or stats approach.
My answer is simple. Truth is truth. Truth is  a deep realization of the universal laws, of our nature, of the light within, of our desire to be more, to … evolve. Our conscious mind might not be ready to receive it based on our upbringing and our life experiences, but our subconscious mind yearns for it, hungers for it, and, having the ability to recognize it in any form, attracts it to us. With that, let’s briefly look at just three truths, hidden in the game and calling for our recognition:
1. Egg hatching = The Law of Germination. One of the concepts of the game is that you can find an egg at the Poke-stop, and then, by walking a certain distance, you hatch a Pokemon out of the egg. Simple. Profound. As all truth is. In the universal language, this is a very basic example of the law of germination – an idea or a concept requires time and effort in order to “hatch”, to develop into reality. This “hatching” time is different for different ideas. With Pokemon eggs, it is easy – walk 2 kilometers, 5, or 10, and get a Pokemon. In life, timing isn’t always available. Some ideas can manifest immediately, some take longer periods of time. What we must realize that, if not given up on, with full investment of time and effort – not just daydreaming- all ideas eventually hatch. We don’t fail until we stop trying…
2. Evolving = The Law of Eternal Progression. Once you catch enough Pokemon of the same kind, you may evolve them to a higher level, to their more advanced state. In life, things are either growing or dying. Ideas, people, marriages, businesses are either growing, developing, and evolving, or shrinking, decaying, and dying. There is not status quo. We are created to constantly grow, to evolve, to connect with our Divine origin, to become one with God, one with our Eternal purpose, one with the consciousness of light and love. One with, while eternally unique and distinct. Indeed, we are born to evolve. Think of the excitement of you overcoming something and getting good at it… Think of the heavy feeling of giving up and sliding back… We are born to have joy. And we have joy through growth and evolving.
3. Gotta Catch Them All – The Law of Unity and Belonging. There are 151 Pokemon to catch and hatch, and, indeed, you feel internally drawn to catching them all, to not having any empty spaces in your Pokedex. Why is that? One may say unsatisfied greed. I don’t believe so. I believe, it is one of the greatest truth, the truth of not leaving your buddy on the battle field behind. The truth of morning a loss of a loved one or healing from a betraying by a friend. As humans, we belong together. We are born to be one, through our uniqueness and disagreement, we are born to bridge the gaps to create a beautiful balanced unity through diversity. Our vices distract us from this inner longing. Christ would not leave the one lost sheep. We also are wired to find that one lost sheep, to love and protect it and to nurture it, so it too can evolve. As we shed our limiting paradigms of judgement and substitute them for those of love and purposeful understanding, we will feel more and more the sense of the belonging, the sense of unity.
With that, off I go – work to do, people to love, and, yes, Pokemon to catch!