As each one of us is walking our own healing and growing journey, we discover and connect to our deep truths. Freeing ourselves from the need to suppress or repress those, we often can over-correct by confusing sharing our truth with shouting our truth. And the global shouting is becoming deafening. In the loud noises of the world, it becomes harder to hear and discern the still small voice of the Spirit. As it is only in surrendering our truth to Creator’s higher divine truth that we truly grow our light and shine our eternal truth.

I have had an amazing blessing and opportunity to fully understand this concept during one of my client sessions this week. Christ’s teaching of “and the last shall be first” came to mind with a distinct image of a new teaching.

Let’s say the light you want to share is a flashlight in your hand. Here are three ways to shine that light, each leading to a different result.

You are facing the other person, shining your flashlight directly into their face. Yep, they don’t see anything. They are blinded.
You are standing in front of the other person, asking them to follow you as you are shining your flashlight ahead of you. You can see the path clearly. Their path is obstructed by you… and you have no idea whether they are following you or not.
You are standing behind the other person, holding your flashlight above them or to the side of them, lighting the path in front of them. They can see your light and their path clearly.

How would you name these three ways? Would love to hear your ideas!

Interestingly, in all of the above scenarios we don’t interfere with another person’s free agency, we are simply allowing for different perspectives of our light. We are each born to share our unique light through our unique talents, without blinding or forcing others, but by serving them. And, because service is quiet, it allows for the power of that still small voice to guide our path with more clarity. After all, it’s All About the Voice.