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Victoria Rader

Meet Your Possibility Coach™

Hey friend, I’m Victoria Rader, Ukrainian-born Possibility Coach™, Speaker, and Founder of YU2SHINE; Internationally Bestselling Author, of Prosper mE: the 35 Universal Laws to Make Money Work for You.

I am passionate about simplifying deep metaphysical concepts into daily practical steps and applications that have empowered thousands of my clients to live a life of infinite possibilities, joyful fulfillment, and true prosperity. I am thrilled to share these concepts with you.

Some of these principles of prosperity are the four steps of abundance that are applicable to any economy, language, culture, or undertaking.

I have walked a path from lack to prosperity and, through thousands of sessions and hundreds of seminars, have helped my clients to do the same by applying my proven formula of success.

My clients have had amazing successes from finally getting out of debt, to launching six and seven figure businesses.

I am eager to empower you to prosper!

Find Financial Freedom and Prosperity With These Resources:

Want to get clear on how to make money work for you?

Read my most recent bestselling book Prosper mE: the 35 Universal Laws to Make Money Work for You.

If you’re ready to live a life of abundance, wealth, and PROSPERITY, this is the book that will show you how to accomplish that.

Inside these pages, I am going to be sharing the laws of money as a form of energy because money is a reflection of the energy of life.

This book is intended to open a faucet of abundance in your life!

Once you master these laws in the best and highest way, you’ll master money as a currency, as energy in your life enabling you to prosper.

Looking for more money healing resources?

Lean into the Empower mE app. The app’s My Money Set will guide you on the journey to the next financial step. And the app’s Prosper mE mini-meditations will create an abundance mindset for further prosperity and wealth.

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Join our Quantum Freedom group and start with My Money Mastery Manifesting Series of videos to activate both your mindset and lifestyle into prosperity and abundance.